This week, we’re heading to Fire Island! We looked forward to this family vacation all through the brutal winter, so I almost can’t believe that it’s finally here. We rented a house with these guys, and in an effort to disconnect, I’m not taking my computer, which is the first time I’ve done that since they invented computers. I’m just going to straight chill. Meanwhile, Caroline will be working her magic on the next Motherhood Around the World interviews—we can’t wait to share the perspectives of all these dynamic mothers soon. Hope you have a great week, and here are a few past posts, if you’re in a blog-reading mood…

* How to get rid of a pimple.
* How to look effortlessly beautiful.
* How to dress like a New Yorker.
* How to paint pretty nails.
* How to blow dry your hair.

* How to drink wine.
* How to say goodbye at a party.
* How to order a pizza.
* How to eat a tub of Nutella.
* How to host an articles club (or cookie swap).

* How to comfort someone who is grieving.
* How to have good sex.
* How to fake an orgasm.
* How to say “I love you.”
* How to rock at dating.

* How to survive the first year of parenthood.
* How to have a boy.
* How to get your kids to talk at dinner.
* How to make your child feel loved.
* How to decide if you want kids (or just say no).
* How to share a family bed.

* How to decorate a tiny apartment.
* How to make your place smell amazing.
* How to find affordable art.
* How to make bath time fun.
* How to create a bohemian home.

* How to get over your fear of flying.
* How to not look like a tourist.
* How to sound British.
* How to plan a family vacation.
* How to travel with a baby (and entertain a toddler on a plane).

Have a great week, and see you soon. We’ll also be sharing a few photos on Instagram, if you’d like to see. xoxo