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Frances Ha

Frances Ha

I’ve been writing Cup of Jo for almost ten years (here‘s the first post!) and I’ve always felt really connected to everyone who reads the site. We’ve talked about everything from movies and lipstick to depression and loss. I’m always impressed by, and sort of proud of, how hilarious and smart our readers are. (Like on this reading post, for example, where the comments were incredible.)

So, this morning, I would love to find out even more about you, whether you’ve read the blog for a long time or you randomly clicked over this morning. Where do you live? What’s your job? What TV shows are you into? Who’s your celebrity crush? What are you worried about these days? What are you excited about this fall? What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Please tell me, below! Let’s talk!

Lots of love, Joannaxoxoxoxo

P.S. Five words to describe yourself.

(Photos from Frances Ha, which was such a great movie.)

  1. Reading these beautiful comments reminds me why I’ve loved this blog for so long. And I’ve spent every January 31st wanting to say, that’s my birthday too! And the only reason it matters is that I’m in such good company. Grand company. Thank you for all you do, and all the years I wanted to say it. Here’s to many more! Come visit us in the Skagit Valley sometime :))

  2. Miranda says...

    Hello. Today is the first time i’ve come across your blog and I love it! I recently graduated college with a bachelors degree in business management. I’ve been applying to multiple jobs and while doing that, I thought about how successful and empowering some blogs could be because i’ve always been interested in them. I’ve always been super interested in the traveling blogs where the writer/photographer tells their story of some beautiful place they visited with amazing pictures. I always thought about what it would be like if I was a successful blog writer, but I don’t think i have the skills for it. So, I was wondering how does one actually become an (interesting) blog writer?

  3. Siheme says...


    I feel like I always read your blog, it is funny. I am French but I have been living in the US for 5 years now. Proud green-card holder and maybe a future citizen, we’ll see. I am a French teacher in a middle school in Southern Maryland. My son Noah will be 6 in July and my husband flies helicopters for the State Police. I know, so cool! He is also French and we worry that Noah who is born in Montreal will feel lonely. We decided not to have other kids for many reasons, the main one being that we are far away from family and also for an economical reason (maternity leave is what 8 weeks max here? / travelling abroad is expensive…). Anyway, that is the only worry I have. We live here but we don’t have a big fancy house (we are renovating ours), our cars are paid off and they are not new. I feel all my American friends are struggling with money but luckily because we still live the French way, we don’t.
    I love all or your posts and I enjoyed reading about making friends after 30. I am 31 and I moved 5 times in 4 different places (Canada, Ivory Coast, Ghana and in the USA – Florida and Maryland) and I was always very social. It is easy for me to make friends and I feel blessed. I met so many incredible people and I like to hang out with people who are older. My girlfriends are usually 10-15 years older than me. I feel protected by them, spoiled maybe?
    Thank you for making your blog a space where women can have a conversation.

  4. Hilary says...

    I’ve been reading for several years after my sister sent me multiple posts. I am the youngest of three girls; they’re my best friends. They make me grow and validate me. Three is a tricky number and over the years we’ve become better at mastering how to balance out our friendships and sister FOMO. I am nearly 26 and live in Lake Tahoe, California. I work as a wellness counselor at a local high school. After many youth suicides our school district created my position to support students. I talk to teens about breakups, friendships, coming out of the closet, etc. Living in a small town I often struggle to remain worldly and current. I love Cup of Jo for its ability to keep me connected. Xoxo

  5. Mary says...

    I’ve been reading the blog on and off for years. Since before you had your first son I think. Or maybe just after. I like that in your blog you’re a few years ahead of me in terms of job, kids, age, etc. It feels like I’m peeking into a short-term window to my future. I’m 39, Australian and live in Singapore. I moved here from Sydney eight years ago as a carefree newlywed. We were only coming for two years for an adventure, but we fell in love with living abroad, and even moved to Shanghai, China for three years (where we had our first baby), and then back to Singapore. And now it looks like we’re here for good. Or at least until our three kids finish school (I had two more babies in Singapore. And to be honest, I still can’t quite believe I’m a mother of three?!!). But it’s wonderful and I love that my life is a big adventure.

