Motherhood Mondays: What Baby Names Do You Like?

My darlings, on this Motherhood Monday, I’d love to talk about baby names! Do you have favorites? When Alex and I first found out that we were expecting a child, we were so giddy (and, um, surprised:) that we couldn’t sleep. So we found ourselves in our dark living room at 2 a.m. brainstorming names. Our top boy’s names were Toby, Julian, Charlie, and Elliot (ahh, I still love Elliot). For girl’s names, I liked Sophie, and he liked Samantha, but we couldn’t decide on one that we both loved. (Girls names are surprisingly tough!)

My friend Nora told us a funny way to analyze names: The Blind Date Test. Pretend someone is setting up your college-aged child on a blind date. They’d ask, “Hey, want to meet my friend Toby?” Now think: How would you picture that person, just based on the name? Would you want to meet them? It’s a surprisingly good way to get a feel for the name, don’t you think? :)

There are also such cool unusual names these days. Toby’s friends include Zelda, Quinn, Sailor, Elodie and Meriwether. (Aren’t those all amazing?) The Baby Name Voyager shows you how popular every name has been since the 1880s. (Warning: It’s totally addictive.)

So, I’d love to ask: What baby names do you like? Do you prefer offbeat names, or would you stay more traditional? Would you name your child after a relative? Do you like your own name? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. This baby name book looks great:

(Top photo by Raul Gutierrez)

  1. Jacinto Convit says...

    My friend my little girls names are Emma and Emily . If you Like Sophie go with it. It is one of the top names in 2016 . We are also very confused while giving names to our babies. One of my friend told me this new website called Babynology . It has latest baby names with meanings and numerology numbers . If you want you can check here .

  2. Rachel says...

    I love hearing about all this baby name business too… I like the idea to name a baby after someone but for a special reason or connection. Our son is called Luca ( we took moooonths coming to this tho) for a few reasons: I’m Australian and my partner is Italian – so we both from the get go really wanted a name for our child that wouldn’t change with the language ( like: Toby= tobia) and in Australia everyone shortens names which is often a shame when a name is so lovely like my brothers name: Gabriel to gab – which I find so sad. We struggled more with a boys name then a girls name. Tho I have been collecting names for yeeears… Hee Hee the girls name we chose was lila but spelt with a Y lyla and we reached this name because I loved lilly and my partner loved lana and we halved it and stuck it together and loved it fully! We can imagine this name suited a female of all ages and luca just was perfect and fresh and gentle and it suits our son so well. P.S I also love Elliot ( Milo was our 2nd choice for a boy)

    • Luna GC says...

      Our son is also Gabriel – and I hate that a kid has convinced him to shorten his name to Gab! I refuse to let him use it because together with his Surname it’s quite offensive (my Fiance’s crude friend pointed it out).

  3. Daria says...

    My husband is from Europe and he has Estonian full name, but we are living in Russia and expecting a baby boy very soon. And it’s a real dilemma for us now: whether to choose a european name, so it will be pronounced naturally together with fathers and a surname, or to choose more Russian name which will have an international version in order it’ll be simple for others at Russian kindergarden and school. We run discussions for 2 last weeks already. Really not so easy…

  4. Vero says...

    My baby’s name is santiago It fits him well

  5. Olivia says...

    i used to be unique! i never met any other olivia’s when i was growing up (i was born in 1986) but now they are everywhere! i still think of it as being an uncommon name, but sadly that’s not true! but i do love meeting baby olivia’s. :)

  6. I myself am years away from actually having children, but it’s always fun to think about names. I truly am wishing for a boy. I’ve only ever been able to think about boy names. I have absolutely no girls names that I can see myself calling any future daughters I may have.


    I adore all of these and unfortunately I am terribly incompetent at making such long-lasting decisions. However, I do love Adrian. I always have.


    • Luna GC says...

      I was just like you… I now have 2 boys :)

  7. I’m four and a half months pregnant and haven’t found out the sex yet…girl names are so hard!

    If a boy it’s going to be Ellison…which is a family name

    so far for girls names all I have are: Bella and Lylah….which I’m not even 100% sold on. My granny’s name is Nada pronounced “neigh da” which I love but he hates. After reading the different names on here I kind of love Amelia!
    Such a difficult task!

    • Finnegan, August, Oliver, Basil, Rowe, Elswick, Oscar. My baby daughter’s name is Lennon.

