Hi!!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and apologies for the late post today. I have a sore throat and am sequestered to our bedroom until I get my COVID test results back. Update: The test was negative:) (What a sentence! If I had read that in January 2020, I would have been perplexed.)

I’d like to kick off 2021 by saying three things:

1) It’s okay to be feeling overwhelmed. Mondays are hard, Januarys are hard, going back to work after a break is hard, a global pandemic is hard. It’s okay if you aren’t feeling your most sparkly and energetic!

2) We watched The Fugitive last night and it really holds up.

3) And the big question: What would you like to discuss together this year? Do you have any big or small questions for us to tackle? What’s on your mind? Please share below, and we will get on it (or consult experts!).

More posts coming up tomorrow, and sending so much love your way. xoxo

(Photos from When Harry Met Sally.)