    I live in a condo on the 18th floor with sea views and not enough space, I’m a working mother (I work as chief subeditor for a content marketing company) and I’m a total TV addict. I binge watch everything from Catastrophe to Planet Earth to The Bachelor. I think Sam Heughan from Outlander should be the next James Bond and that Andy Cohen, Ricky Gervais and Michelle Obama would be my dream dinner party guests. And every year I make it my personal mission to watch every Oscar-nominated film (sometimes I go to the cinema three and four times a week in January and February to make this happen, but it’s an important goal and it’s my thing).

    In general, I worry about my kids, specifically that I raise them to be kind, smart people that are not spoiled brats. I also worry about my Dad and that he’s lost his way and misses my late mum dearly, even though he’s re-married and seemingly happy. I worry that we can’t afford the holidays I’ve booked for this year and put on the credit card (but that I know will be spectacular and worth every penny). And I worry that life is really starting to pick up speed. Years are racing past and my body is getting older. I should exercise more and eat better but I’m so bloody busy with kids, work, husband, sisters, friends, Instagram, wine, TV, groceries, etc.

    Oh and for breakfast today, I had avocado on toast while trying to braid my four year old’s hair and straighten my 3 year old’s tutu. And then I forgot that my 6-month-old baby has started solids (how am I back here again?!!), but I’d left the feeding spoon for the apple puree in the kitchen and I couldn’t be bothered to get up. So I shoved some of my avocado toast into his mouth and told my husband I was experimenting with baby-led weaning. As if he would know what that is?!!

    • Hi Mary, I wanted to send a little note to say your comment was beautifully written – it sounds like you’re living an incredible adventure with your family and it really encourages me to be (quite) a bit more adventurous with my own…and to follow in your footsteps with the Oscar nominated film bingeing!

    • Mary says...

      Thank you Jessica! So kind of you to write that. Adventure can be exhausting, but it’s never boring. And the bingeing is so worth it when the Oscars ceremony comes around. I always feel quite smug knowing that I’ve watched everything and can have an opinionated rant to anyone and everyone if I disagree with the winner!

  6. I’ve been reading CoJ since before Toby, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when since I’ve read everything back to the beginning. I live in Worcester, MA and I’m a nutrition educator at a non-profit farm. I don’t really watch TV, but sometimes I’ll watch Parts Unknown or Chef’s Table. I’m much more into reading, and I recently LOVED First Bite by Bee Wilson which was a fascinating look at how we learn to eat. I’m worried about tangible things I can do to better connect with my community and making my life and friends more diverse. I’m worried about picking one thing to become an expert on so I can build a career (I’m interested in everything!). For breakfast this morning I had huevos rancheros (a la Smitten Kitchen) with black beans, avocado, cabbage claw, and hot sauce.

    I love how you have taken the content of a typical magazine but greatly enhanced it by building a community. A short article about great wedding songs is ok, but once where tons of readers chime in with their own songs is infinitely better. My favorite posts are about relationships, psychology, books, house tours, parenting (esp Motherhood around the world!), and first person essays. Thank you for keeping up such an awesome blog!

  7. Carrie says...

    Hi, Joanna!
    This is is a special post (and I think the other readers agree :)) I first visited Cup of Jo in early fall of 2008, during my freshman year at the University of Michigan. It was an odd and lonely time for me, and I remember always feeling such a sense of calm and belonging reading your posts that I couldn’t find elsewhere. (It gave me hope too that you were also a Michigan girl and had made it in NYC! I eventually moved to Brooklyn in 2014 and felt like you had been my own guide & mentor all along.) I’m not one for style or even blogs, but your voice has brought me back week after week for these past eight years and counting. There aren’t many places (internet or real world) where raw, honest conversations can happen, but the special home you’ve cultivated here is one of the few places I–and no doubt many others–consider an oasis. Thank you for being a voice of comfort and strength (especially these past couple of months!) and for opening up your life and heart to strangers like me. What you’ve created is so special and loved.


    P.S. I’ll never forget emailing you asking for recommendations before visiting NYC for the first time as an adult, and you responded! Haha. I was totally star struck and grateful. Pretty sure I spent most of that trip wondering if I’d be lucky enough to run into you on the streets :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, carrie, what an incredibly sweet comment. this made my day. thank you so much.