    • OH & Marlowe, Sebastian, Maximilian. :)

  8. I like the name “Brooke.” Does anyone have any comments or suggestions? I also like “literary names.” :)

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  10. I’m a 21 y.o college student with no children but a full course load! I’ve had my childrens names picked out since I was 7.
    Noah/ Elenoah

    Tennesee / Tennyson

  11. I admire baby boy names. Each name comes with information on any known meaning. If you would like to find out the meaning or origin any of the names, you can simply search over the internet.

  12. Boys : King Dresden, Major Orion, Hero Graysun
    Girls: Eliana Marion, Tatiana Patrisia, Anika Liat

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  14. Boys: Daniel, Jackson, Ryan, Dean, Christopher

    Girls: Lisa, Rita, Rachel, Nina, Liz

  15. I love boys names for girls and I like last names for boys…so I thought it was perfect when I heard of the name Campbell for a little girl. So cute! I pictures a blonde pig tailed, blue eyes sweet southern girl…until I told my husband of this dream name and he said…he wasn’t interested in raising children from jail, he’s surly kill the first smart ass that said to our daughter…Campbell mmmm mmmm good.

    so there went that name.

  16. I have 2 kids….Gilbert and Mabel, Mabel comes from the show “Mad About You”, New York dreaming in Australia. I wonder if Mabel was a popular name in the US because of the show? As it happens my great grandmothers name was Mabel Ermine (ours is Mabel Lucie). My husband liked Samantha too….his English heritage leaves him saying “SamanFa” so it was definitely out of contention!

    Recently we’ve welcomed some cousins Otis (perfect!) and Delilah (I’m not sure about this….the blind date test doesn’t help!)….the thing about a name is that when a perfect little being arrives even the worst name becomes perfect by association!!

  17. Anonymous says...

    Our son is Elliot (nickname Eli) and daughter is Kieran (nickname: Kika).

    • Elizabeth says...

      Aw! My sister’s name is Erica, but she called herself Kika when she was little so we still call her that.

  18. Baby Names are easy to recognize – even more so when you’ve been pregnant before. Whether this is your first, second, or third pregnancy,Pregnancy Stages the signs and after if you are looking for new name meaing and Name and Name Meanings

  19. I like classic names like Eva and Isaac. I’m wary on names that sound very young and may not suit the person as they get older (i.e. Milly).

  20. My daughter’s name is all but unheard of since 1888 {at least in America} and my son’s name is MUCH more popular in England {think princes}. As for me, I legally changed both my first and last name. I am a wee bit name obsessed. I just discovered your blog. I’m ill, I’ve been staring at the same book for one of my classes for an hour as though it’s my sworn enemy, I’m listening to my husband bathe our kids and all I seem to be capable of is greedily perusing your older and older posts. Suffice it to say I adore this blog.

    Kate from

  21. Anonymous says...

    My name is Samantha. I used to wish it was something more interesting/unique (I know something like 18 other Samantha/Samuels) but I’m actually really pleased with it now.

  22. Anonymous says...

    I’ve just called my second daughter Elodie Wren and my first is Lola Grace. I love this topic! Think I could happily talk about it all day long :)

  23. Mandi says...

    It wasn’t hard for us to decide on a boys name and for the longest time we had decided on Isaac James, but really loved Raiden James when I suggested it!

    We had a horrible time agreeing on a girls name before deciding on Rylow. My husband likes Mazzy and I like Josephine, Violet, and Ruby. I also LOVE LaRue as a middle name but have chosen Marie because it is a family name. I also like Veda, it was my great great grandmother’s name.

    Very close friends of ours name their first daughter Kiddo which is very unusual but fits her so well. Their second they named Honey Beatrix (Honey B). I’m a huge fan of unusual uncommon names.

    I know of a couple who named their daughter Rittle which I loved as well but my husband didn’t want to copy!

    So strange that I came across this topic, my husband and I only recently decided to start trying!! It’s so much fun to discuss, and I live hearing other people’s choices!!

  24. Anonymous says...

    We have decided on Raiden James for a boy and Rylow Marie for a girl. I like very nontraditional and uncommon names! My husband and I have had trouble agreeing on girls names! We both have decided on Rylow tho.

