This week, we are taking our first vacation as a family of four! We’re escaping our cramped apartment and heading to the Hudson Valley, where we rented a farmhouse with a pool. We haven’t taken any vacations yet this summer, so we all have the let-me-outs. We’re really excited (just wish us luck on the three-hour drive!). Have a wonderful week, and I look forward to sharing photos when we get back. Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few past tutorials you might enjoy…

How to dress like a French girl.
How to have pretty hair.
How to look cute from, well, behind.
How to do galaxy nails.
How to feel pretty.

How to eat dinner.
How to drink wine.
How to boil an egg.
How to make a perfect cheese tray.
How to make the best chocolate chip cookies.
(And guacamole.)
(And a French omelet.)

Home decor:
How to arrange supermarket flowers.
How to decorate a tiny apartment.
How to start a movie club.

How to introduce people.
How to talk to strangers at parties.
How to make guests feel comfortable.
How to sip wine without getting lipstick on your glass.
How to stay in touch with friends.

How to hail a cab.
How to not look like a tourist.
How to plan a fun vacation.
How to pack like a fashion editor.
How to travel with a baby.

How to keep the sparks alive in your marriage.
How to have an orgasm.
How to register for your wedding.
How to have sex after you’re married.
How to fight fair.

How to be a cool mom.
How to talk to little girls.
How to get picky kids to eat.
How to teach your baby to sleep. (And a lullaby that actually works.)
How to sleep in a family bed.
How to breastfeed in public.

Life overall:
How to walk on ice.
How to stop worrying.
How to pee during a movie.
How to do a high five.
How to blog as a career.
How to write a joke.
How to feel happier in five minutes.
How to fall asleep quickly.
How to understand British people.
How to piss off a New Yorker.