Jeremy Goddard

My dad does the funniest thing…

Whenever we call him, no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he will always answer the phone.

One night, I called him, and we were chatting about nothing in particular. I told him about a new neighborhood restaurant, he told me about the book he was reading, and 10 minutes into the conversation, I casually asked, “So, where are you right now?” His answer? “On the treadmill.” At the gym. He was JOGGING.

Other times, we’ll be chatting, and I’ll ask, “So, where are you?” And he’ll say, “In a meeting.” Or “at a movie.” It’s like, Dad, hang up the phone!

What is it about dads and their phone behavior? Here, some Cup of Jo readers share their own genius DadTexts™:

“When my dad calls me, he says, ‘Hi, This is Steve Larson, your dad.’ It’s amazing.” — Chris

“My dad signs all his texts. Once my brother and I got a message from him that WASN’T SIGNED. We immediately noticed and couldn’t resist replying, ‘Sorry, who is this?’ To which he obviously replied, “Dad. Dad.’ He has reliably signed every text since.” — Robyn

“My dad doesn’t ever call out of the blue. Instead, he sends a meeting invite and includes an agenda with things like, ‘New job. How’s it going?’ or “Granddaughter. Christmas gift?’ The meeting invite is always for a Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. And then when he calls at the scheduled time, the first thing he asks is, ‘Where are you?’ as if I’m going to be anywhere but home on the couch at 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.” — Janel

“My dad would sign every text message ‘LOL.’ ‘See you at 8, LOL.’ ‘How was the meeting? LOL.’ He thought it stood for ‘lots of love.’ When we finally broke the news, he decided he liked it and kept doing it anyway.” — Katie

“My dad signs his texts with ‘Blessings, Larry.’ Already so dad-like, but you haven’t lived until you’ve been stuck in a car with him and you realize that he voice-texts everything. Which means that he yells out loud, ‘BLESSINGS COMMA LARRY!'” — Ginny

“My dad always told me what time it was when he called me, plus my time and the exact time difference if we were in different time zones. He must’ve left hundreds of voicemails over the years that all started: ‘Gemma darling! It’s 3:15 p.m. here, which means it’s…’ etc. I wish I still had even one. Everyone! Save your parents’ voicemails!” — Gemma

Obama laughing

Obama selfie

Obama showing how he takes selfies, haha.

What about your dads or stepdads or father figures? Any gems to share?

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(Top photo of my dad on a family trip to Cornwall. Bottom photos of Obama. I first talked about my dad’s phone habit for Glamour.)