Eight Month Belly Shot

This morning, I snapped this photo in the bathroom of a cafe where I’m working. My belly is definitely pointier since last month.

Also a funny note: I don’t usually get cat calls, but waddling around NYC, I’ve been getting tons of pregnancy cat calls from doormen and bike messengers shouting “Hey, Mama!” “Eight months?” “Look at that belly!” Taxi drivers will even roll down their windows to weigh in: “It’s a girl!” It’s a funny part of being pregnant in NYC.

Just a couple weeks left. I’m excited and nervous. Labor doesn’t hurt that much, right? :)

  1. Tiffany says...

    The cat calls has to be the sweetest thing to an emotional preggers woman. Nothing like being noticed warmly.

  2. too funny! i am 8 months along as well & the same thing has been happening to me too.

  3. Wow, what a great belly shot! Being recently engaged, my mind is swirling with what the next few years will bring :) I SO look forward to having little ones running around!

  4. You’re a stunning woman and the way you talk about your babies makes me want to actually have one. After reading your post about Toby’s birth, my seemingly self inflicted fear of childbirth somewhat abated. So very beautiful!! I shared it with my newly pregnant friend. :) x

  5. you carry so well that I bet you don’t even look pregnant from the back. If I’m remembering correctly you were pointy with Toby so maybe it is a boy ;)

  6. How beautiful! Loved seeing this. I always found that the latest weeks in pregnancy brought out the flirts in general: almost like, you’re finally *obviously* with child, you’re embodying much about love and sex and procreation, and so somehow you’re safe territory. All the very very best to you.

  7. It must be so exciting! – Holly (

  8. oh my goodness you’re the cutest! and so weird/funny about being shouted at ha. people are strange.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

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  10. Oh my, this is gorgeous! You’ve got this!! ;)

  11. It’s a boy.

    Chinese says that when the belly is pointie it’s a boy while round is a gal. ;)

  12. you look amazing! enjoy those last few weeks of being pregnant. :-)

  13. Why are you working in a cafe? Just wondering…

  14. So beautiful Joanna! You make me pine for my pregnant belly – I loved being pregnant. I remember the attention my belly gathered well – a couple of the more memorable – “MILF” and perhaps my not-so-favourite “you looked like you swallowed a watermelon” thanks strange old guy!!

  15. haha that is crazy! Once while walking some of the kids I was babysitting I had someone yell “MILF” out of their car window. I wasn’t sure weather I should be offended or flattered….
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  16. Love it that you are getting cat calls! I gave birth last year to my daughter Alice, I still so clearly remember how amazing I felt when she came out and I held her, all the labor pain just disappeared!
    You look great.

  17. Labor is soooooo much easier the second time. You got this girl!

  18. We’ll all raise a glass to you and the new baby soon. You look great.

    I don’t know you but that all-up-front-baby makes me think boy. Just hoping for health & happiness for all of you.

  19. I love that you are getting pregnancy cat calls! What a sweet change-up from the usual sketchy shi*t that makes a woman want to make rude hand gestures.

  20. I’m with you, Jo! I’m due July 27th – we’re in the final stretch! But that Chardonnay is calling my name, such a tease…

  21. It’s no surprise a gorgeous pregnant woman like you is attracting cat calls. :) I remember getting one while walking in Boston. Something about “Hey, mama.” It felt weird and sort of embarrassing to me. Good luck in the last few weeks! Can’t wait to learn the baby’s sex!

  22. You look so great! And it must be fun to get pregnancy catcalls. Pregnant bellies seem to attract more attention than actual babies. Not much longer left! They say the second delivery is much easier and quicker than the first. Happy pushing!

  23. I hope it’s a girl!

  24. I didn’t know pregnancy catcalls were a thing. :^( However funny to read about here, I would NOT be a fan. (I’m equally NOT a fan of regular catcalls, of which I was too often a recipient in my younger years.)

  25. My prayer for you is that this 2nd labor is a breeze like mine was. My 1st delivery was pure torture, the 2nd and 3rd kids, I barely broke a sweat and my lipgloss stayed perfect thru all 2 pushes…yes really! My husband compares the ease of my last two deliveries by saying that it’s harder to get my 5 year old to brush his teeth than it was for me to push him out! Ha!

  26. Woo!
    So exciting :)
    Lookin’ good, Mama.
    I think it’s a Boy. To be named, Porter or Rhys. :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  27. You look beautiful. :) Labour will be over before you know it and moments later Toby will be meeting his gorgeous little sister for the first time (I also think it’s a girl!).

  28. you look lovely. Labor will be much faster the second time around, hopefully you won’t have time to think about anything else.

  29. “It’s a girl!” comment is particularly fascinating to me because when my family took a trip to the Bahamas last year, two of us were pregnant, and EVERY Bahamian new which gender we were each having! They loved to guess and they always guessed correctly! My belly was pointy (a boy, they say), and my sister-in-law’s was more rounded (a girl). Maybe that taxi driver in NYC was from the Bahamas…

  30. You will do great in labor. Your body has already done it once, and I found it so much easier the second time around. Just do your best to relax and let your body do it’s thing. As crazy as it sounds I loved the experience of labor with my second – I wasn’t scared by the pain and that totally freed me to concentrate on my baby girl. :)

  31. You are so beautiful and TINY! You must have good genes that you don’t blow up like a balloon while pregnant!

  32. Wouldn’t a little girl just be such a precious addition to your family? Jane & Toby, just sounds so sweet!

    Here’s my last belly shot and birth story:

    I was almost three weeks late, in labor for 29 hours, and spent 4 of them straight pushing! You’ll do fine. :)

  33. You look so beautiful! I am so very happy for you. Wishing you a healthy & speedy delivery. Until then, enjoy your sexiness!