  8. Heidi says...

    Oh, man, how long have I been reading CoJ? It feels like forever…maybe 2009? I know it was before Joanna’s wedding(!!) Anyway, I live in Brooklyn in the next neighborhood over (Gowanus) with my husband and 3-year old son. I’m expecting my second son in March/April so of course I live for any post about Toby & Anton – their relationship is so cool and sweet and I hope to use some tips I’ve picked up here with my own little ones. Anyway, I’m nearly through my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and I work with a range of patients with issues ranging from Psychosis to PTSD to Depression and Anxiety as well, so relationship posts and culture are always interesting to me. But lately I’ve been obsessed with the outfit posts, as well as beauty tips bc this mama-student-working woman just doesn’t have time to figure it out myself! xo

  9. Emma says...

    Hello! Just caught this post and thought it’d be fun to chime in. I’m a 28 year old married New Yorker residing on the Upper West Side. I can’t remember quite when or how I discovered your blog but I know it was during your days of dating Alex. I remember during the summer of 2009, I had a particularly boring internship and got all of the other interns into your blog! I would venture to guess they’re all still reading today! I used to read religiously (i.e. was checking your blog multiple times a day!) but at some point I realized I had an unhealthy obsession with blog-reading in general and made myself cut back to checking a couple of times a week. I still read almost every post! Even the baby ones that don’t have anything to do with me yet! I LOVE your conversational writing style and also love the addition of the posts by others on your team. I don’t think I’ll stop reading anytime soon – thanks for countless hours of enjoyment & positivity!

  10. Jennie says...

    Loved reading all the comments and just discovered this post due to the holiday one. I’m a midwife living in north east Scotland with my 2 boys 6 and 3 and my hubby. I started reading cup of jo about 3 years ago, I think your boys reminded me of your 2 and the stages we all go through with them. Also the anxiety and nail biting part (haha) and its interesting to see lots of people are going through similar things. Thanks for the laughs and honest content.

  11. Jess says...

    Can’t believe I missed this post originally! I am 25 and have been reading your blog daily for 2 years. I am a writer for advertising and your blog reminds me of what the best writing does — connects, inspires, and teaches (with humor and a heavy helping of honesty).
    Right now, I am scared for the world and my place in it. Should I spend my days comfortably at a job I like or should I push myself to do something better for the world? I teach group fitness and do improv outside of work. I wish I could find a way to unify my dreams. Thanks for making me believe they are possible.

  12. Bonnie says...

    It’s so cool to read about your followers … such an interesting assortment of people, jobs, cities, etc.

    I started reading CoJ about 4 yrs. ago when I was living in Cambodia – your Friday posts are my favorite. Now, I live in the SF Bay Area – I tutor and take classes to become an Educational Therapist.

    A while ago you posted about “Watching” (NYT). I checked it out and found a show called Rectify on Sundance. It’s a stunning show and Aden Young is lovely! Before that, I binged on the Good Wife until P.J.C. (Post Josh Charles)

    Oh yeah… you also turned me on to podcasts. Thanks!

  13. elisabeth says...

    I’ve been reading your beautiful blog for years. I love to read about strong women, getting different point of views and a bigger horizon. When I read the blog, I sometimes feel like going in to a coffee shop, with women from all over the world on one table, talking together about life and giving advice.
    I’m 27 and Austrian. I got married in September to my big love. I studied in the beautiful city of Vienna, work in communications, have four younger sisters, great parents and family. In the moment we are talking about to build a house. We are also talking about family and children. It’s pretty exciting to plan for the family we will be in some years hopefully. In the evenings we sketch house plans, dream about our future and watch netflix. Currently I’m we are whatching Velvet (a series about a fashion designer in Spain during the 1950s).
    I love your blog for being a place of comfort in times of sadness and also a place to open your mind. Thank you and your team for all of that.