  25. So many Atticuses! I like traditional names like Anne (always with an “e”), Clara, Marguerite, Gwendolyn, and Eileen for my grandmother. Also Eleanor. I think it’s funny how many people are drawn to the same old or unusual names. They won’t be so unusual shortly.

    But I’m also drawn to names of favorite characters. LM Montgomery has a book called Kilmeny of the orchard and I’ve always thought it was a beautiful and unusual name. Only problem is that it doesn’t shorten easily. I wonder if my child would regret being named Marilla for the nickname Rilla? (More LM Montgomery.) As a Sam/Samantha I’ve always been very conscious of nicknames because I used to hate having a boy’s nickname. I love the nickname Maisie, which is my niece’s name (for Margaret).

  26. FaithWalker says...

    I really like baby names that AREN’T names per se…like Hudson, Avalon and Jericho.

  27. I Think Name is very important part of everyone’s life. Names have the life lasting relationship with you; , and even remembered by your name. The overwhelming feeling comes when your baby first starts responding on his/her name

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  29. Heya¡­my very first comment on your site. ,I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would completely pop in and drop a friendly note. . It is great stuff indeed. I also wanted to there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

  30. Anonymous says...

    my husband and i are pretty set on clementine may for our first girl. i also love marin, frances, iris, flora, and penelope (although i’m sure that will become very popular b/c of tina fey now). our first boy will be van alvin, and if we had a second, he would be fox bennett.

  31. I LOVE his name. we call him both Will and William. for our next baby(ies), these are the names i like:

    girl: Louisa, Cosette, Matilda, or Lauren

  32. It makes me feel like I was named after a favorite friend or something.

    Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

  33. I do love my name, because I only know a few other people who have it. I love baby names that are traditionally last names or cities (Kennedy, Davis, Smith, Jackson, etc.).

  34. Anonymous says...

    I’m from Argentina so my fave names are spanish ones!
    For a girl: Josefina, Caterina, Olivia, Sofia, Valentina.
    For a boy: Joaquín, Juan Cruz, Juan Ignacio, Valentin.

    A family name I love is Isabel, but would turn it to Isabella! Another one is Maria, my mother, my sisters and me have it as first name, forming composed names, which is very common here!

  35. We recently named our daughter Elliot. It was my baby girl name for years, so I have been surprised at how difficult it has been for some people to accept that she is a girl – even when wearing all pink! I also like Jane and Caroline, and find boys names much more difficult. I like James, but our last name is Bonds so that is out. If we have a boy he will probably be Ward, from Edward, a family name. Fun discussion!

  36. For a girls I like the name Astrid, I think it is very beautiful. For a boy I like Kai :)
    My name is Santa, which is a pretty common name in Latvia, I used to dislike it, but now I am ok with it. I have a couple lovely nicknames because of it, and whenever I am visiting foreign countries, people smile because of the similarity to Santa Klaus :D

  37. Anonymous says...

    Jack & Elizabeth

  38. I’m so behind on my commenting, but I just love the book you showed A for Atticus – especially since my little girl is Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird). I like names that are a bit offbeat, but a bit old-school too. Already mentioned Harper and my son is Sutter Reid. Love them! I also love the idea of using family names or traditions – as long as you don’t end up sticking your kid with something awful. Lee is a middle name amongst many in my family (male and female alike) so that is how Harper got it. My late grandfather’s name was Glenn which I don’t love for a first name and wanted to use as a middle name, but everything we put with ___ Glenn, sounded like a retirement home!

  39. We named our 7 month old son Julian Frederik after two of his great-great-great uncles who died in the Somme in the First World War. Their sacrifice will be remembered through him.

  40. I love talking about names, fun post!
    when I was younger I had a whole list of names for my brood of future children :) Well it turns out I have my one joy. My amazing son and we named him Joseph Alexander. It just fit him perfectly. We named him for my granddad. I love that there are so many versions of his name Joe, Joey…And he’s only one of two Joes in his entire school…which I find amazing! So, old is new again:) When I was pregnant we chose Marina for a girl. I rarely hear that name even now..I wish someone I knew names their boy Josiah, I heard that after I had my son and thought that was a worthy alternative..Years ago I met this charming colleague of my husband’s..a big, burly, masculine guy and when he told me his name I just was floored – Dov.
    What a sweet name!

  41. I definitely think growing up a “Sarah” played a part in wanting more unique names for my children. (My son’s name is Anders and my daughter’s is Malou.) I just hope my children are happy with their names as they grow older!

