dogs on beach

dogs on beach

What are you up to this weekend? My dad is visiting, and we’re excited to see Alex Edelman’s Broadway show Just for Us. (He’s the comedian behind this hilarious podcast episode.) Afterward, we’re going to this Indian restaurant, for which I’ve tried to get a reservation a million times and it finally worked! Have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Recently fell in love with slip skirts for the summer.

A Copenhagen apartment with green ceilings.

Toby went to the NBA draft and got caught on camera in the NYTimes! Scroll down to the fourth photo. (Gift link)

How deep is the sea? This scrollable illustration is mind-blowing.

What I got wrong about my parents’ marriage. (NYTimes gift link)

An easy way to get glowy skin.

My friend Sharon took videos of her teenage daughter’s outfits before school every morning and it’s going viral. How freaking cute is she?

Made me laugh.

21 best recipes for when you’re craving a salad.

I reread my teenage diaries: “In a bullet-pointed list of reasons for and against [having sex with my boyfriend], the ‘for’ column said: ‘I love him / He loves me / I want passion.’ Against: ‘Only 14 / Only dating a month and ¾ / Mum / God.'”

The sex scene that made Emily Henry blush. (Elle)

The transgender family handbook: a guide to supporting your child’s transition. (NYMag)

Rereading Jenny Offill’s wonderful book Dept. of Speculation, and I love this part:
“Three things no one has ever said about me:
You make it look so easy.
You are very mysterious.
You need to take yourself more seriously.”

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Tracy on the #1 trick to enjoying family travel: “I always expect one horrible day. For my son, it’s almost always at the halfway point of any trip. ‘Crappy Day’ is on our list of stuff to do, somewhere between go to a museum and swim at the beach. It gets checked off along with all the good stuff. When I expect it, it’s not disappointing.”

Says Lane on the #1 trick to enjoying family travel: “My family has a saying when we travel: ‘Our goal is experiences, not great times.’ Life happens no matter where you are. Not having expectations on how good or bad something will be makes travel (and, honestly, life) so much better!”

Says Lynn on four fun things: “Since you posted your mom’s house tour, I have made toasted sourdough + Boursin + sautéed mushrooms approximately every day. It’s delicious and your mom is a genius — thank you, Joanna’s mom!”

(Photo by Eldad Carin/Stocksy. Sea link via Gloria.)

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