Do you want to see the top 100 baby names of 2014?


Sophia is still at the very top of the list! It has been the #1 girls’ name for the past five years!


When I was pregnant with Anton, Alex and I debated names for the entire nine months. We had a short list (Sasha, Julian, Lucien…), but when our baby was born, he had such a masculine face that those names ended up somehow feeling too feminine for him. We scrapped them all and remained stumped.

Fast-forward to our second night in the hospital: Alex had brought take-out sushi to my room, and I nursed the baby while we racked our sleepy brains for a new name. Elliott? James? Charles? Suddenly Alex looked up: “What about Anton?” And that was it. Anton was a lovely strong name—and also reminded me of a warm, funny friend I’d had in college, so it had a great connotation.

And it’s funny how well it fits him. Babies really seem to grow into their names, don’t you think? I can’t imagine him with any other name now!

Do you have any favorite baby names? What are your children’s names? Do you mind if their names are popular?

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(Top photo of my dad with my sister and me. Name list via BabyCenter)