  42. Hands down the best name I’ve heard recently for a boy: Vera Cruz. Picture this, sexy West Coast surfer dad named him. I also like Socrates. For a girl I like, Pearl.

  43. I love name posts! I’ve named my daughter, Amelie, and my son, Carrem. Carrem is variation on his paternal grandfather’s name, Akram (Arabic – meaning generousity). And my son really resembles his granddad in many ways. Even has his idiosyncracies! I hope he grows to have a generous spirit, too :)
    For future kids- I love Loulia for a girl and Layth for a boy.

  44. Oh baby names. Its sometimes all I talk about with the husband (and some friends too) If I have a son his name will be Benjamin. It’s such a strong manly name, but when he’s little “ben” or “benny” is just adorable. I did have a favorite girls name until my sister in law recently stole it!! I was so angry and upset. If I have a daughter her name was going to be Charlotte. I think the name is just so pretty. I would call her Arly. The search continues…

  45. Trinity Doyle says...

    I love coming up with baby names :)

    We named our little girl Mirrin which means cloud.
    If she was boy it would have been Dexter or Elroy.

  46. I am a list keeper and i keep a list of names that i like. I have noticed after surveying the list that I tend to like the whole last names as first names thing. (Kennedy, Harrison, Monroe. Badley, Finley, Harper) I also like slightly feminine names for boys and slightly masculine names for girls ( Grey and Georgia for boys – Dexter and Rockie for girls) and also old fashioned appalachia like names ( Ennice, Percy, Jesco, Alma, Adelaide, Adeline)

  47. It took my husband and us 5 months to agree upon our son’s name which is Lincoln…its so old its new again. For a while my hubby was rooting for the name Forbes. It took us the remaining 4 months to agree upon the middle name.

    I really like to look up the meaning of names, and what we feel about the child.

    For girl names, I like Eliana and Paris.

  48. I just named my son Abel…but if he had been a girl his name would have been Wren :)

  49. lbs says...

    I love the blind date test. Tried it on Cole and it works for me. So I guess we named our little guy right. I really like Lauren for a girl and Aaron for a boy. It’s funny how much thought it put into baby naming, because after everyone that knows you hears it and gets used to it, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t form any opinion on people that I meet as an adult based on their name.

  50. Pauline says...

    wow so much differences between “english” names and french… I come from the french part of Switzerland ( -sorry for my english- ) and I found so amazing how many ideas it’s give to read you and all this comments!
    In my small town where everybody could find old name quasi only on old people , I like it so much! it’s look like old english name aren’t the same that french’s one ! of course!

    my old favourite name for a boy is : GUSTAVE
    and after all this comment comment Elliot is the second!

    for a girl , hard choice : Alice, Lou, Victorine, Violette

    Thank you all for inspiration!!


  51. I can’t wait to read all of these comments – my hubs and I practically named our first boy & girl on a longish road trip on weekend before we were even engaged… now I’m pregnant with our fifth and totally stumped for names. I LOVE the name Jane – it’s so classic! Or maybe Jayne for a unique spelling but the hubs hates it. Thankfully we’re having a boy.

    My favorite name is Eli – we thought about naming him Elliot and calling him Eli for short. The hubs’ favorite name is Graham. I also like Ethan and Nathan. I also like the names Tate and Toby.

    My son’s middle name is Leeland and I SO love it!! I wish I could find an equally awesome name for our new baby.

    I’m also amazed at how popular the name Liam is now. When my sister named her son that I thought it was such an odd name to choose but now I hear it everywhere!

    My name is Faith – and I seriously do not like my name. I would never ever ever name my child Hope, Grace, Charity or any of the other virtue names – I got teased about it all of the time even the nicest people seem to make wise cracks about my name and so I tend to not associate myself with my name. For every person who says that they love my name and think it’s beautiful there are three more who have said something I didn’t like about my name.
    I’ll have to look into that book – I need some serious baby-name help this time around!!

