1. sadie says...

    Oh my gosh. I must have started following your blog after you were married/before Toby. I didn’t know it went this far back! What a lovely post. :-D (Found by the Eight Year Anniversary post.) Love. Love. Love.

  2. jo says...

    congratulations!!!!!! my best wishes to you both :)

    ps. this photo is so adorable

  3. Congrats! So exciting! You guys are so cute! I just moved in with my BF recently as well…I wish you two all the best! xo

  4. Fofanabana, this is a great move – in at least two ways. Alex is a keeper, and, like Paul GK, I am looking forward to enjoying several days with the four (and more..) of you in England.

  5. mama says...

    Congratulations on the big move! I hope you are both very happy! :)

  6. you two are gorgeous…and so adorable together.


  7. How exciting! Congratulations.

  8. Congrats and enjoy!


  9. He looks like a keeper.
    Adore your peter-pan collar!

  10. What a lovely photo :)

  11. Elena says...

    Congrats! Living together is fun in my opinion :)

  12. congratulations! Enjoy!

  13. Awww! What a lovely shot. Congratulations and I love your dress!

  14. congrats! you look very happy together. and my “roommate” now is my favorite, too ;)

  15. hip hip hooray. you guys are so cute together.

  16. I love my perma-roommate too! As they say “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em” (:

  17. awww! just look at the way your fingers are bridged together ’round his arm…

    oh, that’s happy. yay, you two.

  18. You guys are the CUTEST.

  19. if you get into a spat look at the photo to snap you out of it. have fun!

  20. I love my perma-roommate too! As they say “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em” (:

  21. That’s sooo cute. Congrats!!

  22. thank you so much, jessie! i’ve become addicted to shorts:)

  23. aww, how cute!! congratulations both

  24. Congrats, cause good roommates are really hard to find, I should know I had so so many and many were…. not good.

  25. You guys are quite the couple. Cute.

  26. Super cute.

  27. you are guys are SO cute!!! The little white collar on the dress just brings the whole thing to a new level.
    Has anyone ever told Alex he looks like Will from WIll & Grace??

  28. lucy gk says...

    paul is freakishly excited to hang out w alex in england. he keeps talking about it!

  29. Alex says...

    Me too, roomie! xo

  30. Congrats! I’m about to do the same thing with and I hope we’ll be as happy as you two look. :) All the best you to and your QT!

  31. Anonymous says...

    that was cute..
    and love your dress!

  32. congrats! best of luck on your latest adventure. :)

  33. congrats on finding a great love. i wish you both a happy ending.

  34. oh you look so sweet together! congratulations on the big move, i bet it’s so much fun at your household.

  35. awww what a great shot! you guys are perfect!

  36. michelle says...

    Too cute – and you guys kind of look alike, especially your cheeky smiles.

  37. congrats lovebirds!! tons of happiness to you both!

  38. Super cute photo! Congrats on the move :)

  39. how fun! love that pic of you guys…and especially love your super cute top (dress?)

  40. Congratulations!! Such a cute photo! (and such a cute Peter Pan collar on your outfit!)

  41. SW says...

    You two are the cutest!!! I am so happy for you two and now I want a cute guy roomie too!

  42. aw… :) i hope you didn’t get stuck in that storm yesterday for the move.

    – Jessie – xo

  43. this is sweet! you both look happy.

    p.s. i love the collar on your shirt/dress. darling!