Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

Um, I’m kind of going crazy over this handsome fellow…

Cillian Murphy

Mr. Tommy Shelby. Have you seen Peaky Blinders? The gangster drama features an Irish family in post-war Birmingham, England. And their leader — Tommy Shelby — nails that smoldering bad-boy vibe. That’s not usually my type (I like friendly baby faces), but somehow it works.

Tommy Shelby

Looking at photos of him is like looking at the sun.

Tommy Shelby

I didn’t realize how intense my crush had gotten until Alex pointed out that my entire running commentary during the show goes like this:
“Wow, he’s so brave.”
(Two minutes later) “I really like those long coats that they wear.”
(Two minutes later) “You should get a three-piece suit.”
(Two minutes later) “He really is just so, so brave.”

Tommy Shelby

Interestingly, the slim 5’9″ actor Cillian Murphy proved to producers that he could play a gangster “by lowering the pitch of his voice, by straightening out of a lifelong slouch,” writes The Guardian. “‘I’m trying to play a mentality,’ Murphy explains. A mentality, he adds, that isn’t so easily switched off once filming comes to an end. For three series running, he says, there has been a funny period of decompression once he gets home. The hair has to grow out, his jaw and shoulders unclench – the internal aggression, carefully tended for weeks, allowed to dissipate. ‘It takes time. My wife can see it happening. “OK. Tommy’s gradually leaving. I’m getting Cillian back.”‘ ”

Who’s your celebrity crush these days? Spill the beans below…

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(Top photo of Elvis fans, 1957.)

  1. Noelle says...

    THOMAS SHELBY ( or Cillian Murphy in any role)

  2. Mimi says...

    Anderson Cooper. And Jake Tapper. It’s a tie.

  3. Shelly says...

    Jon Prescott, David Boreanaz, Ryan Phillippe.

  4. My celebrity crush has always and will be forever Chris Evans!

  5. Jamie Howe says...

    i clicked through a couple of links from today’s post and found my way to this…OMG I think my husband was jealous of my crush on Thomas Shelby (er Cillian Murphy)! Binge watched 4 seasons a couple of months ago and he would not come in the room when it was on. Glad I am not alone in this celebrity crush :)

  6. Lisa says...

    Yes, to Cillian Murphy!

  7. Catheline says...

    Liev Schreiber. Looking at him & listening to his voice makes my knees buckle. THAT is a man.

  8. Lin says...

    I know I’m soooo late to this comment but have lived Cillian Murphy since Dark Knight. And I’ve just started watching Peaky Blinders. OMG!! Lurve him. Heart is breaking now for him after Grace’s death. Why?!! Why must they kill her off? Thomas Shelby deserve to be happy!!! Ok I know I’m sounding so cuckoo now!

  9. mandy says...

    mmmmmm yes indeed love me some Cilian Murphy!

  10. Agnetha K. says...

    Tomas Ledin, Swedish rock musician. Have loved him since 1980.