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Found! The Best Foundation

Caroline tries five of the best foundations and picks a winner.

Williamsburg Loft Tour

Cup of Jo editor Caroline lives in a Brooklyn loft that was once a pasta factory.

On Living Alone

Five (weird) things Caroline has learned from living on her own.

What Your Name Says About Your Personality

If "choosing a name is choosing a fate," find out what your name reveals about you.

Caroline’s Five Favorite Books

She was a book editor! She knows her stuff!

What Kind of Texter Are You?

How you write your text messages says a lot more about you than you might realize.

How to Look Like a J.Crew Model

Caroline goes behind the scenes with J. Crew at Fashion Week.

My Chat With an Energy Reader

This week, Cup of Jo editor and metaphysics enthusiast Caroline talked to…

My Beauty Uniform: Caroline Donofrio

Cup of Jo editor Caroline shares an offbeat shampoo and the one tool she can't live without.

Being Single for the Holidays

Cup of Jo editor Caroline recently broke up with her boyfriend and…