Movie Club Idea

I love a good club (documentaries, articles, picnics), so I was psyched to get this email from a reader named Emily:

“My friends and I have started a Cinema Club where we’re watching all our dads’ favorite movies. It’s been such fun already, and the dads (none of whom know each other) get such a kick out of being so important in their twentysomething daughters’ lives…especially since they all live in Australia while we live in London! We’ve watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Graduate, Casablanca—and Lexi’s dad’s choice was Van Wilder! Hilarious choice from a 60+ university professor…”

What a brilliant idea, right? Would you do it? What do you think your dad would pick?

P.S. The Shining as a romantic comedy.

  1. This is such a cute idea- you could do it for books too!

  2. My dad’s would be Ice Station Zebra. Not that he neccissarily loves the movie but very time he’s tried to watch it (at least 5 times!) something has happened at the climax of the movie (when the sub breaks through the ice). The power cuts out, the video is damaged, the satellite breaks…etc etc. some of them quite ridiculous! He believes he will die one day never knowing the end of the movie, so it would be great to watch it and be able to tell him :)

  3. My friends and I have a movie night (Thursday nights). We pick a category every week and then vote on the nominations. :)

  4. That’s such a brilliant idea. I like it a lot and would love to try it.

  5. Aww, this makes me miss the movie club a high school friend and I had back when we were in college. He’d host a foreign film night when we were home during the summers, and we’d try to get other people to go, but no one else really got into it, so we were pretty much the only members! :-P

  6. Wow Joanna this club sounds really fun.Well it’s sad that my dad is not a movie person but hey i have an uncle whose just like my dad and his all time favorite is “The Godfather” and i haven’t seen them all yet!This club is a good motivation and it’s weekend so perfect time to do that!
    Happy watching friends!

  7. I love this! My husband actually loves these old movies too. Really fun.

  8. My dad’s favourite movie is The Princess Bride. How weird is that? But I do love this idea!

  9. Keri says...

    I want to do this too! It sounds so fun, and then you can call your Dad and talk about the movie! My dad would pick either Stand By Me, or Top Gun for sure. What a boys-boy. Too bad he had two girlies!

  10. dw says...

    For sure an old western. i will ask.

  11. This is a fantastic idea. And with 8 housemates this year it could be the perfect weekend activity!

  12. Anonymous says...


  13. Sarah H. says...

    This is such a wonderful, original idea! I think my dad’s favorite film is A Clockwork Orange, which I really don’t care for. Bummer. I love the concept though.

  14. I don’t even have to ask my dad, I know it would be The Dirty Dozen! I’ll probably always love that movie just because of that :)

  15. my dad’s favorite movie is rain man! dustin hoffman and tom cruise! win!

  16. callie says...

    Awesome! I think my dad’s would be Point Break. I mean, the Gary Busey/Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves combo is undeniable, right? :)
    I have been wanting to start a Favorite Campy Movie Club so that I could make everyone watch The Birdcage with me! My friend would make everyone watch Robocop.

  17. the life of brian is my dad’s favourite movie and one of my favourites too!

  18. oooh GREAT idea! my papa would pick dances with wolves, chariots of fire, forrest gump, or anything with barbara streisand in it.

  19. One time my dad thought he was renting me a movie about spies and the IRA and what he actually rented me was The Crying Game. He really didn’t remember that one quite right.

    But for him, Blade Runner would probably be close to the top, followed by The Magnificent Seven :)

  20. Anonymous says...

    I LOVE this idea! My dad would be so touched to be inspiration behind a night in with the girls… I am definitely going to start this in Chicago with my friends from home and college!

  21. I really love this idea! I would so love to be apart of one. My dad loves all those old war films, you know the ones that are still in black & white. And any movie that involves a ship. I recently saw that he watched Tripoli.

  22. I’m in!

  23. I love this idea, but I don’t think my dad likes movies. :( Hockey Night in Canada is more his style. I would love to have a movie club though.

  24. Amble says...

    I teach a college course in comedy and so many of my students know the Marx Brothers or Mel Brooks because their dads made them watch those movies. And it may be the thing that set me on my own course – my dad’s favorite movie was the original “To Be or Not To Be” with Jack Benny and Carole Lombard.

  25. animal house, absolutely. or monty python and the holy grail. my dad’s a hoot :)

  26. Ahhh, my dad would pick “The Longest Day” and “First Blood”, and I’ve already sat through both of those with him, so …this movie club is not for me. :)

  27. Our book club really wants to start a TV club since that is all we talk about in Book Club after we discuss the book anyway! We gasp and laugh and make predictions about our favorite shows. A movie club would be so fun too!!

