Are You Having a Boy or Girl? 12 Old Wives Tales…

Wondering if you (or a friend) are having a boy or a girl? Here are 12 funny old wives tales that might give you a hint. Take the quiz, below…

Answer yes or no…
1. Have you been craving sweet (not salty) foods?
2. Did you have lots of morning sickness?
3. Are you extra moody?
4. Is your face rounder than usual?
5. Are your hands soft, versus drier than usual?
6. Did the man initiate sex at the time of conception?
7. Is your right breast larger than your left breast during pregnancy?
8. Are you graceful during pregnancy, versus clumsy?
9. Is your belly low versus high?

More yes answers = It’s a girl!
More no answers = It’s a boy!

Plus, here are three tests:

Chinese gender chart: This ancient method of predicting the gender has been around for more than 700 years. You just need to know the month the baby was conceived and the mom’s birthday. Take the test here.

Salt test: In Romania, they sprinkle salt over a pregnant woman without her knowledge, and wait to see if she rubs under her nose or her lower lip first. If she brushes her nose, it’s a girl. If she rubs her lower lip, it’s a boy.

Necklace-over-the-belly test: Find a necklace with a pendant, or put a ring on a string. Lie down and have someone dangle it over your pregnant belly. If the ring swings side to side, you’re expecting a boy; if the ring swings in circles, you’re expecting a girl.

Have you done any of these? Were the predictions correct? They were scouted from around the Internet, so they must be true! :)

P.S. We are waiting to find out our second baby‘s gender, but I’m guessing boy. Look how masculine the profile is here and here! We’ll find out any day now:)

(Photo by Brooks Dierdorff)

  1. Leila Hassim says...

    The ring on a string was true for every one of my three kids. Back and forth it swung for my son, circled for my daughter and back and forth again for my last son

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  3. My friend’s older brother dreams of fish when someone is expecting in their family. Say there are already 5 kids, they follow the mother fish and another one swims up and joins the line and makes 6. He always knows! I was pregnant with egg shaped belly and zero sickness and had a boy.

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  5. What about boy / girl twins (my third pregnancy)? I never found any old wives tales that could predict that! (Although my intuition was right, and I was right on who was where: boy on the left, girl on the right)

  6. My mom always says that if you can tell a woman is pregnant just by looking at her face, she will have a boy. I’ve been testing her theory on celebrities and customers at my work, and it’s surprisingly accurate!

  7. At our gender reveal party (where we were finding out the gender of our baby right along with everyone else), we went through and answered all of these….the majority of them pointing to boy. Turns out they weren’t so right on, we were having a girl! ;)

  8. Based on the questions above and the Chinese gender test, I’d be having a boy, but she’s definitely a girl

  9. Haha, I live in Romania and didn’t know the salt test. I do, however, know the one with the jewelry. In this version, it has to be either a wedding ring on a string or a threaded needle, and you dangle it over someone’s hand, pregnant or not. It’s suppose to predict the number of kids and their gender, hihi!

    • Mary Lou says...

      This is mighty accurate !!! Up and down a boy, going crosswise a girl , holding still the loss of one or if it doesn’t swing again , no more babies . We used a threaded needle , turn hand down and lightly touch the needle and then lift. Turn palm up and hold above wrist and see what how it works !!!

    • Mary Lou says...

      oops, I got it wrong … up and down a boy, circle a girl , etc…

  10. This reminds me of a story my mum told me: before she even knew she was pregnant with me, she dreamt one night that my dad gave her a present: a round necklace with a cross – she didn’t even realise it was the symbol for “feminine” (you know, this one: )until she told her twin sister about it. A few days later she found out she was pregnant, and she says she knew from the very begining that i was to be a girl. That story always moves me so much (btw, having a mum with an identical twin was a lot of fun, in case you were wondering :-) – it’s funny because they tried to see if they could confuse me and get me to mix them up, but for me they were always so different)

  11. id says...

    True or not- so funny!