  34. You look great! I remember hitting 8 months and every cashier in the city liked to tell me when I was going to give birth. Do you think this pregnancy has been easier or harder than your first?

  35. That’s hilarious about the cat calls. What a fun thing to experience!!

  36. I keep expecting an “I’m in labor” announcement. Best of luck :)

  37. You look awesome!!

    I just had fun telling friends at my 5 year reunion, since I’m just at the point where I can share the news. I got a surprising number of belly touches given that I’m not even showing yet – I think that will weird me out most of all over the months. Any advice for dodging belly touching?

  38. Looking good. Love the cat calls from doormen and cabbies. And no child birth really isn’t so painful. Remember how good the first meal you had was after giving birth? I loved the hospital food at Lenox Hill. Can’t wait to learn whether you have a girl or boy. best

  39. you look so great!

  40. Congrats!! Truly wish you the best of luck during labor…

    It will hurt just a little but a nice healthy baby is so worth the pain…

    Brunette Letters Blog

  41. You’re phenomenal!

  42. You’re so gorgeous! I think it’s going to be a boy :)

    And I’d be looking forward to wine after nine months too! lol

  43. You look so cute!

    Trust me, it is much easier the second time (I am proud mum of three kids <3)!!!!



  44. oh my goodness, white wine in the summer. Hang in there!

  45. Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  46. You look wonderful and well deserving of all those NY “cat calls”.

  47. worst cat call i got: “Is it mine?”

    • Oh my god, as a currently-not-pregnant lady, I find that hilarious and it would make me laugh until I cried!

      But when I was in the throes of pregnancy hormones, I probably would have just cried. :)

    • When I was 9 months, I passed two teenage boys with skateboards. One stage-whispered to the other, “That’s my baby in there!” as I passed by. I turned around and was all, “You know I can hear you, right?” and they almost wet themselves.

      (Privately, I thought it was really funny — but you just can’t let the hooligans get away with it!)

  48. you look adorable! i’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first and i keep telling everyone that i’m getting myself a margarita right after i push this little lady out :)

  49. Ah such a cute belly! I live in Chicago and I definitely got a few interesting catcalls while I was pregnant. It was kind of fun; rather than the skeevy comments they were mostly well wishes for my baby.

  50. i feel you on the wine!!! it may be what i request first once this baby is outta me in august lol!

  51. That explains the shoutings :) ;) We’ve been trying but when the period arrives I rush to the fridge and get the wine.. altho I’d prefer to be in your position 1000 times.. you’ll get your chardonnay soon :)

  52. I dreamed about wine my entire pregnancy and it was the first thing I requested in the hospital!

  53. I laughed out loud at all the white wine:)

    You look amazing!


  54. Beautiful Jo!

  55. The cat calls are funny! Hope the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery goes well. :D

  56. Woohoo, you’re looking good pretty lady!

  57. I’m at 6 months and I’ve started dreaming about red wine. Cheers to pouring a glass soon!

  58. I am 5 months pregnancy and yesterday a man scream out of a mustang, “What are you having a boy or girl?” We told him it was a surprise and then he said, “Hope its a boy. You are carrying beautifully.” HAH! How crazy. Everyone wants to know the sex of this baby!

  59. I had a baby 11 weeks ago. Just in time for white wine season. It’s glorious.

  60. So beautiful! I say BOY based on this pic :)

  61. You look too cute!!! I think it’s hilarious how excited people get to see someone pregnant. I’m not really a fan of strangers rubbing my belly, but constantly being referred to as “Mama” kind of cracks me up and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

    So excited for you – thank you for sharing!

  62. aw, annie, thank you so much! (their fries are so good:)

  63. EM, I actually like it, since they’re usually really sweet about it :)

  64. Hahahaah this kinda makes me wish I was pregnant in NYC. I got his on when I was about 20 weeks along… at Target… it was creepy.

    • hit* on :)

  65. jm says...

    The second is supposed to be easier than the first. Don’t worry!

  66. I saw you in Cafe Cluny on Friday night…you look fantastic!

  67. That is so funny about the cat calls!!

  68. your belly is perfect!

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. So beautiful!

  71. I just keep telling myself, “you’ve done this before; you can do it again!” I’m a little jealous that you are almost done and I still have a whole NINE weeks to go. LOL.
    All the moms at preschool just say, “omg, you’re huge!” Thanks, ladies! HA HA.

    • i’ve got 9 weeks to go too! but this is my first. yay august babies!!

    • The winter felt interminable but now that the warm weather is here, it seems to be going faster. :) My first was a July baby, so yay for summer babies and not having to bundle up a teeny tiny newborn. Good luck!

    • i’m having an august (maybe september) baby too! it’s going to be so hot.

  72. I was the rudest pregnant lady in the world by the end of the ninth month in NYC, I had a go-to glare ready for all who yelled at me and a crushing “NO IT’S NOT!!!” for all those who felt the need to scream “It’s a boy!” I barely kept the profanity in check as I walked about Prospect Park while in early labor and someone felt the need to observe: “Wow, you’re REALLY pregnant!” NO SH**!! Becoming a mom has made me mellow out and be nicer to random people though…

    • This made me crack up!! I will be the exact same kind of pregnant lady.

  73. You look gorgeous! The link to the white wine photos made me giggle.

  74. I feel like I would be so embarassed for people to call me out like that!! How does it make you feel?

  75. Omg–catcalls still! It never stops;). You look gorgeous. Is Toby getting more used to the idea?