  52. my name is pretty traditional and very err…english though i am asian. Etheldred Vivien (that’s my name). No idea why i was named Etheldred but i guess it sounded similiar to my dad’s name which is Ethelbert. Nevertheless, i love my name just the way it is.

    so far i’ve only thought about boys name: Nathaniel, Ezra, Levi and Ezekiel.

    for girls, umm..i totally agree! it’s pretty tough! but i kinda like Adriana :D

  53. That’s a great baby-name book! I have it, and it turns out the author is the friend-of-a-friend here in Michigan. :) My daughter is 5 months old and her name is Josephine Grace. We had a boy name and a girl name picked out before we were even married. So when I found out I was pregnant, I remember swimming at the Y, smiling the whole time, and asking her if she was Josephine or Arthur. :)

  54. Have any teachers weighed in? I have read a lot (and often hear) about names that parents love but little about what will work best for the child. The Blind Date Test is great, but I suggest The Playground Test as well: what rhymes with the name? What bad/nasty/gross words can it made into? People might be changing their minds…and their kids would thank them for it. As a middle school and high school teacher, I hear it even now.

    I say this with love, speaking as a Betsy…Betsy Wetsy on the playground! :) I never cared for it but I like it now. We just named our little boy Archie. I’m sure he’ll get called Itchy or Barfy.

  55. this is awesome. my name is sophie and my boyfriend likes the name samantha. we are connected haha. Toby was a beautiful choice :) If you have a daughter in the future call her Sophie :) x

  56. My son´s name is Jon, vasque name I have always loved.
    I like traditional vasque names for girls and boys. But if I have girl she will be Noa, no vasque, no spanish… but we two love it.

    When I knew I was pregnant we didn´t have any doubts about the name. If next is a boy, it would be much more difficult!

  57. My husband and I wanted to use traditional names that could be serious and fun. It was important to us that our son could sound ‘Prime Ministerial’ and have a good nickname. We settled on Alexander John. This way he can be Alex, Jack, Al, AJ, or even Ajax :). He will also sound dignified when he takes the oath of office ;). Also Alex was my father in law’s name and John is my father’s middle name.
    If we’d had a girl we would have called her Isobel Margaret. My middle names are Margaret Isobel so it would be a nod to me but also my mother and grandmother who’s middle names are also Margaret. We would have called her Issie for short :). Maybe next time

  58. The litmus test my parents used when they named me was that they wanted the name to be appropriately dignified if I ever became a supreme court justice! Hilarious, but also kind of smart!

  59. Anonymous says...

    I’ve always thought that boy names were a LOT easier.

    Hudson Oliver
    Owen Parker
    Griffin Thomas
    Elliot Kade

    Annaliese Kelly

    I can’t decide on my absolute favorite boy name but I am loving Elliot and Hudson

  60. Anonymous says...

    I am now past my due date with our first bambino, who’s sex is unknown.
    I had to laugh when I saw the book title – Atticus is our first choice for a boy!

  61. Tracy says...

    My fave names are Fiona, Freya, Eva, Lola and Ivy. Molly is cute too. For boys I love Leo, Arlo and Eli.

  62. What a fun post!

    I have two kids already…
    Haven Eli
    Olive Elizabeth

    I also like…
    girls: Clementine, Zooey, Franny
    boys: August, Quinn, Indigo

  63. Wow! There are so many good names suggested! My husband and I have Scandinavian names (first and last) so we decided to continue the tradition with our own children. We named our daughter Ingrid. Besides being Scandinavian, I love how it’s classic and recognizable, but still unusual in the US. It’s also a family name, which I love.

  64. Our daughter’s name is elodie, and I have loved it since the first minute I saw it. But many people’s reaction is: oh what an interesting name.

    Isn’t it funny how people are so opinionated about your choice in names? My boss’ husband told me we shouldn’t name her elodie because it had 3 syllables! I stopped telling people our selections after that!

  65. We went with Emerson Albert for our little guy. We picked the name with in a couple weeks of finding out we were having a baby. I wasn’t sure that would be his name until after I met him for a few days though. When they first handed him to me I thought, “Oh! This is Alfred!” (which was never an option.) but after he pinked up and puffed up I could tell he was an Emerson.
    Now I hear all these other Emersons being born but I haven’t seen my top pick girls name so I am keeping it to myself, just in case.
    My name is very hard for people so I wanted something uncommon but not unheard of. My husband is John and he would have named the baby “spatula” to keep him from running into 100 others with his name.