  12. All of these say mine will be a boy but the ultrasound says girl.
    So hoping the ultrasound is right because everyone has bought the baby adorably cute girls clothes

  13. We have a family tradition where the men don’t shave while we are in the “trying” process. More often than not, a boy child is created!

  14. My parents thought I was a boy up until I was born. My mom’s Korean and apparently since I made her really sick, so I was a “tiger baby” (or something like that) and that means the baby’s a boy. Turns out I’m a girl. My parents called me Andrew Michael the entire time I was in the womb.

  15. In our family, we do a test similar to the pendant necklace one, except we use a strand of the mom’s hair with her wedding ring strung on it. Side to side = Boy, Circles = Girl!

  16. I can only say yes to four of these and I’m holding my three week old baby girl right now!

  17. To guess the gender, a friend ask me in what position we were when we “made” the baby???
    My answer was : “I was laying on my back and my boyfriend was siting next to me on a chair”. My friend was baffled. I just explained that the baby was in vitro…

  18. My mom always says that if it’s an easy, breezy pregnancy (not too much sickness, pretty good energy, etc) then it’s a boy and if you’re having a hellish pregnancy, it’s a girl. I tried out that theory on a friend’s pregnancy who kind of annoyed me cuz she was just so oh whatever, this is so easy it’s like every day to me and sure enough, it was a boy. (She was going to find out, but his position made it impossible to tell, but I totally called it.)

  19. Very Funny! You might be so impatient to know if your baby is a girl or a boy!! I am sure, you tried all the “methods”!! What were the answer??
    I am pregnant of a baby girl due in august. I already have a 2-year boy. Amazingly, the second pregnacy is very similar to the first one and in both cases my belly is very high. It is very funny because people tell me: sure it is a girl your belly is very high! And during my first pregnancy, I heard: sure, it is a boy, your belly is very high!!

    I hope you will have a baby as cute as Toby is, whatever its gender!

  20. Fun! We did the pendant necklace test on my girlfriend, with a twist. We heard it was the pregnant woman’s wedding ring to be placed on a necklace. This old wives’ tale told her she would be having a boy… and that’s exactly what she was expecting! too fun :)

  21. I didn’t do any “tests” like these. I was kinda hoping for a girl, but my partner always knew the baby would be a boy. He just knew. And I knew he was right. We are, indeed, having a baby boy. He’s due in October.

  22. I’m going in for my 20-week ultrasound in about an hour and we hope to find out the gender. According to your quiz, I’m having a boy, but the Chinese think it’s going to be a girl. We’ll see!

  23. In Korean culture, someone in the family always has a dream about a fruit. Different fruits symbolize having a boy or girl. For example, when my mom was pregnant my grandmother had a dream about a big red apple, which symbolizes a girl. And the dream was right – I’m a girl!

  24. I’m not pregnant (and don’t plan to be any time soon) but my mother-in-law did the necklace test to me because she says it also works for predicting what you will have one day. For me, it said a boy. But I think she thinks that because she has all boys. ;) I will definitely be hoping for a girl one day!

  25. Love your blog and so excited for you and your boys! We were Team Green both times and I was absolutely convinced our second was another little boy based on a) how I carried (low, pointy and all out front) b) the ultrasound profile (flat forehead and Daddy’s nose and upper lip)… I have my beautiful, 3-week-old, baby girl Willa sitting next to me right now:) Chinese gender chart from the Labor of Love website was right on both times. Also, I recall you posting that Toby said the baby is a girl. My little guy said he was having a sister from the very first day we broke the news to him… Good luck with your delivery and can’t wait to hear the news!

  26. We waited too and the Chinese gender calendar was right for us! Boy. :)

  27. filipino wives tale is that if your armpits are darker than normal it’s a girl. has been correct both times for us, even when everyone else was swearing i was having a boy!

  28. #9 was true for me. high for boy, low for girl.

  29. Ha! These are so much fun, forwarding this post to all my currently pregnant friends and keeping the bookmark for baby number 2! :-)

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  30. There’s a few more my “due date” group did;
    Baking Soda Test – Put a tsp of Baking soda into a cup of fresh wee, if it bubbles or fizzes even a wee bit its a boy, if it does nothing, its a girl.

