11 Nutella Recipes

Today is World Nutella Day, which basically means you can eat as much Nutella as you want and it doesn’t count. Here are 11 mouthwatering recipes (which would you pick?)…

Salted Nutella peanut-butter thumbprint cookies.

Banana and Nutella stuffed French toast.

Nutella-filled sugar donuts.

Nutella pudding.

Salted Nutella fudge.

Nutella waffle sandwich cookies.

Nutella cheesecake bars.

Nutella banana smoothie.

P.S. This made me laugh.

(Top photo by Ambitious Kitchen)

  1. Those pancakes <3 oh my god!!

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  3. Nothing is like Nutella!
    PERFECT ever!
    And if you live in ALBA (Piedmont – Italy) where I live and where FERRERO (Nutella’s producer) you can BREATH Nutella’s hot scent in the air…. a real life experience!
    Have a good day!
    from NUtella land ^_______^

  4. For someone who’s still trying lose the “baby weight” after nearly 2 years… you’re killin’ me with these recipes!! Ah! I LOVE Nutella!! That french toast/banana recipe???

  5. Those are very delicious nutella recipes. I love that Nutella filled sugar donuts same like moelleux au chocolat recipe I wonder what it tastes like, going to make one for the evening.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. It’s been a rare, sometimes, always special treat for twenty years now…thank god my daughter has the sense to be as infatuated as I

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  9. Just wanted to say I made those brownies and they are TO DIE FOR!! everyone loves them including me, who is a very picky brownie person. Thank you for sharing that recipe.

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  14. Thank goodness today is Feb. 9th & that I missed this post on Feb. 5th. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to fit into the dress I wore last night if I’d seen this on the 5th. EVERYTHING LOOKS SO YUMMY!

  15. I died and gone to Nutella heaven! Everything here looks absolutely delicious and I could easily eat double portion of everything!

  16. em says...

    i just made the brownies, o.m.g.

  17. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring the nutella peanut butter thumbprint cookies I made!

  18. That looks all so delicious! there is so much you can do with nutella!

  19. Jo, I have to tell you that I am absolutely dying with thanks right now. I baked the Nutella-Brown Butter Cookies last night (in midst of The Bachelor and an amazing OSU/Michigan basketball game). By far the best cookies I’ve ever had or baked. So thank you for sharing and thanks to Monique for creating! Yum!


  20. My friend made those exact nutella filled chocolate chip sea salt cookies over the weekend. They were. INCREDIBLE. They crisped a bit on the outside and stayed moist and chewy on the inside. The perfect cookie.


  22. Why just one?! I m drooling over tht french toast, waffle sandwiches, cookies….. YUMMMMM!

  23. Although this could perhaps be considered sacrilege because it is National Nutella day, I must suggest you try Trader Joe’s Almond Cocoa Butter. It tastes like it could be a little healthier and it’s a nice departure from the overly sweet nutella!


  24. Yummmmmm yes please to all of them! I recently rediscovered my love for Nutella. It’s been a struggle ever since ;)


    Kristina does the Internets

  25. joanna, the french toast link doesn’t lead anywhere. my family NEEDS this french toast soon! :)
    can you send me the link?
    thanks a ton!!


  27. I’ve been obsessed with nutella ever since I was a 20 year old college student living abroad in paris. life is just BETTER with nutella in it. However, I have to admit that recently I’ve been in love with justin’s nut butters. SO delicious and all natural. My favorites include the chocolate peanut butter and the chocolate hazel nut.

  28. O yeah, some of that pudding please. Nutella is regular staple in our house lol.. But really? A World Nutella Day? Great — a perfect excuse to have some right now!

  29. I scrolled through each one of those going, “Mmmm, that one. No, that one. No…” and on and on. I’m pretty convinced you could put Nutella on tuna and it would be delicious.

  30. Hey, thanks for featuring my photo of the “Nutella” pudding! It really is the most delicious thing EVER. Food52 is a perfect resource.

  31. Yum!
    When I was little we spent every other summer in Italy and my sister and I had nutella on crusty white bread for breakfast every day. Such sweet memories!

  32. I WISH I’d known it was Nutella day before I made lemon cupcakes… Oh well, I may just have to make nutella brownies too!!!!


  34. I was introduced to Nutella by my high school German teacher. When we were about to take a quiz or a test, he would say, “Mach wie Nutella”…”Make (yourselves) like Nutella”, aka spread! It’s delicious and brings back good memories, which is what all good food does!

  35. WHY OH WHY did I read this post? which one I would choose? All of them. …and that’s now, pretty please..

  36. hahahaha, i didn’t even know this and i bought a huge jar of nutella today, and that doesn’t happen often! it must be a sign, right?

  37. I had no idea this was a thing. I will celebrate accordingly.

  38. sigh… those Nutella filled doughnuts look freaking fantastic. You are amazing Joanna Goddard!

  39. I love Nutella crepes. And am glad to know I can eat as much as I want and it won’t matter today. Too bad that doesn’t excuse my disregard for normal portions all other days.

  40. God bless you, Joanna Goddard.

  41. Thanks for including a slightly healthier Nutella recipe (the smoothie) — some of us still need to repent after the Super Bowl parties! And it is one where I wouldn’t have a whole batch of cookies to somehow get rid of (eat them myself)!

  42. Jo you are such a meany! I decided today….ok, healthy eating, cut back….and then this! Nutella is my favorite! Any way. Thanks for the tease. I will tuck this away for when I am allowed to cheat!

