cliffs of East Sussex

cliffs of East Sussex

What are you up to this weekend? My friend Odette and I are throwing a little party for eight friends on Saturday evening (there will be cornichons!), and I’m excited to drink bubbles and eat bites. I also like small parties because you can chat and mingle and still be reading in bed by 10:30 p.m. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

The best travel pants of all time. (Bonus: Get 25% off sitewide, except already marked-down items, with code COJ25, good through Monday.)

How lovely is Nicki Sebastian’s pattern-filled home?

Nine women on the moment they knew their marriage was over. (NYMag)

Your spring cooking cheat sheet. #bookmarked

If you’re looking for a family movie, the boys and I watched Tall Girl and enjoyed it.

Succession’s power rankings by the hilarious genius Hunter Harris.

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Squeeeeee, these kids’ clothes! Makes me want to have a million babies.

King Charles impersonators made me laugh. (NYTimes)

How noiseless props are made for movies — like silent ice cubes or quiet paper bags — to cut down on on-set noise.

Veggie burritos look delicious.

Hahaha, busted.

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Plus, three reader comments:

Says Sarah on 10 readers share their work outfits: “I’m a children’s librarian, and my favorite things to wear are these pink dungarees. They go with any shoe (boots! Birks! sneakers!) and any top (tank! sweater! stripes!) There is a baby who regularly comes to my storytime and loves it every time I wear them. He can’t keep his eyes off me and he’s always crawling over.”

Says Gwyneth on 10 readers share their work outfits: “Not a single pair of high heels. Not even on the attorney. Ladies, a victory!”

Says Emily on have a lovely weekend: “I am a 70+-year-old American living now in Florence, Italy. I have been reading you forever. Since the beginning. Yesterday my husband and I walked into the center of Florence to meet up with an American family, visiting Italy, friends of American friends. We had never met them before. This happens often here. Long story, short – we were sitting outside in the Piazza della Signoria, it was a little breezy, their daughter’s hair was blowing in the wind. Was it too windy? Should we move inside? No, I said, her hair looks great, kind of messy and loose. Her mother said, Yes, I was reading my favorite blog the other day, and the writer was talking about being in Paris on vacation. The writer said, the Parisians did not speak to me in French, and then I started to wear my hair just-out-of-bed, and they decided I might be French! I said, Oh my goodness!! Cup of Jo! We carried on like teenaged groupies. Our husbands thought we were crazy and they could not understand. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives. xoxo” [Ed. note: SOB. Thank you so much for sharing this, Emily.]

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(Photo by Kirstin Mckee/Stocksy.)