  66. My husband and I had a ridiculously hard time naming our daugter (born May 25,2010!). We did not name her for two weeks then we were forced to pick due to birth certificate health insurance ect. So in a hurry we decided to name her Devyn. Big mistake. I spent two weeks cringing every time i said her name because deep down I knew it was wrong. One month after we announce her name I changed it to Quinn. We had to tell friends and family. I felt like a lunatic but I knew it needed to be done. We are so happy we made the change cause she is very much a Quinn.

  67. Anonymous says...

    Wish I had read this before My baby was born, so many great ideas!!! My little seven-week-old daughter is named Poppy Lucia. :-)

  68. my first choice name for my daughter (now 2 years old) was Elliott (which my husband only really liked for a BOY) and my second choice was Veda – both using King (a family name on both sides) as a middle.

    We eventually compromised and went for “Ellis Veda King Rauto” I love boys names or last names for little girls and there’s lots of girly nicknames to use if she didn’t like it later in life. I figured Ellis would want to go by “Ellie” (which is what i usually call her offhand) but she always introduces herself with her ENTIRE 4 word name – she’s so proud! and it fits her well.

    The only regret I’ve had since is when my daughter saw E.T. for the first time (all time fav for the both), she immediately noticed that “Elliott” was JUST LIKE “Ellis” and then said she like that name a lot too…. of course i had her tell daddy how much she liked that name to rub it in a little… (should have let mama bear name the baby!) ;)

  69. Baby names almost drives me crazy during my all pregnancy. First the doc said it was a boy then a month after that it was a girl. It was shocking for me, because even when it was only a month thinking I was having a boy, I got used to the idea and I loved it. But that has nothing to do with baby names, right?
    The thing is that I was at 36 weeks and I didn’t have a name for my girl, specially because her las name would be Toro (in english: bull) oh God, terrible! I couldn’t find any name that would combine or at least be pretty.
    Just when I was about 4 days from my due date, my sister said: “Why don’t you name her Alice??” and that was it.
    My baby girl’s name is: Alice Evolet Toro :) I don’t know what do you think, but I love it.

    I want a boy (maybe twins, I wish!) but if its a boy I will name him Matias Ali and if its a girl, it would be Lauren -something- :D
    And this is a too long comment, sorry.

  70. I really enjoy typical boy names for girls, such as Ryan. For boys I adore powerful short names, such as Cole, Max, Bogart, Ezra. More than anything I hope my children acquire loving unique nicknames from friends and family. My nickname reminds me of how loved I am for someone to have renamed me from a brief moment of me being absolutely myself.

  71. My husband and I are trying for a baby now, so of course we’re talking baby names.

    For a girl we’ve decided on Emory Victoria (or maybe Emory Elizabeth) and we’ll call her Emmie.

    For a boy, we’re thinking of using my grandfather’s name: Harrison. Or my maiden name: Davis. So either way it looks like he would end up with a last name for a first name. But I love them both.

  72. I’m obsessed with the names Elin and Bryce for girls!

  73. My husband and I are expecting a girl in July, Madeline Olivia. It was surprisingly easy to find names we both loved. Alan wanted to name her after me, Abigail, but I felt kind of silly to name our daughter after myself.
    For a boy, we decided on Phillip Mark. Phillip is his middle name and Mark is my father-in-law’s name.
    Even though we already have a name picked out, I’m still obsessed with baby name books and websites. I love the name Marlo for a girl.

  74. Anonymous says...

    Hi my name is Edda and I´m from Iceland. I often look at your blog … I love it :-) Here in Iceland we have many taditional “Icelandic names”. I´m so lucky that I have both a girl and a boy :-) My 8 years old girl name is : Kolbrun Klara ( Kolbrun being the “Icelandic name – it means “very brown” ). But Klara is of course a name that is known all around the world ( as Clara ). My 4 year old boy´s name is Emil Darri ( I thing I must have been Swedish in my previous life as I seem to love everything that comes from Sweden :-) Emil is a Nordic name and Darri is like Darren.
    Anyway …. I just had to share …… Edda

  75. I know, I know, I am always late to comment. But I will put in my 5 cents. I am from Bosnia so any name I choose sounds very unusual and ethnic to people but they are very old and traditional. My sons name is Hamza which means strong, lion like. He was born 5lb 6oz and 5 weeks early. He was strong indeed. There is a saying in Bosnia ” don’t let the name carry the child, let the child carry the name” that’s why we choose names after the child is born.

  76. Ciao,
    my daugther’s name is NADIA,i love it!!!!Is a arabab and russian name, who means hope.
    But at first,i was thinking for her name in ADA.