  14. Caroline says...

    Yep, also found this from your holidays post!
    I started reading CoJ this year, I can’t remember how I found you but it was around the time of the UK book release of When Breath becomes Air (which was without a doubt one of my books of the year.) Something about reading CoJ just made me feel better!! So I bookmarked you and now read every week. I particularly LOVE the ‘Have a Great Weekend’ posts!
    I currently don’t have a job and don’t live anywhere! My partner (who looks strangely similar to Alex) and I sold up and left London in October to make our way across Russia to Asia using just trains and ferries. So at the moment we’re in Japan, which means for breakfast this morning I had the usual rice! We weren’t happy where we were and needed a big change, so we saved up and left, before other commitments stopped us from doing so. It was so hard to leave, but totally the right thing to do! I’m currently worried about my lack of friends – constantly moving from place to place isn’t conducive to meeting people, and Skype makes home-friendships much harder. I’m hoping the classic South-East Asia backpacker areas will be easier, because friendships are the most important thing!
    Hoping that you all had a fantastic Christmas, and that 2017 brings friendship your way. Looking forward to more posts!

  15. Wren says...

    I also found this post from the holiday break post and so glad I did! What a wonderful community of diverse and amazing women!

    I started reading COJ way back in the late aughts when blogs were booming! It was surreal to read about Joanna’s life ticking off big life changes just months before mine did! I especially felt connected to this blog when getting ready for my wedding, which was just a few months after Joanna’s. While I didn’t become a mother as quickly after my honeymoon as Joanna did, I felt much more prepared from poring through the posts about motherhood before my first child arrived. I’m now a couple months away from my second and I’ve been hitting all of the 1-to-2 and sibling rivalry posts HARD.

    I have two Master’s degrees, one in counseling psychology and another in genetic counseling and I don’t use either one often, now that I’m a SAHM that works full time from home for an online tech company. I still struggle with maintaining a sense of self while pouring so much into motherhood and walking away from (2) careers that I found really stimulating and fulfilling.

    I adore my child and partner, it’s just tough to balance it all, you know? I curse the generation that told women we can “have it all” because I truly think that’s impossible and just makes you feel small and incapable when you can’t do it all.

    Favorite things right now are Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak, Deciem skin care, dark chocolate with sea salt, roasted beets, and any extra sleep I can cheat out of the day. Things that are heavy on my mind is mainly just the new administration coming our way on January 2oth and bringing a baby into the world that no longer has the Obamas running it *sniffle.*

    Thank you so much for the community, support, and care you’ve put into this little corner of the internet. When so much seems really ugly and harsh, I know I can check in here to lift my wary spirit.

    • JAC says...

      Like many I also just found this post from the holiday post. I found you, Joanna, when googling depression associated with weaning close to four years ago with my son and have followed you since. I’m a practicing genetic counselor (hope you can find your way back to the field, Wren!) living in the DC suburbs. I have a 4 year old little boy and a 17 month old daughter and have loved reading about Toby and Anton growing up in a city I know very little about. Today’s breakfast was actually delicious lunch tacos with my husband. We don’t watch too much TV because, kids :-)
      Favorite things now are pedicures anywhere with good massage chairs, sleep, and watching my daughter become more and more like a child instead of a baby and the mostly sweet (but sometimes sad) knowledge that it will be the last time I witness that transformation as a parent.
      Thanks for a great community and blog!

  16. Katie says...

    Reading all these comments is so inspiring! I can’t believe how far-reaching your readership is. This is a place I always come to because it feels like sitting in a friend’s living room with a group of close pals talking over coffee (or wine and cheese). How amazing it is to have this feeling of closeness with people all over the world. I live in NYC (as a matter of fact, I once saw Alex coming out of a bodega in Carroll Gardens when I was on my way to Lucali, and I may have creeped him out a bit when I did a double-take!), so these comments just remind me that this world isn’t as big and scary as it seems. We all have a lot more in common then we think.

    I just searched my email to see when I started reading Cup of Jo. I was bored at work and emailed my girlfriends to ask for blog recommendations, and my friend Sara gave me this one! That was five and a half years ago and I’ve been a regular reader ever since. This blog honestly has helped me get through crappy jobs, breakups, loss, and everything else life throws at you in your mid-twenties to early thirties. I am now 31, and even though I am not married with children, I really enjoy reading the motherhood and relationship posts!

