14 Great Reader Comments on Beauty

14 Great Reader Comments on Beauty

How do you think about beauty? What have you been into lately? We loved these 14 smart comments from readers, including a trick for ‘soap brows’ and the #1 face mask for glowing skin…

On holy grail products:

“I was on a crowded stinky underground commuter train to work one morning and a woman walked by me smelling of life, liberty and happiness. I begged her to tell me what she was wearing and it was Santal 33. I ran to the store and bought it. Now people stop me everywhere I go asking me what I am wearing. Worth every penny.” — Emma

“Not sure if lipstick counts here, but I have been wearing Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick since I was in the seventh grade. (I’m 38 now.) It is literally perfect.” — Ann

“I bought the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask in December, and it was worth the splurge for the tiny jar. I’ve tried tons of masks and it’s the only one that leaves my face feeling so clean and glowing. Absolute FAVORITE.” — Angela

Everyday Oil is my go-to product for everything. Softens dry skin. Smooths frizzy hair. Removes make up at the end of the day. Helps heal a sunburn. Smells amazing. It’s the only beauty product that I consistently finish and reorder.” — Alyssa

On seeing yourself through a child’s eyes:

“I’ve thought of the view my daughter sees as lovingly gazes at me while she’s breastfeeding — where you can see all the chins. I think of what I see when I accidentally have my phone camera turned on my face and cringe. But she loves her view and I should learn to love it, too.” — Rebecca

On the power of lipstick:

“I once watched an interview with Rashida Jones where she said she loved wearing bright lipstick because ‘it feels like I’m asking to be seen.’ I loved that. I can be pretty self-conscious, but I’ve always felt comfortable wearing lip color. It’s like the one bold choice I’m always willing to make.” — Emily

On smart tips:

“I read this tip recently from a French blogger, and it would work especially well when trying not to look too ‘made up’ on vacations: after applying your foundation, use a tissue to rub a bit off on your nose. Apparently, it’s a visual illusion to look like you aren’t wearing foundation at all! It adds to that ‘done but undone’ look.” — Melissa

“Have you heard of soap brows? It’s stupid simple, effective and best of all cheap. You take a clean mascara wand (aka a spoolie), wet it, run it across a bar of soap, and then fluff, brush and smooth your eyebrows. It creates AMAZING volume, they hold literally all day (without flaking or getting crunchy). If you need to refresh them, wet that same spoolie and give them a brush. Life. Freakin’. Changing.” — Kate

“Thigh chafing is the worst! This solution is super easy, though: Mix equal parts coconut oil and corn starch. Put in a jar and apply in the morning. Lasts all day, and I find the skin gets softer.” — Trish

On a signature scent:

“Scent is such a powerful reminder of a person or place. My mom has worn the same perfume since I was born, and when my brothers and I were little, we would get upset when she didn’t smell like ‘our mom.’ When I moved away from home, she gave me a little bottle of her perfume so I could smell it if I missed her. I’m almost 30 and I still smell that bottle when I’m homesick.” — Katie

On hair:

“I’ve been going gray since my early teens and now at 30, it’s picking up the pace. But I love it! One of my old hairdressers called them my ‘sparkles,’ which really helped me embrace the beauty of gray.” — Rebecca

“My senior year of high school, I told my parents that I wanted to dye my hair something colorful. My dad was like, ‘I don’t know if I like this idea,’ but my mom said, ‘That sounds so fun! I’ll do it with you!’ So, my mom and I went to the mall and picked out semi-permanent hair dyes. She got bright red and I got pretty purple. We each dyed a chunk of each other’s hair in the bathroom sink! We kept it up until I started college.” — Em

“Hands down, the best thing I’ve ever done is find a stylist who knows curly hair inside and out (Naturally Curly is a great resource) because not only can they give you a great cut, but they can also educate you on products and techniques. My favorite is the Shea Moisture line at Target, which is light but hydrating — perfect for my curls.” — Jessica

On beauty for everyone:

“I like beauty stuff, and I’m not a shallow person. Beauty stuff isn’t fundamentally frivolous. Women are asked to make themselves beautiful, so they learn about beauty and, being resilient and resourceful creatures, turn it into something creative and enjoyable. Then the same people who demanded they make themselves beautiful sometimes mock them for being interested in making themselves beautiful! Can’t win! Lots of cool, smart women have elevated the beauty routine into something meaningful, nurturing or artistic, and I think we should celebrate that. Beauty stuff is fun as hell!” — Christy

What are your biggest beauty secrets? We’d love to hear…

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