1. Too too true. But still very funny!
    Got a giveaway at my place, come on over. xx’s

  2. ha lovvvvvve it!!

  3. Ha! I love it.

  4. Anonymous says...

    funny though, you guys are probably tourist somewhere else, plus part of the magic of traveling is pretending you are an insider, melting with the city and so on, hate this kind of apartheid to be honest! i live in madrid city center and i know its annoying coping with tourist but none of the big cities would be the same without us!

  5. Only in America, only in America!!!! Hilarious.

  6. hahahaha yea… that would be really nice in NY b/c i’d be in the slow tourist lane!! i am absolutely terrified of driving in NY b/c everyone is sooo aggresive… but i’m sure NYers are sick of slow tourists too haha!! this would really alleviate all concerns!

  7. love love love love!

  8. Oh my gosh! I love this! How many times I have walked behind a slowwww non-New Yorker trying to get to work!

  9. the video of that baby hearing is incredible .

    what a blessing for those parents.

  10. the video of that baby hearing is incredible .

    what a blessing for those parents.

  11. HA!! that’s too cute :)

  12. hmmm, where were this when I visited New York City for the first time, I almost got run over by the New yorkers.LOL

  13. i saw this on colormekatie’s blog. so clever and cute!

  14. I just LOVE your blog – I needed a good laugh this morning!

  15. That’s how I feel about driving down 29 in Napa Valley!

  16. Saw this on Improv Everywhere. So creative

  17. Anonymous says...

    A northerner would have this. its rude.

  18. Anonymous says...

    I want to see one that says Me/Everyone Else.

  19. oh we need that for san francisco!

  20. Oh, that really made me smile! We could also do with:
    1. Labels indicating which direction you’re meant to walk (surely it’s obvious after crashing into about the 3rd person…)
    2. Labels on escalators…

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, so funny. so necessary :) hehe

  22. hahaha, this is so great. i bet a lot of locals would actually appreciate something like this.

  23. I honestly want these in Boston, where I’m tired of groups of tourists making me late for class…and in the cities I tour, where I’m tired of the locals pushing through me when I’m trying to find out where the hell I am. Such a great idea; too bad it’s a joke.

  24. words can’t describe how amazing this is! haha! we definitely need a tourist lane in hawaii! so fun!

  25. I wish they had this in Europe. I got so confused with people driving and walking on the wrong side of the road.

  26. I agree with Noodles and Waffles – Chicago needs these too. For the sidewalks downtown, oh how the tourists get in my way!

  27. Hahaha love it!

  28. Improv Everywhere is totally genious. I love them. when i saw this on color me katie i literally laughed out loud.

  29. sorry but I didn’t understand.. I’ve never been in NY, but.. can you explain?

  30. clever. this actually came up in one of my advertising brain storming meetings this week. love the idea.

    i just need to think of that same thing on a grander scale.


  31. I wish this was true. The traffic for New Yorkers would be so much better.

  32. so necessary. this is fabulous. have a wonderful weekend with your mister and your little one!

  33. bahaha! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been yelled at by New Yorkers when I’ve been visiting the City. These lanes are an inspired idea. :)

  34. Surely a state of mind as well as being? I think we need them everywhere!

  35. Classic! I will definitely be in the tourist lane! :)


  36. I lived in Mission Beach, San Diego for four years and we really could have used this on the boardwalk!

    one time while complaining about the tourists someone told me
    “complaining about tourists in mission beach is like complaining about the elephants at the circus”

    just a part of life, I guess!

  37. That is beyond awesome!

    I wonder how many tourists try out the NY side just for kicks?!

  38. Is this for real? Or is it just art?

    PS – Love your blog, congratulations for the lovely toby. I’m 3,5 months pregnant of my first child and I couldn’t be happier…

  39. They need to add these to a lot of major metro cities, seriously.

  40. Fun, really great for NYC! Life in the Fast Lane!

    Art by Karena

  41. This takes the HOV lane concept to whole new level.

  42. Funny! I would totally use the “tourist” lane when I visit NY. I always feel so bad being in the native’s way as I am trying to bumble around this fantastic city:)

  43. Hahaahhah…so funny:)
    Have a fantastic weekend darling? Any plans?

  44. We could use that in LA too.

    But God bless ’em…Cali clearly needs the $…

  45. yesss! long overdue! it’s like having an open speeding lane, finally.

  46. Perfect!!! :) They need one for Chicago too…

  47. mari says...

    Please, oh please, add these to Chicago.

  48. that’s so much fun!

  49. I LOVE THIS. As a tourist, I would appreciate it as well.