    I worry a lot about not meeting someone, getting married, and having children. I sometimes feel like the last single person on the planet (which of course I know is definitely NOT true), but I don’t always know what my identity is if I don’t have those things. I work in finance, have wonderful friends, and am close to my family. I like to read, exercise, go out to eat, and travel. I am very happy but sometimes feel like society still doesn’t know what to make of single women.

    I had Siggi’s Vanilla Icelandic Skyr with apricot and pistachio granola for breakfast. I highly recommend this granola from Fresh Direct to all the NYC readers – it’s delicious!

  17. Amy says...

    Hello! I recently moved back to Chicago from LA, where I lived for 7 years. My husband and I were always at The Ace Hotel during the holidays around the same time you were but I was never lucky enough to run into you so I could thank you! I Have been following your beautiful blog for many years and it has comforted me through my struggle with infertility, miscarriage, carrying and birthing my first boy and then a second boy, going through post pardum depression/anxiety and the loss of a best friend to breast cancer. I have found laughter here, heart warming advice, and a great pair of vacation sandals. My heartfelt gratitude to you for this daily gift… I’m actually on my way out of the house for a baby break with my iPod shuffle full of podcasts! Cheers!

    • Michelle says...

      Skimming through these lovely posts and saw yours. I too just moved back to Chicago after living in New York for 7 years (actually Carroll Gardens BK – kind of neighbors with Jo).

      The city has changed so much. How are you finding it!?
      ps. Sorry if this comes off slightly stalker’ish?

  18. I also found this post through your holiday post. I have been reading since close to the beginning of your blog, and it is actually the only blog I read regularly. I love the real-ness.
    I am a 35 year old woman who lives in Durham, NC. I am married and have a 2 y/o daughter and an 8 y/o stepson. I work as a psychologist in private practice. I enjoy working with couples of all varieties (many queer and trans folks), as well as individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and relationship issues.
    I am also working on a book about relationships, and recently joined a writing group which makes me happy!
    I am also a yoga teacher, though haven’t taught as many classes since having a family and my own business. I still like to practice on my own and go to classes. I love reading. The last book I read was The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. Very captivating and unsettling.
    I had a croissant and a coffee for breakfast, which I picked up on the way home from taking my daughter to pre-school.
    Looking forward to reading many more wonderful articles from you!

  19. Kadija says...

    Linking back and reading these comments made me want to join in on the fun! I’m a 26 year old breastfeeding counselor and single mama living just outside of Charleston, WV (small town, hometown!). I’ve been reading Cup of Jo for about 7-ish years (gosh, has it really been that long?!) and have really enjoyed the girl talk vibe on everything from deodorant to race conversations with little ones. It’s also been fun watching you, your family, and your team change and grow! Wishing you, your family, and the ladies at A Cup of Jo a very happy New Year! <3

  20. Mrunmayee says...

    Hey Joanna and Cup of Jo family,
    I don’t even really remember when I started reading the blog, 7-8 years I think. And this is the only blog of all the ones I had started following at the time, that I’ve still followed.

    I live in a big town Pune in India, a software engineer by profession. Married for nearly 3 years now. And lived on and off in the UK and Belgium due to my work. I like to call myself a reader, yet I don’t read as much I’d like to. Currently reading Eileen (it’s way too dark, but I can’t keep it down).
    I feel like this blog is my window to all the wonderful women whom I wouldn’t get a chance to meet personally, but know from a far! And I’ve become really really homesick for NYC, because of reading about it here for so long, that’s totally weird considering I’ve never been. Here’s hoping!
    Love Cup of Jo, never stop!

