FOR A ONE-YEAR-OLD: Wooden school bus set, $23, which, as I’ve mentioned before, has been Toby’s favorite toy for four years running—and Anton is quickly following in his footsteps.

Kazoo, $3.95, so he can hum his little heart out.

Rainball bath toy, $13.

Bubbles, $4, since bubbles freeze on a cold day!

Toy dinosaurs, $19, to play with all day. (Honk if you miss brontosaurus.)

misha-puff-hat class=

Misha and Puff hats and sweaters, since they’re worth the splurge. (Available here, too.)

A bunny onesie, $39, because he is your little bunny.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath, $10.59, because please child get into that bath for the love of all things holy.


In the Town, $17, which Toby has pored over for the past three years. (You notice something different every time you read it.)


Food t-shirts, $29. Because they’re sooooo weird, but he would sooooo love one.

Playful wool pennants, $26, for his bedroom.



See & Spell, $20, with sixteen fun words.

Chop Sizzle Wow, $14, a ingenious comic cookbook for kids who are learning to read; and Kids Cook 1-2-3, $12, featuring recipes with only three ingredients.

A sleepover at the Museum of Natural History (!!!), $145 per person, complete with flashlights and midnight snacks!

ABC cookie cutters, $28, to use with his favorite cookie recipe.

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