Birthday book

My lovelies, I wanted to share my dad’s 60th birthday present (just because I’m so excited about it). I made him a hardcover photo book filled with snapshots from all stages of his life. It was so much fun looking through family shots and choosing favorites, including a few he had never seen! (How hilarious is his expression in his wedding photo, by the way?) When I gave it to him this past weekend, he was so touched and couldn’t stop looking through it. It was one of those truly special life moments.

(P.S. I made the book through Pinhole Press, and the book felt beautiful, with silky paper and a linen cloth hardcover. This book is the exact one I choose, but there are a bunch of other lovely options. Would be amazing to make a wedding album, too, don’t you think? xo)

P.S. Having babies in Paris.

  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

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  3. I was thinking the same thing. But also since I won’t be on his birthday, they live overseas I want to ask my mom to bring it to his birthday and family member can write personal messages inside for him.

  4. I got to this entry from your “What British Say vs What They Mean” entry. Your Dad was a looker back in the day! Not bad these days either… am I allowed to say that? ;) I loved the old pictures!

  5. For some reason I missed this post the first time around. Beautiful gift! I think that your dad looks exactly like Toby in his wedding photo, with his goofy expression!

  6. I could recognize the Wren Building anywhere. GO TRIBE! :D

  7. I love this book! I sent my Dad this link for some ideas for my Mom’s 60th this year. He responded immediately to tell me that he and my Mom used to hang out with your parents in Chavenay in the early 80’s! It’s funny to place Joanna and Lucy from some of my childhood pictures, after having read your blog for so long :)

  8. What a supper idea! I love it ~

  9. Wow! This is such a beautiful idea. I’m definitely going to have to remember if for my dad’s 60th :)

  10. Jillian Tan says...

    sweetest idea ever (:

  11. I stinkin love pinhole press. This is a beautiful gift.

  12. This is a very beautiful and incredibly thoughtful gift. [as well as inspiring!] Thanks for sharing, I hope your Dad loved it.

  13. what a fabulous gift.

    we’re doing the same for my gran’s 8oth at the moment. so special.

  14. So gorgeous!!!!

  15. This is suuuuch a good idea! I might have to do this for my parents… :)

  16. so funny, in the moment i’m collecting photos from my father because in may is his 50s birthday and i want to make him, as you did, a photobook. so good inspiration- just photos and no kitschy stuff around (as little stickers or horrible tipograph. … my englisch is really bad, sorry).
    love your blog!

  17. what a great gift idea. your dad must have absolutely loved it.

  18. it’s so beautiful and timeless- your father will undoubtedly enjoy it forever.

  19. This is so great. The cover photo is to die for! I always wonder, what do you get the dad who has everything? I started making photobooks for my dad a couple years ago; before that we gave him everything from photo calendars to coasters with our pictures on them as gifts! It never gets old, pictures never fail.

  20. Great work.

    I have been meaning to get organized and get on the photo book train and this has motivated me!

    Love it.

  21. wow, i love this! i think i will do one with my wedding photos, its so perfect for a coffee table book :)
    p.s. love tina fey and am looking forward to reading the book and cracking up.

  22. jo- this is amazing. what a thoughtful gift. the design is lovely as well!


  23. that is so so beautiful!! i love it!!

  24. you have definitely turned me on to pinhole press! thank you :) since your initial post about it – i have designed and received two panorama books (my favorite), one for my elopment :X and one for my actual wedding half a year later :) i plan on making more of vacations, etc. they are so easy to make and the quality is awesome. i also had a technical issue with one of the books and they are sending me a newly printed one, no questions asked :) wonderful company!

    xoxo viet

  25. what a beautiful gift and idea. so sweet! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Kathryn Neiswender says...

    What a great gift! In the last picture of the series the black and white photo of your Dad he looks alot like Dennis Quaid!

  27. Thanks for posting this! My boyfriend’s parents 45th Anniversary is in June and were are going to put together a little love story book for the two of them. Merci!! xo

  28. haha, anonymous, he kind of does look like dennis quaid! :)

  29. How lovely!

    My sister made a similar book as a gift for everyone in her bridal party and mine is always a favourite, sitting on my mantle!


  30. This is so thoughtful and cool I’d love to do something like this for my mom.

  31. Love this. I think I might finally create my wedding album!

  32. It’s such a great thing, too bad they don’t ship to Europe yet.

  33. this book is beautiful! what a wonderful idea!