  21. Jackie T. says...

    Hello, Team Cup of Jo!
    I’ve been reading since right before Toby was born and I try to check in at least once a week. I can honestly say that this is the only blog I frequent with any regularity!
    I am 33, a mother of one sassy, incredible daughter (4), wife of 6 years to my high school sweetheart <3, and a teacher of preschoolers with autism. With such a stressful (but wonderfully rewarding) job and a busy, busy home life, A Cup of Jo is one thing I can call mine. I literally take care of other people from the time I wake up, to the time I finally get my little one to stay in bed. Finding time to read ACOJ is a challenge, but when I do, it makes me remember that I also exist as just ME – as an individual. I love that I can read about cute clothes, amazing products, and what book to read next, but then the next post I can find myself relating to a mother halfway around the world or empathizing with women struggling with (secondary) fertility.
    Thank you for creating a space that I can delve into time and time again, even if it's during the 10 minutes I have to myself before I crash into bed.
    Best wishes to you all and your beautiful families in 2017
    xo Jackie

  22. Katie McFarlane says...

    Hi Jo,

    I hope you and your boys are enjoying your Christmas holiday! It’s summer here in Australia so am missing the cold weather of the UK where I lived for 3 years.
    I’ve been reading your blog for 3 years and found it after looking for yummy places to eat in New York, whilst visiting my hubby who was on a work secondment. Loved Hampton Chutney co and Bare Burger and, of course, cupcakes!
    Speaking of food, homemade museli with yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast, just eaten ?
    I work in a school in the kindergarten with children aged 4 to 5, lots of fun and currently on school holidays.
    I love travelling and am grateful to be able to do so.
    I live with my Scottish husband, Michael. He is the kindest and loveliest person. We also have a spoilt but cute ratbag of a dog, Pippa ?
    I try not to stress over things but little things do worry me at times. Am grateful for the privileged life we lead.

  23. Jennifer Slattery says...

    I love this post and that people are still commenting!!!! So fun to see the diverse group of readers and hear about their lives.

    I am a 35-year old small town lawyer living in Bellingham WA. I have a two year old daughter and I haven’t quite figured out how to develop an exercise routine that works with being a full time working mom – that’s my new year goal.

    I’m blessed with a husband who works from home and who can take on a great part of the parenting load while I’m building a practice. We love where we live and hope to make it our permanent home (as we have moved a lot the past 6 years). Bellingham is a crazy mix of college town and outdoors fanatics. With the bay, San Juan islands on one side and the mountains on the other side, there is a lot of beauty. Vancouver is only an hour away which gives me my fix of the city when I am missing NYC.

    I began reading Cup of Jo in about 2012 when we moved to NYC. In 2014 I had my daughter and I found your posts about motherhood especially wonderful (especially because buying baby stuff when you live in NYC is so different from my other friends’ experiences and I needed advice about the bare minimum needs for a baby). Jo’s post about breastfeeding and depression helped me tremendously because I knew to wean my baby very very slowly. I still had some depression but it was a lot shorter time period I think because of your information in that post.

    My fav part of the blog is Joanna’s openness and vulnerability-you write about feelings I have experienced and this makes me feel like I’m not alone. I love the updates about Toby and Anton and all of the funny things they say.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!!

  24. Madeleine says...

    Hello, I, too, am a late commenter to this thanks to your HH post.
    Currently on maternity leave with my second child (4 month darling girl), I have been reading you since waaaay before my beloved son (5) was born. In fact, I think I remember reading about you (Jo) being pregnant with Toby and wondering if it would ever happen to me…
    I am also married to an utterly awesome and bearded Alex, so your posts often feel uncannily like we are your London twins.
    Love your work; please never stop.

  25. Dear Joanna
    Wow. Such amazing comments. I’ve been reading Cup of Jo for about two (maybe three) years now & have enjoyed every post. I live in George (a coastal town in the Western Cape of South Africa – it is about 4,5hrs from Cape Town) with my husband & toddler boy, Oliver (now 3). I used to be a big city girl from Johannesburg , but moved down to the coast in April 2015.
    I’m glad to see you have more readers from South Africa. 
    Our TV is mostly occupied by our little guy, so when I have time I watch cooking shows & have also only recently gotten into the Good Wife (which I’m watching online).
    My celeb crush is Bradley Cooper. I watched ‘Burnt’ again recently & just fell head over heels once more.
    I worry about losing myself & my identity in this phase of my life; I find motherhood extremely hard.
    NYC is on my travel bucket list & I’m hoping that I will someday meet you when I visit NYC.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2017! xxx

  26. Julia says...

    Hi, I read about your blog in 2014 in the Swiss newspaper NZZ and from then on followed your interesting posts since they correspond so much with my own experiences. I am a 40 year old German living in Switzerland and Mum of 2 boys age 4 and 7. I am a freelancer journalist and also work with my husband who is coproducing movies. I play the guitar and the piano, love cooking, literature, romantic comedies, hiking and traveling. This morning I had oats with yoghurt and orangejuice, and coffee.
    Our sons look actually very much like your sons, the younger is also blond, the older has brown hair. Thank you for all the inspiring articles, Joanna!

