Bensimon Sneakers

Bensimon sneakers—beloved by French girls everywhere—are so cute I can’t help posting about them every spring. They look adorably tomboyish with shorts and dresses, and they’re comfy enough to wear everyday. This season’s colors just arrived in stores, and I’m looking forward to picking out a trusty pair. Get them with laces or without laces. xoxo

(Top photo by The Singular)

  1. I agree, these kicks are the sweetest and I choose them over sandals most of the summer (a shock since I love having free toes). I can’t seem to find a decent selection anywhere, except for Shopbop. Bensimon USA’s site redirects now to France. Do you have any leads for online retailers? I’m in desperate need of a new pair.

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  3. I love your blog. I do. But I have to disagree with you on these shoes. Yes, they’re cute.
    But they are not match my cup of tea..

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    Barker Marine

  4. You are right, they are really cute ..thx for sharing :-)

  5. I’m into the Supergas. They have support and are cute!
    Bensimons are French
    Converse are American
    Supergas are Italian!

  6. I was truly JUST thinking about Bensimons as I started to feel some spring in the air, and an hour later when I checked your blog—voila! Great minds think alike. :)

  7. I was truly JUST thinking about Bensimons as I started to feel some spring in the air, and an hour later when I checked your blog—voila! Great minds think alike. :)

  8. they are indeed very sweet, and they come in a lot of different colours here, and a few prints, my favorite are the coloursole, couldn’t you buy them directly on their website?

  9. Too bad they don’t provide much support and are pretty flat :(

  10. I love the blog, but I have to say it: there’s a definite obession with anything from the Netherlands, Sweden, or France. Whether it’s how to raise your child or fashion, it always links back to one of those three! Not trying to hate…I just guess I don’t get it/it’s not particularly my taste to draw SO much inspiration from very specific locales. <3

  11. j’adore !

  12. POW! These are the casual chic travel/vacay solutions I have been searching for!!!! Thank you!

  13. I love them
    Have 2 pairs, red and beige lace ups

    They do lack support mut I don’t really mind
    They are light and I love to wear them without socks. When they are dirty I just put them in the waching machine, they come out clean and dry quickly.

    They are just pretty expensive in the US ! In Europe I get them for less than 35 $… 50 is steep !

  14. Has anyone seen where you can purchase the light blue ones pictured here? I think they’re the elastique, but I don’t see that color on shopbop.

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  16. I saw some Bensimons in Paris a few years ago and bought two pairs. I now where them every summer, I like the lace up pumps. They also do lace up ones with higher sides which are good for autumn.

  17. Whenever you post about these, I tell myself that I reeeaaallly need a pair. And then I always forget to buy them. Hopefully this year though, I’ll follow through. Maybe a muted pair of Bensimon sneakers will be my next purchase!

    Take care,

  18. I bought these shoes only because you recommended them and they are super uncomfortable! the soles are thin so can’t imagine walking in them for a long time… and they look soooo cute in pictures, yes! but in person they look really raggedy.. haha

    • Totally agree with you! Not comfortable at all

  19. I LOVE my Bensimons! You introduced me to them a few years ago and I’ve bought a pair every year since. Now, I couldn’t live without them!

    Jess |

  20. love my Bensimons! I’ve worn them all over Europe and they’re always stylish and practical. Unfortunately they don’t offer much support however, (fortunately?) I have pretty flat feet so it works out haha I own the lace-ups in grey and can’t wait to pick up a pair of elastiques!

  21. I love my bensimons.I have the tan looking ones. I might have to buy another pair because I keep dirtying them too fast!

  22. I just got my Tretorns in the mail today which I love, now I see these these and want them too!

  23. jm says...

    these look wonderful.

  24. European comfy sneakers are the best! I love Spanish Victoria shoes also.

  25. I’ve got the ones on the right amd i love them! The look so cute and easy. :)

  26. mami, i think they’re just named differently on the site (i think some were last year’s colors, and some are this year’s colors, but the style is the same.) you can choose laces or not, i usually get the slip-ons just because they’re easier to, well, slip on :)


  27. Joanna, do you know the difference between the tennis flat and the tennis sneaker, they look the same… which ones do you get?

  28. These are so cute! I love how pretty but understated they are.

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  30. I got a pair of the navy bensimons last summer after seeing them here, I adore them! I wouldn’t want them to wear out too quickly though, so I better get a pair in deep peri too…

  31. After seeing this post I was seriously considering buying some Bensimons, thinking they’d be the perfect shoe for traveling on my honeymoon. But then I saw the reviews about how cheaply made they are and I found a link to these Keen shoes which are almost identical but with much more arch support and very well made.

    Now I just need to decide which color I want!

  32. I just got 2 pairs of flats on sale today for $5 each, so it’s hard to imagine spending ten times that amount for just one pair that are also cheaply made. But they ARE cute!

  33. I think this might be the Spring I finally give into your pleading and actually buy a pair of these- they are so cute! x

  34. I’m French and I’m the perfect cliché: I love those shoes. There are way less expensive in France and so confortable and easy for Spring and Summer (and the early Fall in the South of France)! So cute that you can’t help yourself but post about it every Spring;)

  35. Love these & they are all over Bordeaux!! So great for a day out and about in the beach towns!! Thanks for posting about them!

  36. seriously, i swear i’m the only person on earth who thinks these are the most uncomfortable shoes ever! i have two pair given to me by none other than a frenchie. and i hate them! i gave them away! absolutely no arch support so they killed my feet.

    • *had two pair. :)

  37. Love those! Really cute as you say! I want them for summer. // Johannas Inspiration

  38. so cute! though I am partial to my supergas, I might have to try a pair this summer. oh summer, hurry up and get here soon!

  39. Not my style, personally, and $50 is a bit steep for “disposable” shoes that you have to replace after a season. But, I do love colored shoes in the spring and fall.

  40. I disagree that they fall apart – I had two pairs that I wore all last spring and summer and they both held up great, and I do a LOT of walking around town… I do advise anyone who wears them throughout the summer to wash them often, though.

  41. The kids ones are very cute too, our son has some every summer, the type that look like sneakers without laces.

  42. These are adorable, (every Spring I wait for your post about Bensimon, lol). But nothing beats good ol’ TOMS for me! :)

  43. Oooooh they look really comfy!

  44. What is the link for the muted colors?

  45. i’ve loved these since you first posted about them an am now seriously regretting not getting that light yellow color i can’t find anymore! :(

  46. I´ve been obssessed with them since you posted about them years ago and got myself two pairs last year (the elastique bright coral is my favourite). I do recommend them and am looking forward to get some new soon! :)

  47. Just wish they had more support :(

    • One of the ironies of summer footwear! I am so much more active and walk a lot more in the summer than the rest of the year, yet most shoes geared for warm weather offer so little support.

  48. Joanna, I love your blog. I do. But I have to disagree with you on these shoes. Yes, they’re cute. And they’re French. But I had mine for about two months before one developed a big hole in the bottom. I would advise your readers to save their money – these shoes just aren’t worth it.

  49. Very french day :)