    Skull Shape – Based on the theory that males have a more definite forehead. must use a direct profile shot, a smooth rounded head with no definite forehead is a girl. A more pronounced forehead or even slightly flat looking forehead is a boy.

    Heartbeat – Less than 140bpm is a boy. Higher is a girl, usually higher than 150.

    PH test – Based on theory that Boys thrive in a more acidic environment so a more acid PH reading is boy. Girls are alkaline so the more alkaline it is, its a girl. Can use a cheap pool test or the wee test the MW gives you has a PH reading box too ;) This is what those gender wee tests you buy are based on.

    All my symptoms and tests say girl and everyone in my family except my 5yo nephew all think our baby will be a girl. Can wait till late September when baby arrives to see but I am refusing to think of baby as any set sex so I wont be disappointed in any way.

  31. I just found out on Friday I’m having a boy! This pregnancy has been so different (so far) from my daughter, and I really would have been shocked if they had said it was a girl. Even without the pregnancy differences, something just said “boy” to me. (With my girl, I honestly had no inkling either way.) The chinese zodiac was correct, also, but I was WAY more sick this pregnancy.

  32. I usually go off a hunch when people ask me if I can tell whether they’re having a boy or girl. Weirdly enough, I’m usually right. In fact, when a friend of mine was pregnant, I was the only one who guessed they were having a girl – and won a pretty hefty sum of money in their baby pool (which I then promptly spent on gifts for the little girl, since everyone else bought them boy stuff assuming it would be a boy).

    I’m sure whichever it is, it’s going to be one adorable, happy baby!

  33. i answered mostly no and i did have a boy. also, wherever i went women would stop me and say i was definitely having a boy (something about the shape of my belly and how i didn’t even look pregnant from behind, until you saw my giant protruding belly). in fact, the first time someone “predicted” it was a boy was the day after i found out it indeed was a boy, but i totally don’t believe in those things and always wanted to lie that i’m actually having a girl just so i wouldn’t feed the misconception that these tales are really true.

  34. the old wives (and drunken weirdies!) were out in force throughout both of my pregnancies and all INSISTED that i was carrying a boy. they were correct both times. i kinda thought boy myself as i had done some very amateurish statistical analysis, so many people i know have two girls i figured someone had to be having two boys to balance everything out! good luck with b-day. x

  35. I am so sorry for your loss Little Hiccups. I was almost 100% sure I was going to have a boy, completely convinced, and I had a girl. I really wanted a girl, secretly I wanted that girl. Got her!!

    • Thank you. Glad you got that little girl you wanted :)
      We were looking forward to having another little girl. Every thinks that after having two girls you must desperately want a boy (and vice versa) but we really liked the idea of having three little girls. Three little sisters together would be so cute.
      Maybe we’ll have another little girl down the track or maybe we’ll get that boy that everyone thinks my husband must desperately want. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  36. A couple of my girlfriends all decided to see how accurate the Chinese gender chart was one night – it was accurate for 5 out 6 women!

  37. I was pregnant with a little girl until I lost her last week at 24 weeks :(

    I answered mostly “yes” to the questions above so I guess those old wives tales could be true but then again I answered “no” to the main ones like morning sickness and cravings. My answers for my first two (thankfully successful) pregnancies were pretty much the same and I have two beautiful girls.

    With my two first pregnancies I was constantly being told by strangers that I was having a boy because my belly was all out the front and I didn’t put on weight anywhere else. I kept telling people I was having a girl but they’d always so “Oh, I’m never wrong. The scan must be wrong.” Funny how those same people never meet you again to find out if they were indeed correct!

    Wishing you all the best for the birth of your little one. I’m sure he/she will be beautiful :)

  38. We don’t know either but at my last sono, the head was measuring bigger than everything else so now I think I’m having a boy because my husband has a humongous head. LOL.

