Joanna goddard camo jacket

Whenever I post a personal photo on Instagram, I’m surprised by the #1 question I get…

Joanna goddard sneakers

“What sneakers are you wearing?” “What sneakers do you like for long walks?” “What are cool white sneakers?”

My answer: I spent decades wearing Converse, but once I began taking super long walks every day, I wanted something more comfortable and cushy. After trying a bunch of different ones, I landed on a favorite: Nike Daybreaks.

Designed in 1979 (like myself), they’re comfy, lightweight and come in a bunch of colors, including a cool mustard. The silhouette is also streamlined enough to go with dresses and skirts.

Joanna goddard sneakers

As a runner-up, I also like Nike Killshots (along with every hot dad in our neighborhood, haha). Meanwhile, my chic friend Gisela swears by white Reeboks; and the last time I went to Paris, all the girls were wearing Stan Smiths.

What sneakers do you wear? I’d love to hear…

P.S. A lipstick trick, and what do you wear to bed?