Which Wedding Dress Do You Like Best?

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

What kind of wedding dress would (or did) you choose? My friend Anna is getting married in her Illinois hometown this summer, and she recently went dress hunting at the Lovely Bride boutique in Manhattan. Her wishlist: “classic, modest, but not boring.” Just for fun, we tagged along as she tried on seven styles (please weigh in!!!)…

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

First, a funny story from Anna: “Years ago, when I was single, I had saved up money from work, and instead of trying to buy an apartment in New York, I ended up purchasing an old fixer-upper farmhouse in Illinois. My family might have brainwashed me, but I’ve always wanted to move back to my hometown when I have kids. It was a dating problem because I’d have to tell potential partners: ‘I have a house waiting for me in the midwest.’ It really spooked some people. I was like, Oh lord, what have I done! Luckily my fiancé Carlos is open to settling down there, too.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

LACE DRESS: Stassia by Watters
First impression: “I really, really like the cut. It’s sexy but not too sexy. And the back would be a hidden surprise when you walked down the aisle!”
The verdict: “This dress would be beautiful for a garden ceremony, but for my wedding I’d like a slightly more formal feel.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

BALL GOWN: Odette by Louvienne
First impressions: “Oh, I felt so special and comfortable in this! It’s not super form fitting, so you can easily dance and sit down. And there’s no doubt when you wear a ball gown that the day is really about you. You have to pay attention to me now, this thing is BIG! There’s no way around it.”
The verdict: “I loved this one. You feel covered up but still sexy.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

SILK DRESS: Orleans by Sarah Seven
First impressions: “This dress was so chic, and I loved the shape.”
The verdict: “This was a top contender for me. But it felt more like you’d be getting married at the Ritz Carlton. I’m getting married in the country so I wanted something country romantic.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

SPAGHETTI STRAP DRESS: Martine by Louvienne
First impressions: “I was surprised by how different dresses looked so on the hanger versus on your body. This lace bodice looks see-through on the rack, but when you put it on it beautifully meshes with your skin. The lace doesn’t look thick; instead it looks delicate and feminine. And the spaghetti straps were so pretty. Sometimes one would slip off the shoulder, which was really nice.
The verdict: “This dress was amazing, but I’m looking for something slightly more fitted on the bottom.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

MERMAID DRESS: Milla by Anna Campbell
First impressions: “I’ve always dreamed of buttons on the back of my dress; I have no idea why. Maybe because I’ve seen one too many movies with dresses with buttons down the back. It adds shape to your derriere. Since we’re getting married outside, my mom was being a typical mom and saying, ‘You might get leaves in your dress! You have to think about this!’ and I was like, it will be fine.”
The verdict: “This was my mom’s pick! She went crazy about it. I thought it was beautiful, too.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

ROMANTIC DRESS: Aria by Limor Rosen
First impressions: “Growing up, I loved fairy tales, and this dress definitely makes you feel extra special. The lace almost looks like birds, like you’re literally Snow White. This was the shop girls’ all-time favorite dress; they were obsessed with it.”
The verdict: “This dress was gorgeous. But I want to feel slightly more grown-up than princess-y.”

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

Seven Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Lovely Bride

TRAIN DRESS: Tourmaline by Carol Hannah
First impressions: “This is a real showstopper! It makes you gasp. Once it got fitted to your body, with all those structural details and ribbing all over, it would look absolutely unbelievable. The color was more muted than the other whites — it’s more silvery gray. This dress is also incredibly heavy.”
The verdict: “This one has serious wow factor.”

Which one do you like best? (I’m in love with the first dress, I have to say.) Anna did choose one, but she’s keeping her decision secret because “Carlos will definitely snoop,” she laughs. Also, if you’re looking, Lovely has bridal stores across the country — and just opened three more in Miami, Houston and Phoenix. I wish it had existed back when I was engaged. :)

P.S. 15 wedding dos and don’ts, and first dance songs.

(Photos by Chaz Cruz.)

