How to Do Anything

This week, 75% our team is on vacation (aka three out of four women), so we’ll be taking a break from blogging this week and will be back next Monday with a fascinating post about parenting in Iceland. Hope you have a wonderful week, and here are a few past posts, if you’re in a blog-reading mood…

How to make your butt look amazing in jeans.
How to spruce up any outfit.
How to dress like a French girl.
How to save time getting ready for the day.
How to love walking.

How to break a bad habit.
How to feel pretty.
How to disguise dirty hair.
How to make skin GLOW.
How to put aging into perspective.

How to vacation alone.
How to not look like a tourist.
How to travel with a baby.
How to take a romantic trip with a twist.
How to stay sane at the airport.

How to write a sympathy card.
How to throw the most heartfelt wedding.
How to know when you’ve found the one.
How to have a good marriage.
How to soothe a broken heart.

How to finally get kids to eat their vegetables.
How to avoid sibling rivalry.
How to know if you’re expecting a boy or a girl.
How to make your home a haven for little ones.
How to know when you’re ready to have a baby — or not.

How to make flowers happy.
How to decorate a (very) small space.
How to feel like you have a cabin in the woods.
How to get the best night of sleep.
How to refresh your home after a hard life change.

Life overall:
How to introduce someone.
How to find your next favorite podcast.
How to make more money at work.
How to stop yourself from crying.
How to fall in love with words.

Have a great week! xoxo