Sebastian Bergstrom tiny bedroom Stockholm apartment

Sebastian Bergstrom tiny bedroom Stockholm apartment

How charming is this tiny bedroom? Designer Sebastian Bergström lives in a 430-square-foot apartment in Stockholm, and his bedroom has space for just a bed. One smart idea: When he moved in, he deepened all the windowsills with marble so they could double as shelves. I also like the two duvet situation.

Joanna Goddard Paris lipstick

When I posted selfies from Paris, many readers asked about my makeup, and I’m so happy to share! For our trip, I packed Jones Road Lip Tint in Pretty (such a great everyday color), and for cheeks, the Jones Road Miracle Balm in flushed, which gives a radiant glow without looking greasy. I have to say, after seeing the brand all over Instagram, I wondered if their products would live up to the hype, but they really, really do.

mortadella wrapping paper

How random and funny are these mortadella tea towels and wrapping paper? Made me smile.

best broccoli of your life recipe

The internet says this recipe — with parmesan, garlic, lemon and pine nuts — makes “the best broccoli of your life.” Have you tried it? I’m curious to make it tonight!

P.S. More fun things, and Stella’s 175-square-foot apartment.

(Bedroom photo by Sebastian Bergström for House and Garden.)