  28. That’s such a fun idea! My dad and I both love Casablanca : )

  29. I really like this idea! One small problem though: my father has never been able to stay awake during movies! Wait! Now that I think of it, he stayed awake during the Millennium movies (the original Swedish ones)!
    Other than that I’m afraid we’d be watching old soccer games.. :)

  30. That’s awesome. My dad would pick Crocodile Dundee. Seriously.

  31. have they watched The Deer Hunter? that’s my favorite “dad movie” ever!

  32. My dad loves The Princess Bride. So, of course my sisters and I love them as well.

  33. Love discovering fabulous classics and revisiting old favs…nothing like a great movie! You have a great idea here, Janell

  34. Mari says...

    Oh Jo this is so sweet! One of my favorite things growing up was picking up movies with my dad. I guess my dad’s picks would be any of Hitchcock’s films, or any from Clint Eastwood, or any classic Italian or French movie. This brings me so many memories from childhood! I remember when I got home after renting movies as a child, seeing my dad’s approval would make me so happy!

  35. My dad would probably pick Young Frankenstien.

  36. My Dad would probably choose Star Trek or Caddyshack.

  37. My Dad: anything with Elvis Presley. I guess that’s why I love Elvis too.

    My Fiance’s Dad: The Deer Hunter and Sideways. I was quite surprised by Sideways but he even brought the DVD with him so we could watch it! Funny.

  38. My dad loves kind of offbeat comedies. His favorites are Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles.

  39. I love this idea, and it reminds me of a great party “game”: Basically, everyone just tells their parents’ favorite joke. It’s a blast if you know your friends’ parents, but still hilarious (and sometimes enlightening!) even if you don’t.

  40. My dad loves American Graffiti and Endless Summer. He seriously brings them up at least once every time I visit!

  41. Animal House, for sure! He still giggles like a little boy whenever he watches it.

  42. Anonymous says...

    Ha, Mindy Day, those are good ones. My dad always says his favorites are Gladiator, Master and Commander and Out of Africa.

  43. What a fun idea! My dad’s favorite would probably be Dances with Wolves, which he watches any time it’s on tv. I think there should also be a mom movie club!

  44. this made me well up a little bit. I miss my daddy so much. His favorite movie was Beethoven…the one with the dogs (how cute is that?) and Swiss Family Robinson. I’m going to Netflix those today. Thanks for this post.

  45. My dad absolutely loves Logan’s Run. When I was recouperating from knee surgery in high school, he stayed home with me and would go rent movies for me to watch. The moment I fell asleep on the sofa, he’d put in Logan’s Run so he could watch it himself.

  46. I actually have no idea what my father’s favourite movie is, but he tried to get me to watch Dr. Zhivago once as a teenager. That didn’t happen — shit is like 4 hours long!

  47. How fun is this idea! I’m not even sure what my dad would pick, I’ll have to call him and ask him today! :) I’m pretty sure it would be classic musical like Fiddler on the Roof or Guys and Dolls.

  48. heather says...

    my dad’s would be a clockwork orange or shawshank redemption. can you tell he’s a retired cop? ;)

  49. My dad would probably pick “Tommy Boy.” He’s 63.

  50. Really cool! My dad would go for The Godfather (Part I and II). XOXO

  51. SUCH a great call! have to check with dad, but pretty sure his fave is the godfather…of course :)

  52. Brilliant idea, I want to do this ! I think my Dad’s would be Back to the Future or Star Wars (the old ones ;)

  53. Katie says...

    My dad would definitely contribute Doctor Zhivago. For a nice, LONG, evening.

  54. Annie Hall is one of my faourite movies!!! And such a lovely idea as my Dad is in Australia too!

    My dads would definitely be ‘Mean Streets’ by Martin Scorsese. Such a classic! x

  55. Anything with Jack Lemon. Some Like it Hot or Mister Roberts, I think.

  56. That’s such a great idea! My dad’s favourite film is ‘400 blows’. I told me this when I was a kid going round saying he only liked violent films (he also likes stuff like Goodfellas, Pulp fiction which I wasn’t allowed to watch obviously) – because I hadn’t seen it at the time the title just confirmed my belief! But its actually a really sweet french film from the sixties about a little boy growing up in Paris and getting into trouble.

    I love the idea of clubs but I haven’t joined any (yet!). In my city there’s a club called Philosophy in Pubs:

  57. Such an awesome idea! I think my Dad’s favorite movie would be something like “The Secret Life of Birds” with David Attenborough, which isn’t quite as exciting or discussion-worthy. But I love him and his love of biology and the natural world!

  58. i just called & asked my dad, and his movie is the english patient. i really want to start this club! :)