What Are You Wearing at Home? 11 Cup of Jo Readers Share Their Real-Life Looks…

Work from home outfits

The other day, I asked on Instagram what people were wearing at home these days. Are you dressing up? Living in sweats? Walking around naked? Here, 11 Cup of Jo readers share their favorite ensembles…

Above: “My WFH uniform formula has been simple: a blouse with a light sweater or jacket, slippers and my Athleta ‘airplane pants.’ They look like trousers but feel like jammies. I’ve had customer calls and meetings throughout this time, so it’s important for me to still look professional while at home.” — Lindsey, Denver

Work from home outfits

“During quarantine, we all needed a pick-me-up — especially my four-year-old daughter who misses her friends — so I put on my seven-year-old wedding dress. She ran and grabbed a ‘tutu dress.’ My husband and baby son were in the other room, so we did our own dramatic wedding march, twirl, and bow into the room! It made another evening at home fun and very funny. Trying to add enjoyment where I can.” — Rachel, Pittsburgh

Work from home outfits

“Today’s my mom’s birthday, so I turned my car into a parade float for a drive-by celebration with my babies. I’ve been wearing this outfit off and on for the past three weeks. We live in Texas where the weather is balmy in the spring, so it’s great for sunshine-y days, but it has enough of a twist on my style that I feel like myself.” — Christi, Dallas

Work from home outfits

“I teach Pre-K and I read stories to my students every morning. I do my makeup and hair, put on a nice top and earrings but stay in my pjs from the waist down. (Top Madewell, bottom Hanna Andersson!).” — Claude Monique, Brooklyn

Work from home outfits

“I’ve been wearing big scarves every day. They keep me warm if there is a draft and can double as a blanket for naps! This one is from Zara (they make the softest scarves).” — Destinee, Baltimore

Work from home outfits

“I’m often seen at my desk wearing my 12-week-old daughter, Willa. I wear Target leggings and Target soft T-shirts or Uniqlo sweatshirts. I like to shower in the mornings before hopping on conference calls, and these days I am slathering myself in Everyday Oil — which I first learned about on a beauty uniform and found out it was made in our tiny mountain town!” — Sarah, Black Mountain, NC

Work from home outfits

“I’m a cellist, which means teaching lessons online right now. I’m currently rotating between my black leggings, black leggings and black leggings.” — Sarah, Toronto

Work from home outfits

“I’d been wearing sweatpants and T-shirts, but these last couple of gloomy days have had me in a slump. I thought about what I could do to lift my spirits up. Then it came to me: I put on skirt and some lipstick and that helped me get pumped up for the grind!” — Ingrid, Westchester County, NY

Work from home outfits

“Cozy sweater with balloon sleeves, jeans, and overgrown hair tucked into headband. (Not pictured: cozy socks.)” — Teresa, Marin County, California

Work from home outfits

“The sewing community around the world is thankful for a hobby that keeps our fingers busy while staying home. Here’s a top I made this week, worn with stretchy jeans. Basically the perfect outfit for finding a snack for my kids 658 times a day and playing with All The Lego. (Check out some hashtags like #isewlation and #sewcialdistancing for what people are making!)” — Rebecca, Brisbane, Australia

Work from home outfits

Work from home outfits

And this reader — Julie from Denver — made me laugh forever with her manual boomerangs. “Instead of downloading the app, I just repeat what I’m doing,” she says. “My staples are a Patagonia jacket, graphic tees and Marine Layer pants. My rule is that I have to get dressed every morning in something other than my PJs.”

What are you wearing these days? We’d love to hear…

P.S. Readers share their workwear and date night looks.

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  1. karinny says...

    Baby wearing is the best!!!

  2. I love wearing a dressy casual shirt with my pajama pants. Business on the top and chill on the bottom. Perfect for zoom meetings.

  3. I’m wearing looooots of sweats and the occasional pajamas.

  4. Cynthia Miller says...

    Lots of pajamas- and occasionally a bra!
    I’ve gotten dressed a couple of times for online meetings- and combed my hair. I also cut my hair quite drastically. It’s a terrible cut, but you can’t tell since my hair is very full and curly. My hairdresser will laugh at me when I go to get it fixed up. I’m considering going even shorter right now.

  5. Scarlett says...

    Ok, what’s Julie’s IG because I need more of those manual boomerangs :’)

  6. The manual boomerang is definitely my fav. Thanks for the well needed chuckle.

  7. Taylor N says...

    My quotidian uniform has been a graphic tee and jeans. Monogram makes fun t-shirts that make me smile and they’re chic to boot, so I packed all of those when I left Brooklyn to ride out COVID in DC with my parents. I joke that the jeans keep me accountable (if they get tighter, then you know the wine & sweets need to be curtailed a little) but having a uniform that makes me feel “normal” but isn’t as formal as a typical work day has been lovely.

  8. Ali says...

    My husband and I joke about “hard pants” and “soft pants” and after a month working from home, we’ve transitioned to soft pants exclusively: leggings for me, sweats/athletic pants for him. I like to think of it as an eco-friendly move that is extending the life of all my nice clothes hanging in my closet unworn. We do have a new distinction, though: “outside” soft pants and “inside” soft pants. It being spring, we each have a pair to get pollen-y and wear when we go for walks, pick up food, or sit in the backyard. Once we’re back indoors, it’s back into the “clean” (relative term) pair.

  9. Martha Patterson says...

    Most days…in my pj’s till early afternoon. Will throw on a sweater and fluff my hair to look professional for Zoom meetings. When I do get dresses, comfy pull on knit pants, a comfortable top, possibly a cardigan. Today I had a pretty important meeting, so I put on a casual dress.

  10. Lisa says...

    These are so cute!

    I sleep naked, so putting on sweats IS getting dressed;).

  11. Jess says...

    Scrubs! I’m an acute care physical therapist in a 75-bed hospital in a rural area. We only have a few positive Covid patients admitted right now, and they all work either in health care or social services. Though I’m not working with any of them yet, I feel honored to be working in health care now and couldn’t be more appreciative of the facilities staff, nurses, doctors, residents, cafeteria workers, nurse’s aides, engineers, and everyone else who keeps the hospital running. They are all indispensable and amazing!

  12. emilya_ says...

    this post really brightened my day. i second the love for lindsey’s glasses; and breaking out your wedding dress (or any special outfit) is a great idea!
    julie from denver, these DIY boomerangs are giving me life!

  13. Sandra Kaye-Kjarum Seidel says...

    What fun! I don’t know if I can get into my wedding dress (33 years later!) but I love that : ). And I would live in the denim duster!!! But really I live in my jammies & robe most of the morning…. some days I’m still wearing wool sweaters in the afternoons here in Minnesota!

  14. Patrina says...

    Oh my, I totally love that denim coat… please, please where is it from or similar ???

  15. Jackie says...

    Love those manual boomerangs Julie!

  16. Alycia says...

    Destinee! How fun to see you pop up on my favorite blog! I hope you’re well! xoxo Alycia

  17. Alycia Steinberg says...

    Destinee! How fun to see you pop up on my favorite blog! I hope you’re well! xoxo Alycia

  18. Katie says...

    Hahaha the manual boomerang is amazing. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Sera says...

    Julie from Denver! I love you! Give me more please!

  20. Christina says...

    wow @manual boomerang. Haven’t laughed this hard in a while. THANK YOU JULIE!