Recently, I had to read through the first few years of Cup of Jo (2007-2010) to fix some coding glitches, and it was kind of hilarious to re-live the early days of blogging. (I talked about moving in with Alex and my serious case of baby fever.) Anyway, I figured I’d share a few vintage finds, in case you’re in the mood…

The website My Parents Were Awesome (above) features people’s photos of their parents back in the good old days.

My Swedish friend Elisabeth took a photo of the neighborhood slide, no big deal. (Her son would sit on a plastic bag to go faster.)

An umbrella built for two!

Question for the group: should we bring back the low knot?

London-based photographer Rankin took a fun series of people kissing called “Snog.”

This sign is literally my worst nightmare.

How amazing are Edward Mapplethorpe’s children’s portraits? He insists that the shoot happen right around their first birthday; afterward he gives the parents only two photographs. He chooses one photo that he knows the parents will like, but “the other is a little more challenging,” Mapplethorpe told the New York Times. “That’s the one that when the parents call me years later, they often say: ‘You were absolutely right. There’s something you got about him or her that’s now apparent.’

Pisa! People are awesome.


P.S. Biking with kids, and real actors reading Yelp reviews.