What are you up to this weekend? My mom is coming tomorrow!!! She’ll be staying for three weeks and we are ecstatic. Little Anton doesn’t know the cuddles he is in for! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few posts from around the web…

Woody Allen makes a good point about showers.

A couple leaves their jobs to build a glass house in the woods.

I spotted the Sartorialist! And here’s his final photo. :)

What to do when you’ve made someone angry.

Banned for life. (I love Jenny.)

Shiny shoes.

Narrowest houses in the world.

How to grow out your bangs.

I recently got this shirt and it’s really pretty in person, if you’re looking for a go-to fall shirt.

The art of conversation.

Made me laugh.

Have you seen this beautiful new kitchen shop?

This cookbook looks 20 kinds of awesome.

A new bakery in NYC with rice krispie treats!

(Photo by Maite Pons/Stocksy.)