  27. Libertad Vera says...

    I´ve reading cupofjo for several years now, before Toby was born even before you were pregnant, I read you guys almost every day. I became a mother 8 months ago and since then change a little bit the things I read, but ACOJ is always there. I´ve left a comment now and then here.

    Greetings from Mexico City, love you guys.

  28. Jenny says...

    I just discovered this post (and wonderful, wonderful comments) from your Happy Holidays post.
    This year I applied and got in to medical school. It was a bumpy, non-traditional road to this place. I’m a late-twenties woman living in Denver with my dust-bunny-come-to-life dog, Keeper, and my husband who struggles with depression and is an utterly good seed.
    I started reading this blog because I loved the style posts about real, stylish, interesting women and, like y’all, I love Madewell.
    Thanks for the thoughtful content!

  29. Anamaria Bermeo Farias says...

    Hey Joanna!

    I’ve been reading your blog since almost he beginning! I don’t even remember exactly how I started, but it’s been so long that your blog is definitely a part of my daily life. I do love it though! I’m 28, and there are definitely days when I feel completely clueless as to what I’m doing as I progress further into adulthood. During these moments, I always find myself trying to recall past posts of yours about life whether that be about style, love, family, awkward moments, weddings (speaking of weddings, I just got married this past summer in a walnut grove and definitely referenced all you shared about your wedding during our planning process).

    A little more about me… I’m finishing up grad school and will be a librarian in Los Angeles soon (hopefully). My husband and I just moved and got our first place together in what Angelinos call “The Valley,” and it’s been lonely. He’s a UPS driver, so I’ve been doing lots of city exploring solo while on winter break from school. I do have a crazy dog named Odin (like Thor’s dad). I’m currently reading Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, but I can’t really tell you my favorite book (there are simply too many — librarian problems!)

    With avocados only costing about 40 cents right now, breakfast has been consistently coffee and toast with smashed avocados on it. Also, I worry about leaving my dog home alone in a new apartment because he’s a howler. Yikes!

  30. Emma says...

    this blog was published the day i went on maternity leave (i usually read this blog at work), so i missed it! i can’t even remember how i came across your blog but i have been reading from san francisco for about 2 years. ill never forget the first post i read, it was about your post-partum depression. i loved how real it was and I’ve been reading daily ever since! i also LOVE how positive and informative the comments are (unlike other blogs). i am n attorney with a newborn who loves trashy housewife tv, beach volleyball and interior design. thanks for your work.

  31. Meghann says...

    I live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, our home is located within a national forest. I am a human resources specialist for a mechanical contracting company that was built from the ground up by my late grandfather. My sweet boys (4 & 6) fish for minnows in our front yard and attend a quiet Montessori school in town. My husband is an arborist and avid outdoorsman. We enjoy boating, snowboarding, traveling, and Legos.

    I have read your blog for at least 6.5 years (before our sons were born) and have a Sonnet James play dress from a giveaway that I absolutely cherish. Cup of Jo is so very relatable and inspiring. Thanks for being so raw and keeping it fresh. Cheers to another year! xo

    • I says...

      Woah cool! What does an arborist do?

  32. Hi. :) Just linked back here from your “Have a Wonderful Holiday” post. I missed it somehow! What a cool thing for you to ask your readers. :) I’m a long-time reader of your blog. I cannot recall where or how I found you, though! But yours is the first I go to when catching up on my blogs.

    I’m Sadie. 34. From Louisiana, but live in the midwest. Lovely boyfriend, Alex ;), who will be moving in with me in the Spring. Nervous, but excited. He got me a Doctor Who puzzle for Christmas, so we’ll be working on that later this evening, I will be drinking wine, of course, while doing so.