  43. My favorite is nutella on a spoon ;)

  44. We are going to host a cookie contest…I think I might just have to do one of these nutella recipes. YUM!

  45. Hi! Aren’t you afraid of palm oil ? Nutella contains 25% of palm oil which is very unhealthy… :(

  46. Nutella + spoon + mouth = kill me now. That’s all the recipe I need!

  47. I’m gonna dream about those cookies tonight! Wow!
    I think someone should invent nutella choco chips… easier to throw into a cookie/brownie recipe.

  48. Wow. Maybe I’m just hungry, but I think you brought back my Nutella craving with a vengeance.

  49. yes yes yes to nutella brownies. and i can’t believe there is actually an official nutella day in existence…

  50. Nutella-stuffed brown butter sea salt chocolate-chip cookies FTW.

    • P.S. I’d never heard of Nutella before living in Ukraine as a Peace Corps volunteer 13 years ago. My host would slather it on a slice of French bread, which I came to see as akin to a chocolate doughnut. Yum.

  51. Freshman year in college we thought nutella was a health food. We would spread it on our rice cakes as a light treat. Needless to say the freshman 15 was a reality for me.

  52. Dear Joanna,
    I’ve been following your blog for years. It’s inspiring, fun and full of lovely content. But, I have to admit that THIS IS YOUR BEST POST EVER!!!!
    Love you for giving me all this recipes to go crazy on the Nutella!!!
    I love Nutella so much!! Wait!! Have you thought about naming your little girl (I’m 50% sure it’s a girl) Nutella??

  53. Thanks for these recipes! I’m a huge fan of Nutella. And I’ll probably try the brownies recipe today. Thanks!

  54. I want to eat all of these! Love Nutella and can just eat it straight from the jar – nom!

    FoodNerd x

  55. I just gained 15 lbs.

  56. Is the link for the Banana Nutella stuffed French Toast broken? I can’t access the recipe. Seriously considering making this for hubby in the morning. :P

  57. If you have the time, try those cheesecake bars. I made them this Christmas and think they will be a new tradition!

  58. It would be really great if you would link to the World Nutella Day site, though, Joanna. My friend Michelle is a co-founder of this illustrious holiday. Thanks so much. xo

  59. Joanna, I’m on my 2nd week of ‘healthy eating’ so probably not the best post to read!! I would definitely make the fudge – yum. I can’t actually have a jar of Nutella in house, I eat it by the spoonful and can’t stop!

  60. Those Nutella stuffed brown butter cookies look so dangerously delicious, if I make them I know I’ll eat the whole lot in no time at all.

  61. OMG!!! Making all of these!!!

    And I SO loved Nutella before the internet made it cool ;)

  62. I’m definitely making the peanut butter and nutella crepes today! I was just talking about how much I was craving a delicious winter appropriate crepe and this fits the bill! Thanks, Joanna!

  63. so funny, it’s my husband’s birthday and he LOVES nutella! match made in heaven!

  64. all look mouth watering-but i KNOW those nutella sutffed cookies are-because i made them-AMAZEBALLS!

  65. I think I’m going to celebrate with a large spoonful of it this afternoon. You know, because it’s important to celebrate important holidays such as this. ;-) ~Heather P.

  66. what a delicious day! :) I actually made those cookies for the Super Bowl. good thing I have leftovers! :)

  67. Wish I had known about this holiday when I was packing my lunch!

  68. I have to master how to make crepes so I can make the nutella crepes…Oh yeah btw this was evil posting this…Just kidding…But I seriously will actually need to get to the gym now because I HAVE to make these recipes! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  69. How have I not been celebrating this holiday my entire life?!? My favorite Nutella recipe has only two ingredients – Nutella, and a spoon….

  70. How could you do this to me?!!!! Now where is that spoon……..?

  71. I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now! :)
    When I see pictures like that, I simply want to have everything, I am a sucker for chocolat and Nutella (I am actually a sucker for many things that involve eating) but I can’t eat too much since my stomach and intestants aren’t very Nutella-friendly.


  72. Ahhh I didn’t know it’s National Nutella Day!! I should really go and celebrate ;) Weird, I was gonna go out and buy a Nutella anyway. :) x

  73. I like that these photos are so large. It really drives home the point that I need a lot more Nutella in my life, especially today.

  74. oh my gosh! How did you know Nutella is exactly what I was craving today? I’m seriously drooling over here

  75. I must try the brownies, the fudge and the cheesecake bars. Wait is the smoothie healthy? If so, hello breakfast.

  76. No I want the french toast for dinner, but the link doesn’t work… Does anyone know where I find the recipe?

  77. How fitting. This morning my 2.5 year old climbed into our pantry and got into the Nutella jar. He dug in with both hands and was deliriously proud of himself. I guess he knew it was Nutella day and went straight in…

  78. I don’t know which is more tempting the French toast or the Cheesecake bars – looks like I have some baking to do!

  79. hooooooooollllllllyyyyyyy shit! (excuse my french). I am a nutella lover on a clean-eating diet, and I am drooling all over my keyboard. You devil, you! Thanks for the foodporn, Joanna!

  80. This makes me so jealous as I’m moving to a rural part of India where Nutella isn’t available! I guess I’ll have to smuggle in a stash…

    I’ve made the Nutella stuffed browned butter cookies twice now and they are always all gone straight out of the oven. Those things are delish!

    Be Ready Bravely


  81. Oh my god you just killed me. I actually think the first photo is the one that got me most where it hurts, I may just spoon it straight out of the jar today. Cause you said it doesn’t count. Right?