1. Bethany Carlson says...

    I recently taught “When Breath Becomes Air” and realized that this is your late bro-in-law. I recognized Lucy in her TedTalk from your blog bc you look so much alike. My students (Yale med school semester-long fellows from China) were moved by Paul’s story; we watched a video interview and when I looked up, they were all crying. What an absolutely beautiful legacy.

    I’m a twin, too. :)

  2. I would frame these and use them as art, especially the roman holiday or ghostbusters one! crystal x
    Thanks for sharing these :)
    Although…The Shining…really?! crystal x asli

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  4. That day, my little sister was born. From the start she was curious and loving and sweet.

  5. Anonymous says...
  6. Anonymous says...
  7. cute baby joanna

  8. Anonymous says...

    Just clicked on this link, reminded me of a funny story.

    One of our family friends has an identical twin sister. They live in separate continents and met up again after a few years when her daughter, M, was five.

    One night, M went to the kitchen where her Mum was cooking and then to the lounge to find her Aunt reading and completely freaked out. She thought her Mum was a witch and wouldn’t stop sobbing for hours.

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  10. My sister just had a baby about the same time you didi! And I love being an Aunt – truly the highlight of my life! I am hoping that you will have holiday gift ideas for the wee set! prediksi bola. thanks

  11. We had a fabulous long weekend, that continued on into the week. First, to start off the weekend, my sister had a baby!

  12. My favorite part of this is how your brother is whistling (I think?) in the background. His face is so brotherly and in his old world.

  13. There is just something about Mommy’s sister that is especially familiar to a little baby.

  14. Gosh, for non-identical twins you looks very alike (facial expression especially!). These photos are the sweetest. I remember my brothers meeting L. for the firs time – very emotional. Babies bring nothing but happiness, eh?!

  15. Mo says...

    This is so precious. Toby seems to be really enjoying the cuddle :-)

  16. What a beautiful moment. Looks like quite the happening park, too!

  17. Glenda says...

    In these pictures Lucy looks so much like you ;) Beautiful pictures!

  18. You seem to be one of the luckiest persons! Waauw

  19. So beautiful. Such an emotionally beautiful few pictures.

  20. Anonymous says...

    That’s such a beautiful photo of both of them. I love the way Toby is bonding with your twin sister. I wonder if it registered with Toby just how much you look alike?

  21. This is so sweet and definitely made me tear up. I will always remember the amazing feeling when I first met my sister’s son – he was just a few minutes old!

  22. Anonymous says...

    Both of them are beautiful.

  23. Oooh, so sweet! I love how affectionate he is with her!


  24. my twin sis had a baby this summer and I felt the same way, didn’t know you had a twin! love it.

  25. such sweet photos!!

  26. These photos are enough to make ME tear up.
    What a sweet sweet moment.

  27. So Darling – and I know how she feels – My sister just had a baby about the same time you didi! And I love being an Aunt – truly the highlight of my life! I am hoping that you will have holiday gift ideas for the wee set! Merry Xmas Jo!

  28. So Darling – and I know how she feels – My sister just had a baby about the same time you didi! And I love being an Aunt – truly the highlight of my life! I am hoping that you will have holiday gift ideas for the wee set! Merry Xmas Jo!

  29. my boyfriend is a twin as well and his twin brother’s baby can’t tell them apart. he’ll only let his parents (and my boyfriend) hold him and he cries when my guy leaves thinking it’s pop. it’s flippin adorable…the bond of a twin to their niece or nephew…

  30. Awwww!She’s gonna be the best Auntie ever!!! Love, love is sorta like win/win!! :-)

  31. I’m sure I’m the 1,516th person to say this, but you and your sister look so much alike! Am I crazy, or are you twins?

  32. Lucy is beautiful, just like you. Those pictures are precious. xo

  33. Anonymous says...

    I’m a twin. I think Toby bonded with your sister because she probably smells like you. I mean you guys did share space in the womb. :-)

    He’s a gorgeous boy!

  34. I bet he really likes her because she looks just like mommy.

  35. i love how the emotion was captured in these photos. made me tear up. so sweet!

  36. ah.. what a cuddlebug! I wonder if he thought she was you… :)

  37. Its because your sister looks SO like you its uncanny.

  38. hey, jo! that is a really sweet moment. my father has had three children in his 2nd marriage and everytime i heard their sweet little cries for the first time, i wept.

    for the first one i was traveling and missed the day of birth but heard my newborn sister’s (20 years apart from me) cries through the phone, and i started bawling my eyes out immediately (and then again once i met her!). four years later, her mother had twins, and i got to see them in person, and once again with the all-encompassing emotion and weeping.

    welcoming a baby into your life is a precious experience, for everyone involved… i’m really happy that toby was born into a beautiful loving family. congratulations!

  39. So sweet! I love his little expression like he’s holding on to her for dear life. Adorable.

  40. beautiful…so wonderful that you captured this moment on film.


  41. these photos are absolutely darling. (And your sister looks just like you!) Beautiful.

  42. Aww how sweet & he loved her too!!

  43. yes, the giveaway sadly won’t accept any more comments because blogger has a limit of 5000 comments. sorry about that! :)

  44. maggie says...

    i cannot believe how sweet and moving these two photos are!

  45. I thought it was you with bangs! It’s nice to have a twin with different hair, that was you can test drive and see what they’d look like before committing :)

  46. I tried to leave a comment on the monday giveaway but it wouldn’t let me! It said it was full! I love any and all pictures of Toby!

  47. that is so special. love that you caught that with photos. sisteres are one of a kind.

  48. Anonymous says...

    My sister isn’t my twin, but my babies always recognized her when they wouldn’t go to anyone else, even if we’d been apart for months. Someone once told me our heart rhythms are very similar.
    What a special moment to capture, thank you for sharing!

  49. I wanted to leave a comment for the Frye Boots, but it says that the comments limit has been reached.

  50. These photos are lovely! I’m also a twin, and seeing this makes me excited for when my sister and I have kids of our own someday :)

  51. Such a lovely photo. They look so sweet.

  52. she’s so pretty!

  53. She’s really lucky to have that moment captured, gorgeous photo.

  54. Such sweet pictures! Toby looks cozy and content. :-)

  55. Aw… so sweet. She looks a lot like you!

  56. These are precious. (And I’m not a girl who says “precious” all the time.)
    P.S. Are you two identical twins? :)

  57. These are so lovely! Toby’s expression is cute, it looks like he’s saying “Aunt Lucy is MINE”

  58. What a lovely relationship that will be…very special pictures, thank you for sharing them, Joanna!

  59. How incredibly sweet! I hope to be an aunt like her one day. Toby is such a loving child.

  60. aw he’s so little! And obviously very content to be with his auntie :)

  61. Very sweet! Nothing like sister love!

  62. How sweet! I second the “frame it!” idea!

  63. She really does look like you! SO cute. :) I have a twin sis and am absolutely IN LOVE with my nephew. Sometimes he thinks I’m his momma. :)

  64. Awww totally:) He really likes her too! So, sweet..You should so frame those for her as a Christmas gift! I bet she would love it

  65. What perfect photos to start my day to :) Lucy and Toby are so so sweet. I love the way he’s grabbing hold and snuggling in.