Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard

Happy holidays, everyone! We wanted to take a second to thank you so much for reading, whether you check in every day or now and again. I can’t tell you how much we adore our readers and how grateful we are for this smart, funny community. (This post blew our minds.) We’ll be traveling over the next two weeks — and posting photos on Instagram — but in the meantime, here’s a look back over the past year on Cup of Jo…

Dalila Shannon's Week of Outfits

Fashion posts, like pretty earrings, a French bra trick, the most flattering jeans and our new Week of Outfits series — like the adorable Lisa Fine, chic Mckenzie Raley and inspiring Dalila Shannon.

Maya Jankelowitz Beauty Uniform

Beauty posts, such as what Megan learned as a beauty editor, Stella’s amazing eyebrow makeover, the five exercise classes I tried, and our beauty uniform series (with a restaurant owner, hair stylist and neuroscientist).

Breakfast Board

Food posts like a foolproof dinner conversation starter, the best Trader Joe’s meal hacks, a breakfast board, the five ingredients you always have, restaurant etiquette and how to crack an egg without shell.

How to Plan Your Best Vacation

Travel posts, including traveling alone to Paris, guides to five awesome cities, how to plan your best vacation, Toby and Anton’s guide to NYC, going to the White House holiday party and a romantic trip to England, gone awry.

Oh, Long-Distance Relationships

Relationship posts, such as an ode to alone time, 10 wedding dos and don’ts, first date rituals, the secret to a good date, genius career advice, how to be happier and a hard part of weddings.

Lucy Kalanithi's Apartment Makeover

Design and decor posts, like beautiful ceramics, funny Instagram accounts, a European trick to sleeping better, how to decorate a small space and our house tour series (including my sister’s home makeover and an NYC apartment with a cabin vibe).

Best New York Times Magazine covers

Culture posts, like the nutty behind-the-scenes of New York Times Magazine covers, eight favorite podcasts, on being a feminist, a pet peeve about sex on TV, six ways to follow the news, and coming together after the election.

A Surprising Way to Stop Tantrums

Motherhood posts, such as 15 things I’d want to tell a new mother, a surprising way to stop tantrums, marriage after kids, on being a surrogate, raising race-conscious children, on single motherhood and going from one kid to two. Plus, our fourth year of Motherhood Around the World, including 15 surprising things about parenting in Iceland.

An Ode to Alone Time

Thank you again for everything this year. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing break. We’ll be back on January 3rd with a family house tour, five outfits from Nashville and Stella‘s post on making friends in a new city (it’s not easy!). Have a great holiday and a happy new year. Lots of love. xoxoxo