What Are Three Things You’re Grateful for?

So, I have a confession: Pregnancy hormones make me crazy. During the day, I feel pretty happy-go-lucky, but as Alex and I lie down at night, my mind starts spinning. Every night, I’m plagued by a new random worry: Is Toby a happy child? Does he feel loved? Does he eat enough fish? Do I eat enough fish? Did I lock my bike? Will the new baby be okay? Is the living-room power strip a fire hazard?! No, seriously, Alex, will you go check the power strip?!!

You name it, I’ve stressed out about it. :)

In the brilliant Happy documentary, researchers revealed that one way to help increase happiness is to keep a gratitude journal. Even the small act of writing down three things per week can substantially boost your happiness. So, let’s do it! What are three things you’re grateful for today? I would say: Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds, early spring days, and chatting with my mom on the phone. Also, the etiquette section of the New York Times. Double dates. Whispering in bed before falling asleep. Swimming at night. Toddlers’ beautiful round bellies.

What about you?
(This is what I look like at night.)

P.S. Words of encouragement, and a genius trick for worriers.

(Top photo by First Sight Daily and winter blues illustration by Gemma Correll, for sale here)

  1. Laurel says...

    It’s funny, I only saw this post after following the link from the ‘wholeness’ post (which i LOVED and forwarded to about a dozen people immediately). I have seen that statement before and in a year where my life was peppered with birth and death and everything in between I find it really resonan. But this exercise – reflection and gratitude – is important and valid and helpful too. I’ve honestly never genuinely tried it, but my dear friend Hailey Bartholomew did when she was in a dark place and it became a little bit of a phenomenon – – and she is one of the most sparkly people I know. A realist, but an optimist, and a joy to be around. And she gave this super great Tedx talk too –

  2. Michelle Avitia says...

    + Having a happy and loving relationship
    + Being friends with my mom
    + My electric blanket <3

  3. Sunbathing in my terrace, a lonely peaceful moment staring at the sea and listening “I’ve been loving you” by Otis Redding.

  4. I love this. Just good to remember the small things can make a big difference and taking time to appreciate them can instantly give an instant boost! Having a carch up with my mum, chocolate Oh and a back massage :-) instant happy feelings! X

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  11. I read this post when you first wrote it and back then, it had a completely different meaning to me. At the time, I didn’t know I was pregnant. Last Wednesday I found out I was a month pregnant and since then, I have been griping with anxiety. I am worried about everything. My pregnancy is going to be challenging because I have extremely large fibroids on my uterus that made my uterus the size of a 5 month pregnant woman prior to even being pregnant. When I went to my ob-gyn about it in February, he immediately said if I were to get pregnant, I would miscarry. I went to a surgeon and was schedule to have them removed in May. The day after my appt with the surgeon, I found out I was pregnant. Here I am, pregnant, and I can’t shake those “miscarriage” words out of my head. It’s like waiting for a death sentence. Outside of that, I am worried about being a first time mother, going to settlement on my first house in two weeks, and everything else that happens in this world. I’m just scared- about everything. So scared that all I want to do is sleep and do NOTHING.

  12. Okay over the last week:
    1. being able to share good music
    2. someone picking something up for me that I’ve left behind/forgotten that just makes me so relieved
    and finally,
    3. that after 5 days of work/school the weekend finds a way to come and brighten things up! :)

    hope you had a great week!

  13. I was thesame when pregnant, as soon as the lights were of fm n worry kicked in, I kept rescue remedy next to my bed!
    3 things:

    Little baby cooing noises
    Big girls getting surprise award next week at school
    My mr made my fave curry for dinner.


  14. I’ve been like this for the last week. I just cannot sleep. We are buying a house… Need I say more…
    So here goes: my niece and nephew, the beach, my convertible, 75 degree days, great pictures.