How To Do Anything

How To Do Anything

Hope you’re having a wonderful week! We are taking the next week or so off while we are on our family vacation. Some of our team will be traveling and some will be working ahead on posts like beauty uniforms, personal essays and, of course, Motherhood Around the World. We are excited to share them starting again on Friday, July 14th!

I also wanted to thank you so much, as always, whether you just stopped by or are a long-time regular reader. This warm community of smart, funny women is one of the great joys of my life, and I feel so lucky to have these daily conversations about everything, large and small. Thank you again for being here.

Meanwhile, here are a few past posts you might have missed…

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How to make friends as an adult.
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Life overall:
How to stop worrying.
How to start a conversation at a party.
How to reset after a long day.
How to write a condolence note.
How to become the person you’re meant to be.

Thank you again for everything. Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing summer. Lots of love. xoxoxo

  1. Anna says...

    I also read somewhere that Googling “what I wish I knew before I started x” can let you clue in on some common mistakes before they’re made!

  2. whising you enjoying your time :)

  3. Emma says...

    Thank you thank you thank you for linking again “how to write a condolence letter”. I had been thinking back and forth on whether to write to an acquaintance of my condolences. That post is so well written and helpful. Now I now that losing someone is such a traumatic event that every little touch of sympathy and love helps.

  4. julie says...

    which article is the pic of the baby with the goats?

  5. Aaaah I love me a list! The home one specifically has to be my favorite. Perhaps because I’m redecorating around but still. Great roundup!

  6. Lot of things to read about. Im excited. also I began a little blog of my own. someday I’ll be as good as you.. may be

  7. Karen Hua says...

    Hi Joanna, I love your motherhood around the world series. I was wondering if you plan to interview different types of mothers? Like single moms, same sex mom’s, etc. Maybe you have already and I just missed it? I’m interested in how different family units live in other parts of the world too. Thanks!

  8. Giulia says...

    Enjoy this much deserved time off Joanna, and all the team! Thank you for making our days brighter. Giulia xxxx

  9. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend Joanna (and all these lovely ladies reading this comment!)

    I love how you always link us to so many lovely articles and websites for some weekend reading!

  10. Have a great week off! Hope you find yourself somewhere peaceful – I imagine time off is relatively rare!

  11. Michelle says...

    I love this blog. That’s all.

  12. Good collection of blogs. I like the blogs on travel category because I am a travel lover. Great posts.

  13. Laura C. says...

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, Joanna & team. Enjoy those well deserved holidays, hoping next year you’ll stop by a little before in Spain!

  14. Ohhh, I love this! It’s like everything you wanted to learn all in one place! Definitely saved it for later :)

    As a side note, I’d love more of these in the future, too :)

    xo, Sofia

  15. Samantha says...

    Yaaay!! Motherhood around the world will forever be the best! I always talk about it to everyone, parents and non-parents alike. It’s just so interesting to learn about other cultures this way! Please consider turning it into a book, it would totally be a best seller!

  16. Amy H says...

    Enjoy your time, Joanna!

  17. I love these posts, it’s like everything you could possibly need to know or read about from all aspects of life is right here all neat and tidy :)

  18. Great links, especially love how to live like a Parisian! Hope you have a great vacation!

    xx , Miss Harwell

  19. Caroline says...

    Thank you, Joanna, for this blog I discovered one year ago. I’ve become since a daily reader, waiting impatiently every day for a new post. I love that you can talk about so many various things, like parenting, fashion, food, love, books…, always in a sensible way. it kind of concentrates everything I’m interested in ! Xoxo to the Cup of Jo team. From a french reader, Caroline

  20. paula caetano says...