    Now, if I have another child i love LIVIA,like roman emperators, or LIDIA,if she will be a girl and if he will be a boy we like Christian or Eric.But the best for me is Aidan, an irish name.I am spanish, it’s a bit crazy choose taht name and it’s very complicate be agree with my husband, I adore special names; he likes names normals.
    I don’t know how we agreed with our daugther’s name.
    Adoro tu blog, muchos besos desde Valencia, España

  77. Vi says...

    I like simple names, short and with big vowels. (maybe it’s a latin thing, I’m Brazilian) I also love french names like Juliette and Josephine, but they don’t sound so good in Portuguese…

    Lola, Lila, Lara, Maya and Clara are some of my favourites.

    Boys… Paco, João and Antonio.

    Toby is lovely, saw it first time in the film Labyrinth (the little boy was Toby) so I named my favourite doll!

    I can imagine how tough it is. I had trouble naming my cat – but it was good training!

  78. So many great name ideas on here! I see our choice (Charlie/boy) on here quite a few times, guess I should’ve known we weren’t being very unique.

    My husband and I are disagreeing completely over whether to share the name or not (we’re due in August). I want to tell everyone because it drives me crazy with curiousity when people keep it a secret, but he thinks we shouldn’t! Did anyone else have this issue?

  79. Traditional names that cannot be shorten and are not popular were how my husband and I selected our children’s names. Our last name is so common I wanted different first names.

    If I could do it over I would have named our older daughter Evelyn instead of Olivia (way too popular now). I never got to use my boy name: Harrison Myles. Makes me sad as my husband and both loved the name and it family names from both of our families.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Anonymous says...

    We went with “Ruth” and it’s so funny how stunned people are when I tell them our daughter’s name. Seriously, like it’s this really strange name. I love its simplicity. Plus I just can’t imagine anyone messing with a Ruth; so strong!

    If we have another and he turns out to be a boy I know we’ll have a battle. So far my husband likes “Lowell”, a name I find a little difficult to pronounce honestly. Like I have to think an extra second about it.

  82. My fiance’s last name is Outlaw we so have to be careful when picking a first name. We decided on Jack for a boy. I think Jack Outlaw is a very strong name. And we chose Layla for a girl.

  83. I like Toby for a boy, short and sweet. I have a strange unusal name, Yamila.
    My son has an offbeat name but popular here in Argentina Joaquin, my daughter’s name is different too she is a year old (turned one 5 days ago) and her name is Zalia Ines. When were deciding a name for her, my partner said I like Zalia I would go out with a girl called Zalia. It means princess in Polish and is a form of Sara (my grandmother’s name).

  84. I named my daughter Eulalie. It is an old French name derived from the Greek Eulalia meaning “sweetly spoken”. We call her Lalie for short. I’ve never met another Eulalie and don’t expect to run into too many in the future ;)

    I really love vintage names with significant history.

    I also love Clementine, Henriette, Cordelia, Florence, Cosima.

    boys – Frederick, Oscar, Winslow, Edmund

    x claire

  85. Names I like for boys: Brady, Elias, Lane, Clark, Joel
    For girls: Elise, Scarlett, Audrey, Elsa, Sloane

    I would love to also use a family name (first, middle, or last) as a middle name.

    We’ll see when the time comes!

  86. For some reason Leo was it for us from the start! Well I had a running list of names that included Milo, Arlo, & Charlie but Leo just stuck! If we had a girl I love the names Elsa and Mila.

  87. Names are so fun! And there are SO many great ones on this list!

    My parents tried to name us all really different names, and our names are important to all of us! I’m Keely [key-lee] and my brother is Griffin, unfortunately my sister’s name [alexis] has become really popular- but, she’s just the perfect Lexi!

    My fiance and I are years from having little ones, but we both agree we love the name Tryg- which is Norwegian for bravery [and I’m norwegian!]

  88. My boys are Owen and Elijah. We call Elijah either Lijy or Leejy (the second is what he calls himself. He’s 2 1/2).
    Our daughter is Adelaide, and we call her Addie most of the time.

