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How are you celebrating the holidays this year? We are staying in Brooklyn and taking lots of snowy walks. In the meantime, I want to thank you so much for being here, whether you’re a long-term reader or are just stopping by. This community of smart, funny, thoughtful people (and your incredible comments) means so much to us — this year more than ever. Here’s a look back at the past twelve months, if you’re in a blog-reading mood…

Style Posts

Style posts, including finding a reader a wedding gown, a star-worthy black dress, Caroline’s favorite petite clothing, 10 readers’ go-to date outfits and 11 readers’ work-from-home looks. Plus, weeks of outfits, from wonderful women like Joyce, Juliana and Ayana.

Beauty Posts

Beauty posts, including how to cut your own hair, the power of shaving your head, three short-hair tutorials and a splurge-worthy beauty product. Plus, our beauty uniform series, featuring lovely women like Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen, comedy writer Samantha Irby, and Instagram poet Kate Baer.

Food posts

Food posts, like 10 quick and easy dinners, incredible fish sandwiches, the cooking steps you can feel free to skip, and nine exciting new cookbooks. Plus, taste tests, including the best pancake mix and the best supermarket salsa. We also discussed secret family recipes (which, it turns out, are often kept very under wraps).

Relationships posts

Posts about relationships, like Alex and my very first emails to each other, things that make you secretly swoon, the mentor myth, getting a rescue dog, an anxiety trick, and a story about getting engaged (or not) on your own terms. Plus, wedding posts, like an at-home wedding, a tiny park wedding, one couple’s first look and Gemma’s anniversary photos.

Parenting Posts

Parenting posts, including the sweetest moment that made my heart burst, how to raise gracious children, 16 surprising parenting tips and favorite baby names. Plus, what it’s like when all your friends have kids (and you don’t) and what to do when your child has a favorite parent.

Home posts

Design posts, including a book lover’s dream home, 12 readers’ cozy corners, a Maine house with a view and a family house with a beautiful blue kitchen.

Culture posts, like the ULTIMATE tv guide, my three favorite books, not-so-guilty pleasure shows, Julie Blackmon’s incredible photography and dream movie houses. Plus, winter rituals and dorky new hobbies.

Coronavirus Posts

And of course, there were many posts about life this year, including moving from a big city to a small town, what it’s like to have a baby during COVID or being a new parent. We discussed race with our new Race Matters column and essays like ‘five things I want to tell my white friends‘ and Kim’s expressions of Blackness. We also shared stories about navigating a changed world, such as small ways to help, new relationships during quarantine, and the strange places we’re taking Zoom calls.

Parenting Posts

Thank you so much, as always, for being here. We’ll be back with new posts on January 4th. Have a wonderful holiday. Sending you lots of love. xoxo