What do you pack for trips? We are heading to England this Friday, and I am so excited to squeeze my cousins’ babies and add them to the height wall! Here’s what I’ll be packing in my carry-on, and I’d love to hear your list…

1. “Always pack something red,” says my fashion friend Susan. “It looks great in photos.” So, this babaa sweater will be coming with us.

2. This denim dress is splurgy, but I’ve worn it every three days for the past three summers, so when you do the cost-per-wear calculations, it shakes out to less than $1.

3. How cool are Kule’s iconic striped shirts? This colorway feels especially cute, and you can find a steal version at H&M, and a million on Poshmark. (I’m also excited to bring this Nora Ephron number.)

4. After 45 years of searching, I’ve finally found the perfect white shorts — with a 4″ inseam, they’re not too long, not too short, but just right.

5. What do you wear on overnight flights? My new comfort strategy is to wear a flowy top over elasticized pants, both in black. You can sleep well, and it doesn’t matter if ravioli sauce from your plane meal spills on them. These silk pants are the platonic ideal, and I also really like these and these.

6. For feet, I’m loving these strappy sandals with a graceful shape or forever-cool Birks for more arch support.

7. When you’re bedraggled and jet-lagged, gold hoops manage to make you feel a little chicer. I put them on right before arriving at our destination.

8. Also very helpful is a big fun tote — green, colorful, or metallic — for toting snacks, sunscreen, picnic blankets, and beach towels all week.

9. White Daybreaks are my tried-and-true sneaker for airport jogs, cliff walks, and city adventures. They go with everything, and they fit in in any European city (if that’s where you’re headed!).

10. Finally, I’m bringing the funny, fast-paced book The Husbands by Holly Gramazio about a woman who comes home from a party to discover a strange man at home…who everyone says is her husband. I’m tearing through it but trying to pace myself! (What are you reading these days?)

Thoughts? What do you pack? I’d love to hear your wardrobe and other essentials!

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