dog sleeping

dog sleeping

This month, life has been a comedy of errors. My identity was stolen (thankfully, I stole it back!), the boys were off school for a week, we’ve been dealing with some family stuff behind the scenes, and I got such a weirdly intense cold that I completely lost my voice. Since Jannelle is on a well-earned mat leave (how cute is her baby?!!), and Jenny is on personal leave, we’ve been short staffed for the past couple months, as well.

All to say: We’ve decided to take this week off posting, so we can catch our breath and get some good stuff ready for you! We’ll be back on Friday with a link list and a new issue of Big Salad, and we’re excited to post next week about some fun topics, including the script I wrote to talk to kids about divorce (in case it’s helpful for anyone), a beautiful house tour full of paper flowers, and the sexiest thing you can do with a partner (how’s that for a teaser).

Now I’d love to hear how you’re doing, if you’re in the mood to share! Here are five questions:

Your coffee/tea order:
Something you’re excited for:
What’s keeping you up at night:
A movie or TV show that makes you laugh:
Something you like about yourself, big or small:

Talk to me, my loves! And thank you so much for reading. xoxo

P.S. A bunch of house tours, and “my favorite part of our wedding.”

(Photo by Eldad Carin/Stocksy.)