solo cheese plate

What do you eat when you’re home alone? These days, I have solo dinners twice a week, and while I love a plate of olives and cheese (pictured above, with my cousin), I’d really appreciate any meal recommendations you have.

white dress

My favorite part of summer trips is when, after spending the day outside, you take an evening shower, pull on a clean dress, and head downstairs for a glass of wine before dinner. The best! White dresses feel especially fresh, and here are three pretty versions: steal, poplin, splurge.

sad animal facts

The other day, Anton’s school threw a talent show, where students busted out TikTok dances and piano performances. But the act that stole the show? Two kids got onstage and asked the audience to name different animals; then, for each animal, the kids would share a fun fact. How cool is that? It reminded me of two awesome books (which would be fun for a guest room): Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker and Maja Säfström’s The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts.

While waiting for my dentist appointment today, my phone died, and I immediately felt like the guy in this Instagram reel, haha.

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