    I’m a product photographer for a large, photographic printing company. I want to work somewhere else, though… I’ll leave that there. I started reading Big Magic last night in the hopes of sparking that fire in my belly. Alex is a video game designer, of environments, and his goal is to work for a big developer. When we first started dating, that sort of deterred me, but now the wheels of change are turning and I’m becoming more open to moving somewhere… Especially feeling more secure we have a “future” instead of just daydreaming about it. :)

    While I’ve been eating holiday-style the last couple weeks, I’ve kept up with a good smoothie most mornings. Two HUGE handfuls of fresh spinach, 1 cup of berries, 2 cups of almond milk, and 1.5 scoops of protein powder. So yummy and helps me to feel a LITTLE better, getting that spinach in. Although…. I’m subtly trying to convince Alex we should just order in tonight so we have more time for the puzzle….

    Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!! Much love!!

  33. Hi Jo and Cup of Jo readers,

    Grateful for your recent link back to here- I had missed this post entirely.


    I’m a 36 year old ex-pat living in London for the last 10 years. I moved here for graduate school in the most random of subjects , met my now husband 6 weeks later in a coffee shop, finished school, completely changed careers, got married, had kids and *blink* 10 years later here I am.

    I discovered your blog probably 6 or 7 years ago, and then re-discovered it a few years back and really connected with the voice and the subject matters

    I worry about a lot of things these days- not dissimilar to others here. I worry about how to raise my two young girls in a world that seems so painful and unforgiving at times. I worry that I’m not doing work that matters, despite loving what I do (I’m a food writer). I worry that the rug will be pulled out from underneath me in a way I can’t even begin to predict or anticipate. I worry that I spend too much time worrying about stuff and not breathing and enjoying and drinking in every drop. You know- the usual :)

    Currently reading Big Magic, Breddos Tacos, The Princess & the Giant, and Paperdolls (again with the 2 young girls).

    Currently watching Westworld, Gilmore Girls, Elementary and Project Runway.

    I so appreciate the thoughtful approach and balance of this website and cant’ wait to see where it goes over the coming years. Congrats and a sincere thank you to all at Cup of Jo!

  34. Gabby says...

    Gosh I don’t know how I’ve missed this post ! It’s amazing to read all those comments, I guess you’ll still find new details in a few years !
    My story with this blog is deeply personal, I’ve had an abortion two years ago, and it was awful, but it was the right thing to do, the thing I needed to do. Afterwards I was down for a few months, I felt incredibly guilty and lonely. Then one day I ended up on your blog and it has helped me so much to read your motherhood posts. I’m still very young (only 23!), but I’ve read them all, and it was such a relief. I kept thinking “this is okay, I’m gonna be a great mom one day”. Thank you so much !

  35. Wren says...

    Hi there,
    I’ve known about Cup of Jo for several years, but it wasn’t until the end of this year that I started checking in semi-regularly in the afternoons (usually the slower part of my days in the office). I’ve really come to take comfort in the intimacy of the posts. Even the ones about bed linens and jewelry giveaways give me the warm and fuzzies. I guess because I have confidence that CoJ is a place that only creates content that they believe will truly touch their readers, whether lighthearted or serious (because both are incredibly substantial components to a good life and I am always finding insights and recipes and films from here I want to incorporate into my own life). I honestly feel like I’m getting good use out of each post and that the writers actually care about their readers, which can’t be said for most websites. I think maybe for 2017, I’d like to try to leave a thoughtful comment on each post you write for CoJ to invest in a community. I’m also going to start my own writing project (, coming the first week of January), so working on community will be an important aspect of that. Thank you so much for starting this blog and to everyone you’ve wrangled in since! I truly love this place. It never fails to make me smile. :)

  36. Bobbi says...

    couldn’t resist chiming in with all you youngsters! I’m 64!! Court reporter in criminal court downtown Los Angeles for 41 years. Intense observer. have loved following you since your marriage and pregnancy! I’ve been through it all – reading you, and now in Caretaker Custody (so confining) caring for my 95 year old mother with Alzheimers. What can I say. Life’s a Wild Ride. Love witnessing it with you ~