1. Valerie says...

    Just saw this (4 years late, unfortunately) and I’m crying laughing!!!

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  5. These are fantastic. When it is slow at work we often go on trip adviser and read the reviews. It is hilarious when you can figure out exactly who they are talking about or can figure out which customer wrote them.


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  7. i love this.

  8. That actor is my friend chris!! :)

  9. That is awesome! My mom used to own a yogurt shop and got freaked by some of the idiot reviewers on Yelp, so I’ll have to send this to her to confirm that no one takes those that seriously anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  10. aaahhhhhahahahahahaha!!! HILARIOUS!!

  11. connie says...

    that was amazing! i laughed so hard. thanks for making my morning :)

  12. genius. customer reviews on yelp are pretty ridiculous.

  13. I LOVE reading yelp for how hilarious it is! My favorite is when someone admits in a review that they should not even be giving it. (ex. A hotdog cart, and they say “I don’t even like hotdogs, so I’m probably the wrong person to review this, BUT… I hated it!”)

  14. Ahh! So funny! I needed a laugh today and this totally did it. Aren’t some Yelpers just waaaaay over the top?!

  15. There’s a group of people that do “dramatic readings” of bad reviews they’ve received about themselves at a bar here in Chicago. I guess it makes reading the bad review more bearable when you know you can use it for comedy later on :)

  16. Too funny!

  17. I’ve never read Yelp, but this is great!! :)

  18. weeping – my stomach hurts from all the laughter. great share, jo!

  19. Oh wow! That was funny! Thanks for the laugh Joanna.

  20. Jams says...

    Ha! gold.

  21. Hahahahaha! I LOVE it! People are so weird sometimes…

  22. Love this!! I usually post reviews & try to be normal, because I feel like most reviews are totally over the top one way or the other. When I’m reading reviews for something, I get so annoyed because they ALWAYS seem to be a fair mix of, “BEST EVER!!!” and “EFF THIS!”

  23. Hahahahha! This made my morning.

  24. I do check out Yelp before heading to a new restaurant, and I also write restaurant/other place reviews on Yelp.

    Reading a normal script in a sad, sarcastic, ecstatic, seductive, any tone is funny. And this video was funny. Now I’m starting to wonder what my reviews sound like :D :P

  25. this. is. awesome. as someone who has been a server for 10 years, i can’t tell you the amount of unreasonable people come in and out the door and sound just like this. hahaha. thanks for sharing!! xo.

  26. This is seriously HILARIOUS. I swear I have written reviews like this before. It must be during that “emotionl time of the month.” It’s like…you hurt my feelings because you didn’t smile! I am still laughing!!!

  27. M says...

    Ha! That was great.

  28. Brilliant! Kind of reminds me of William Shatner doing dramatic readings of pop songs :-)

  29. Ha! I’m a “Yelp Elite” and now I’m mentally going through all my reviews to make sure I don’t end up on one of these videos!

  30. Anonymous says...


  31. I love YELP and yes we totally rely on it to pick our places. Especially so when we are traveling.

  32. This is amazing!

  33. HAHAHA what a weird review. That horror-movie close-up shot at the end was the best.

  34. From now on I am always going to write reviews imagining a dramatic soundtrack and actor reading them.

  35. i love when actors do these!
    the best is when they read tweets about themselves on jimmy kimmel.

  36. omg thank you for this!!!!

  37. funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  38. Amanda says...

    Oh thank you. That was hilarious!!

  39. This IS so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!