  39. So cool…you must be so excited about your big day coming up soon!

  40. These never worked for me. I had people swear up and down I was having a girl with our first (both boys have been surprises at birth), and, well, we had a boy. The second people just wanted to guess girl because it’s an expectation that everyone wants one girl and one boy to be “complete.” I don’t think anyone guessed on any other merit than that. It was fun, and often amusing, to hear what people had to say when it came to their ways of gender guessing without the ultrasound. I love it!

    I loved having surprise babies, and I love my boys both very much. We’re still hanging onto that girls’ name (it’s almost 4 years old now) in the hopes that when we have a third, we’ll get to finally use it. Heehee.

  41. We’re waiting for baby #2 in Nov, so much harder to decide not to find out the gender this time, but I don’t think we will. A woman at the pool yesterday was very certain I was having a girl, last time around everyone said boy and it turned out being true. I’m trying not to put too much stock into the old wives tales, but if I do I’m leaning towards thinking it’s a girl.

  42. I didn’t do any of the “tests”. But with both I was adamant about the gender and I was right both times.

  43. The chinese gender chart was correct for me. THe other wives tales weren’t so much. I craved nothing but sweets and cheese and I had a boy!

  44. All the “tests” I took said boy but they were all wrong :) Interestingly enough, the ones who were right were mothers who had had both girls and boys. They just looked at my belly from the side and said, “girl!”
    Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer for #2!

  45. the shape of the belly I find is actually a quite accurate of guessing. In my family we say if the belly is pointy (kind of egg-shaped) it’s a boy…worked for all of the pregnancies we had up to now :-)

  46. Fun! The yes/no test said boy and the Chinese gender chart says girl and we are having a boy!

  47. I’m waiting to find out too- but I’ve read that mothers guess correctly a little over 70% of the time (as opposed to 50% with everyone else), so we must have a little advantage somehow! :)

  48. I’ve always heard that if your belly points out it’s a boy… also when pregnancy gives you more charm it’s supposted to be a boy. :D

  49. I never had any morning sickness and I carried high, to the point where strangers at the store would say, “Oh, you’re having a boy!” And they were right :D

  50. We didn’t find out the gender for either of our babies. Friends of ours tried the necklace test just days before my first was born and it swung wildly back and forth – and we did in fact have a boy! So when we tried it the second time around, and it circled my belly, we were even more convinced we were having a girl (I think everyone telling me they were sure it was a girl helped with the brainwashing)..but not long after we happily welcomed our second boy…
    I love not knowing the gender – it’s such an awesome surprise, and I always said, finding out was my motivation to PUSH!

  51. I had so many ‘girl symptoms’ like acne early on and horrendous morning sickness. And there are so many Chinese gender charts online that we got mixed results. But Charlie is definitely ALL BOY!

  52. I’ve never felt a particularly strong mother’s intuition, but in the weeks before we found out our baby’s sex, I was just sorta sure it’d be a boy. I would have loved a boy or a girl, but I felt this strange certainty.

    Turns out the ultrasound said girl, and a girl she is! And even after we knew, there were constantly people coming up to me, sizing up my pregnant belly, and saying, “oh, it’ll be a boy!” (sometimes before they even said hi!)

    Guess the only certainty that I can trust is that my mother’s intuition is, indeed, nonexistent. :)

  53. I had lots of “girl” symptoms (heart rates, belly shapes, etc) and had three boys. :)

  54. My cousin had the ‘symptoms’ that she was having a girl (she already has a little boy), but she said she knew she was having a boy and sure enough, after the ultrasound, it was confirmed she was right! I don’t think I could stand not knowing.

  55. I’ve done all of these, and all except the baby’s heartrate (which you didn’t mention!) have come out boy. We’ll find out in about 6 more weeks!

    p.s. They say if the heartrate is 140 or higher, you’re having a girl, and if it’s under 140, it’s a boy.

    • All of my kids had heart rates of 130 to 140. The first was a girl…the next two were boys. :)

  56. Lol, how does one sprinkle salt on someone without her knowledge??

  57. we did all of these for my first and every single one said girl… but i knew he was going to be a boy. sometimes mamas just know.

    • I agree, sometimes mommy has all the answers

  58. Well, in any case you’ll have a 50/50 chance of being right. :)