    Enjoy your vacations!!! If you ever decided to visit Lisbon don’t be surprised if you see a crazy lady run towards you, ok? It will be me… (go figure…)

  21. New-ish to your blog (been reading for a little while), love this round up and will start working my way through the ones here I haven’t read!! :-)


  22. Thank you for sharing this :) It’s nice to have one post that I know I can go to, whether I need just a little bit of help in a situation or huge life advice. I love the way you write, I always get drawn in and although I’ve not been in a situation where I need to see the bigger picture recently – I know that when I am, reading one of your posts will really calm my mind.

    Have a great week :)


  23. Rachel says...

    I love you, Joanna!

  24. Jane says...

    I totally made tater tots for my 4th of July party yesterday as per suggested by Cup of Jo and they were the biggest hit!! So fun to be a kid again.

  25. Megan says...

    Happy summer to you and your staff! Blessings and gratitude for this creative and nurturing blog. As always, looking forward to many more amazing posts. Peace.

  26. Ingrid says...

    Even though I’m older (much older) than most of your readers, this is still my favorite blog. I appreciate the variety of topics covered, the thoughtfulness, integrity, and attention to detail that is evident every day. I learn so much, and keep current on today’s interests. But when I read the comments (almost every one!) I am blown away by the intellect and kindness of your readers. Even those who see things differently, seem to disagree respectfully. I love that! It seems to be sadly missing on much of social media. Thank you to all you Cup of Jo readers for being such a special group. I really appreciate you all!

    Enjoy your break. Everyone be safe, healthy, and happy!

    • Anne says...

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m older, too, and this is my absolute favorite blog, for all the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for saying it so well!

    • G says...

      I second this. :)

    • Katie Larissa says...

      Ingrid, I love your name! So classic and strong. It’s one of my top girl names if we ever have another baby!

    • Giulia says...

      Well said, I feel precisely the same. It makes me think the world is a good place, after all, if all these lovely, intelligent, considerate people are somewhere around it. Let us keep this going! Love to you all, Giulia

  27. AJ says...

    So good you are all taking a summer break! Happy travels and adventures to everyone

  28. Oneida says...

    One of the things I love about this blog is the consistency of posting. And when you tell us you are going to be gone and for how long, it’s so nice. When I inevitably forget and come to the site, it’s like a good friend that you forgot is out of town that you reach out to tell something or ask something and realize you can’t…then when they come back, it’s such a good feeling!

    • brianna says...

      And when they are gone, they leave us with plenty of great reading material.

    • Michelle says...


  29. Leslie says...

    Buon viaggio! Eager to know your impressions of Italia. We are on our last night of 10 days in Venice and Rome.

  30. SARA says...

    Thank you Joanna for this beautiful community of strong and honest woman you have built! I’ve been reading this blog every day since 2010 and it has been really inspiring for me. Wishing you and your smart team a happy summer!

  31. Have a wonderful vacation! Thank you for giving us so many links to visit while you are away. This blog’s archives run so deep we could never get bored!

  32. Lily says...

    I love this blog. Best out there.

  33. Katie Larissa says...

    When I got pregnant the first time, I went through your archives and bookmarked several of the baby/parenting posts to go back and read during my pregnancy. It was a tangible, enjoyable way to start preparing for motherhood, and it helped me feel [a little] ready for the new phase of life. I love this blog so much. ❤️

    • Kate says...

      I have also done this! I have a draft email filled with CoJ links for when we have a baby :)

    • Carrie says...

      I am excited to do this when I get pregnant also!

  34. Love you ladies! I’ve been reading your blog since I was a nanny in NYC (almost 8 years ago now). I wanted to learn from a NYC mom what the best places were to go with a kid, good books, etc. Since then I’ve become a big fan. My husband and I trying right now so thanks for all those heartfelt “Oh shit, I don’t know what I’m doing” motherhood posts :) They really help

  35. “How to change your life forever”!! I love that. I’ve been reading your blog since early 2009 and truly, nothing prepared or excited me more for motherhood than your blog. Thank you Joanna!

  36. LG says...

    Wishing you all lots of rest, relaxation, and fun times! :)