  89. M says...

    eeek. Baby names! I love Alodia and Evelynn

  90. Anonymous says...

    OMG! I love names. Having grown up with a VERY unique name I have grown to LOVE it. My name is Tezra Alexis Anya (yup 2 middle names, my parents could not decide). My name is always a conversation starter and has nothing to do w/ my herritage ( just a name my mom had on her list). My husband and I are currently talking about “one day when we are pregnant…” I like some unique and some classic..
    Girls: Hannah, Gracie ( my hub does not like Gracie.. Gracie bare ju-jitsu he says),Warner, Emery, Aubry, Hadley,Mackenna, and new to the list from this post Sloane and Charis.
    Boys: My husband LOVES Huck, I like Breadon, Parker, Preston, Kaiden. Our last name is Wakefield which I feel is very clasic so I am excited to see what happens when we actually have a baby!!! What a fun game!

  91. My name is Samantha, and I have always loved it! I go by both Sam and Samantha, depending on my mood…but to be honest once people call me Sam once they almost never switch back to Samantha. My sister’s name is Marina, it is a very common Greek name (my mom is Greek). I have always loved her name, and she gets compliments all the time.

    Personally, I love Sadie for a girl and Jude for a boy. But they are both Beatles songs so I probably would never use both of them.

  92. Wow, I am amazed that I got almost all the way to the bottom before finding my son William’s name – there are so many in our neighbourhood! I agree with a previous post that you think yours will be original until there are ten of them (and I would know as a Lisa from the late 70’s!) And I also think you have to think through both the potential nicknames and how it sounds with the last name. My test was to imagine the girls in junior high school saying “Oh my god, that Will is SO CUTE!!!” :)

    And we named our eldest William Malcolm and then when our second son came I wished we hadn’t used Malcolm for his middle name! (It is my brother, father, grandfather, etc’s name) But #2 ended up as Cameron David and I do love the name Cam.

    The other funny thing about naming our kids was that I think as a girl I had thought about this for years, and was kind of shocked when my husband had OPINIONS! Yeesh! He vetoed some of my longest held names!

    So here are my fav’s:
    – William (Will, Willem, Vilik/Vilim – my hubby is Czech)
    – Cameron (Cam, Kamos)
    – Malcolm
    – Bennet (vetoed)
    – Oliver (vetoed)
    – Alden (vetoed)
    – Marek (Mark in Czech – vetoed)

    – Nikola/Nichola was the one we agreed on, mostly (hard to find a Czech/Scottish-Canadian name)
    – Maia (there are now a million around us)
    – Quinn (vetoed)
    – Airdrie (my middle name, my mum’s middle name, my grandmother’s name – vetoed)
    – Josephine (Josie)
    – Eliska (Czech – the s is sh – and vetoed)

    Picking names was so ridiculously difficult!!

  93. I love Margaret, Marjorie, and Merrill…except that’s too many M’s for one family. :) I like Clarke and secretly want to name a girl Scout from “To Kill A Mockingbird”. For boys, I like Grant, Gordon, Jem, Jacob, Sam, Patrick, Garth, and Heath. :)

  94. Hi! The book you posted caught my eye because we named our little boy Atticus five years ago! I had his sister Ruby, in NYC 6 years ago, but when we didn’t know her gender we thought of Atticus for a boy. We love their names and have only met one other Atticus. I have a unique name “Patria” which means “homeland” in Spanish. I have always loved my name. I love unique names that aren’t too hard to figure out, but that lend some distinction.

  95. my name is Calee, (kay-lee) I love it now because I am the only one I have ever known spelled that way.

    My last name is Yoe and we joke that we will call our kids Cheery, Patty, Ore, Toky, Radi (say them out loud with Yoe at the end-hah)

    I love last names for first names- Hudson, Carter, Emerson. My husband is a 4th so we are going to name our first boy the 5th but maybe call him Quinn


  96. beth says...

    I’m having a baby boy in 7 weeks (well, more or less), and we’re naming him Theodore. We’ll call him Theo. I’ve loved the name for as long as I can remember, and I especially love that I don’t know a single Theo out there even though the name is fairly traditional.

  97. i really love the name mirabel for a girl and landry for a boy!

  98. My daughter came a month early, so although we had a name picked for a boy, we only had our girl names narrowed to like 10. I liked Sophie, Sienna, Cyan, Korinna…but when we met her she didn’t seem like any of those. She looked like a perfect Jenna Rose, so that’s what we called her. Sometimes you just have to see what they want to be called!

  99. I called my son JACOPO
    my favorite names: