1. Hilde Taule says...

    I love the link to Sweden and how they play outside. I live in Norway and I have 3 kids. My have to play outside at least one hour every day, all year around. It rains a lot where I live, about 250 days every year, so waterproof everything (even mittens!!) is a must. If they don`t go outside, they just get too overwhelmed and their energy gets really buzzing. Being outside, they gather themselves. It is amazing to see. I am lucky enough to live in a very safe town, so they play outside on their own. I find it to be very important for them to not be told what to do, or to be supervised every waking hour.

    Also the little ones in school have 1-2 days every week where they are not in a classroom at all, but in the forest or by the lake or on the mountain; all day is spend outside. They make a bonfire, they chop woods, they learn how to use a knife to make little figures and how to tie ropes to the trees to make a swing and such. Kids stars school at 6, no grades are ever given until they are 13. Education is free trough University, the same with health care. To get all these benefits the tax is about 40%, which I pay with happiness.

  2. Greta says...

    Ha! We have these in Belgium, too. And after some nerve racking consideration I did slide down holding my one year old who wanted to do what his older brother was doing. We both loved it!

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  4. We have a slide very similar to that in the town park in Telford, Shropshire , UK …as you say no big deal just the town park : )

  5. Very cool. It reminds me of a kindergarten in the town (near Frankfurt, Germany) where my dad now lives which has a similar slide leading from the first (US second) floor classroom out to the playground – how incredible would that be if you’re small?!

  6. I applied for bible school in Sweden starting this fall. If I get in, I can’t wait to explore all the different yet awesome things that are unique to Sweden!

  7. My sister-in-law is on an lds mission for our church in Sweden. I am so going to tell her to go here on her day off! Thanks! :)

  8. Wow! I was a little supprised going through my Google reader finding a picture of the slide in Plikta, Slottsskogen, Gothenburg. I used to play there when I was a kid! About a kilometer from that slide there was a similar slide decorated as a snake, sadly it was torn down a couple of years ago. Thanks for bringing back good memories :)

  9. I was recently in Sweden and was blown away by the country and culture. Such a beautiful place! I was also incredibly impressed by the whole leaving babies outside to sleep!

  10. I does look it would be a fun ride. Just looking at it makes me feel a little sick. My biggest fear would be if the kids got stuck inside. Cool photo though.

  11. I’m Swedish by heritage and I studied abroad in Stockholm my junior year of college. You are so right – Sweden is amazing. It has its own flaws, obviously, but there is so much progressive, wonderful stuff going on there, everyone should visit :)

  12. I made it a point to play on a particularly excellent playground in Sweden while I was there last year. I’m 23 and still had a blast! My favorite? The tire swing zipline!

  13. M says...

    I am Swedish and it makes me proud to read all the positive comments about my country. I live in the very south of Sweden, very close to Denmark and the winters here in the south are lighter and shorter than up north, so it’s not that bad. Come visit!
    And thanks for a wonedrful, interesting and inspiring blog, Joanna, I read it every day!

  14. I don’t care if I might get stuck, If I saw this I would be in it!

  15. Awesome! Reminds me of our WWI Memorial Park in North Attleboro, MA. For any Boston area readers, its a fabulous park! 3 playgrounds, sculptures, a giant sandbox that is like going to the beach, and a super long slide. Its also got a petting zoo, but, frankly, I find that part depressing b’c of the animals tiny little enclosures. The kids love feeding the animals though.

  16. Amazing! Sweden really is awesome, so stylish, the people, regular homes, basically anything and everything.

    My friend lives in Sweden, she’s studying photography and I thought you might enjoy these she took of her daughter, especially the third one down, love it. :)

    xo from Iceland

  17. Swedens IS awesome! But so is North America. I am a Swede who grew up in Canada but have spent most of my adult life in Sweden. My first baby was born in Atlanta, GA, and my second in Stockholm, Sweden. I have had great – but very different – experiences in both places.

    I recently did an interview for Hellobee on motherhood and maternity leave in Sweden – about gender-neutral pre-schools, our insanely good paid maternity leave, babies sleeping in strollers outside cafés, dressing kids for tons of outdoor play in all kinds of weather… http://minipiccolini.com/2012/06/interview/

  18. I love long slides. We have a park near my house with slides shaped like dinosaurs (Vincent Lugo Park). As a kid, and sometimes even now, I’ll take a piece of wax paper and sit on that to go faster. Oh the memories!

  19. Wow! That looks fun. I can’t imagine anything like that around here though. I am sure it would violate a million safety standards here in Canada.

  20. We have one of those here in our town in southern Germany. I tried it once and it was FAST! My daughter loves it though! xxx

  21. Being a Swede and Stockholmer I can only agree about Sweden:) But really, we do have some long cold snowy winters here so we need to make up for that in everything we do! But I can honestly say, with three young children, that Stockholm city is extremely child friendly, with many parks and children everywhere even in the streets, if you ever want to visit. And I was glad to confirm that I also thought NYC was totally ok with children when we visited last spring, since everyone is so polite and service minded there. Caroline

  22. I wish I had a slide like that where the top was my home and when I got out I was at work. Would make the commute so much more fun!

    kassia x


  23. Haha – I´m SO glad you like bits and pieces of my country. As it happens, I love your country and visit as often as I can so I´m glad the love is mutual..! :-)

  24. Yes, exactly, Sweden WHY are you soooo very awesome. Just wish it would transcribe some of its awesomeness here.

  25. oh yes about Sweden!
    i’ve been more intrigued by it ever since i read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series.
    i won’t mind to move and live in Sweden

  26. Reading this just before I board a plane from Rhode Island to Zurich! Can’t wait to see Switzerland for the first time :)

  27. This slide reminds me of the slides in Estes Park, Colorado. My husband and I went down them after he proposed to me. We sat on burlap sacks, and I screamed the whole way down!!!

  28. This looks so fun! We used to have cool slides like that in the parks when I was younger, but they’ve all been replaced with smaller plastic slides that I guess are safer.


    Kristina does the Internets

  29. I lived in Frankfurt Germany growing up and there was a local park with these kinds of slides! It was awesome, we begged our parents to take us every weekend

  30. I would love to visit Sweden! I guess my last name, “Lindberg”, is like the “Johnson” of Sweden. Wouldn’t it be a blast to do a tour of Scandinavia? Sweden, Norway, Denmark… and then maybe swing over and visit Iceland because that country looks baller too.

  31. I studied in Sweden for a while and loved it, but it’s not a perfect country! The country does have a lot of its priorities straight, but I found it’s no use to idealize a place too much. I loved my experience in Sweden but there are beautiful things happening everywhere you go! Love you blog, Joanna xx

  32. Sweden rules. If it wasn’t a tunnel design (claustrophobic) it would be AMAZING!

  33. As a kid I would’ve loved this! As an adult all I can envision is getting stuck in there and having a panic attack. Ah, to be young again…

  34. Sweden rocks. I work for a Swedish company and our whole campus follow the swedish design aesthetic. We have horses, and a huge man made lake with turtles and fish with coin feeders. I would move to Sweden for the excellent education system and the THREE years maternity leave! Alas, I am not too fond of long winters and I would miss the sun horribly :)

  35. I must concur. Amazing. I read the other blog you posted about the babies sleeping outside-wow. Can you imagine doing that in nyc? I think about how my mom told me that the first three month of my life she took me and my sisters to the hapmtons, and she said she would leave me in a little basket on the beach to sleep all the time. nowadays people would have tents, or send there Nanny back to the house the the child could nap. To this day, I always have my best napping outside on a beach. Sweden is amazing.

  36. Sweden is like a different world! Great design, cool quirky vibes, and simple awesomeness!

  37. This is awesome — I really want to visit Sweden — they seem to do everything better there.

  38. I have to go to Sweden one day!! It always looks so beautiful and has such fun things!!

    Ergo – Blog

  39. My mother-in-law told me about this and I must admit, when my daughter was a baby she’d have the most amazing outdoor naps. We lived in Kelowna B.C at the time so, if after a walk, my daughter was still sleeping I’d push her into the backyard (where I could see her) and take care of things inside. I must say, I was a bit uneasy about it (even with a fenced yard). Okay, now this will sound crazy (I’ll blame it on new motherhood and lack of sleep induced paranoia), but on more than one occasion, I had thoughts of large birds swooping down and grabbing her. That’s when I knew that I needed more sleep. Anyway, I love the idea and love the pictures you posted. It seems old school and really speaks to the idea of a village raising a child. Great post.

  40. That looks amazing! Sweden just seems like the coolest, most progressive place. My great-grandparents came over directly, and had 7 children in America. They were the coolest people I knew. I think the only thing I would not be able to handle about Sweden is the long, dark, seemingly never-ending cold cold winter!

  41. That is so cool! My little one would love this when she’s older, I’m sure! She loves the little slides now. So, this would rock! Moving to Sweden. : )

  42. Oh wow – just a little neighborhood park. ;-) I’ve never been to Sweden, but I’ve always wanted to vist. Someday …

  43. My boyfriend and I spent some time in Stockholm a few years ago, and I can attest that the playgrounds there — among other things — are incredible!! So creative and unusual and fun, and they seem to be everywhere…

  44. I can brave out going on an open slide but the one above makes me claustrophobic. I could watch others with a withdrawn breath though :) x


  45. Sweden is absolutely one of the best countries, everything looks amazing there. If I have it my way I’d move there. Thanks for sharing this awesome picture x

  46. Basically, Europe has this whole commuting meets playing thing down pat. Remember that Dutch train station slide! The US, or at least Chicago, has so much catching up to do.

  47. I’ve been trying to dream up feasible excuses to relocate to Sweden for years. They seem to be so child orientated over there and I’m pretty sure I’d have to be dragged away from a playground like that myself! x Becky

  48. What fun, but i wonder if the kids get scared because it’s dark inside the slide :)

  49. I don’t live in Sweden, but I do live in Eau Claire, WI and we actually have an old park that has two slides just like that – almost like dueling slides! I definitely loved going down them when I was little.

  50. Just curious re:Your favorite thing about Sweden – have you been taking Toby out to play every day rain or snow or shine? I’ve been consciously trying to get out for daily walks with my 4 month old (either in a sling or stroller) just to get her (and me) some fresh air…. but some days it’s just SO uninviting out there! I’m sure she doesn’t notice since she’s warm and bundled – but I am seriously looking forward to spring!

  51. You are correct, everything about Sweden is awesome. I have blonde hair so I tell people I’m Swedish (but I’m really not.) I can dream, right?