  1. I found this post because I was looking for additional photos of Sarah Seven “Orleans” and that’s probably my favorite of the bunch but I love the first one too (and agree that Orleans is more hotel/city hall chic, while the Watters dress gives off more boho vibes and is perfect for a farm/garden/outdoor/country wedding setting). I absolutely love this post – so refreshing to see a beautiful fresh faced woman trying on all of these dresses and modeling them like a pro even when they haven’t been tailored to her. This must have been so much fun for both of you! What did she end up deciding on?

  2. What did she end up picking?

  3. Ruth says...

    The link to the dress she picked doesn’t seem to work anymore (?) and having been reminded of this post by her recent appearance in the favourite thing about your wedding, I want to know about her dress!

  4. Katrina says...

    Browsing old posts — has it been long enough to know which one she picked? I’m so curious.

    • Katrina says...

      Ha, just kidding. I see below…

  5. Suzanne D. says...

    I like the first one, but I really love the mermaid dress by Anna Campbell – it is beautiful on her!

  6. Laura says...

    Beautiful all and I want her freckles. : )

  7. Hope says...

    So, let’s have an update-did you pick any of these?
    I bet you found something else.

    • Darcy says...

      Right. What happened? Was this staged or a true story? thx!

  8. Samantha says...

    What the. She’s the most beautiful human!!!

  9. LT says...

    Orleans by Sarah Seven! Love the silhouette and the fact that it could be worn again for a fancy event. A train is dramatic, but not easy to walk with and dance in. I’m definitely a practical and simple kind of woman. Besides, you can be more dramatic with the accessories if you keep the dress simple.

    • LT says...

      Oh! I understand that you think it’s too sleek for a country wedding, but something as simple as florals in your hair can help with that.

  10. Anne says...

    I bought my wedding dress @ that same Lovely Bride. I went with a Watters strapless lace dress. Super simple, but I loved having a boned-in/almost corset top with a sweetheart neckline and a long romantic train with lace applique all over it.

    My wedding day was the longest most emotional day, so knowing that everything was locked in and that I looked awesome was such a big relief.
    One tip, I also worked with Watters to order three more yards of the lace that the dress was made with, and had my tailor make me a custom made mantia veil. It was my favorite part of my outfit.

  11. Mary says...

    Congrats on your wedding! All dresses are beautiful. I especially love number one, but hope that whatever you choose you are in love with! I am also getting married and am having a hard time finding bridemaid dresses. Since you have a great style do you or Joanna have any recommendations?

  12. the ball gown and the last one where amazing ! They made her look like a super model wedding…. but in regards of the comments she made for each dress the one that seems that fit the style she was going for and where her wedding reception is, the romantic dress seems more appropriate and looked so good as well…

  13. Wow, these are all SO beautiful! Looks like it’s right out of a magazine. Congrats to your friend on choosing a wedding dress! What a fun time.

  14. Carmela says...

    It’s all about how beautiful you look and FEEL in the dress. For my money:
    #1 dress is nice from the back but a bit droopy vintage in the front. Not becoming. Also that lace is way heavy.
    #2 dress is pretty but it’s not your prom, girl.
    #3 dress: meh (and I know you are lovely and slender, but that dress is unforgiving: think about holding your tummy in for hours. )
    #4 dress: pretty and romantic. You look beautiful in it.
    #5 dress: meh again
    #6 dress: beautiful, romantic and dreamy: not something you see everyday
    #7 dress: wow wow WOW

  15. Kimberly says...

    Anna looks stunning in all of them. I vote for the ball gown or the train dress. Both dresses enhanced her beauty and caused you to say “you look amazing in that dress” vs. “your dress is amazing.

  16. Maggie says...

    I with your mom (mom’s always have good intuition) – I love the Mermaid Dress: Milla by Anna Campbell and think it fits the look and feel you are going for really well! Of course, the dress that makes you happiest and feels the most comfortable is the right one for you – trust your gut and you can’t go wrong! Congratulations!

  17. I live in Chicago but I’m from Springfield, IL and got married there! Not sure what farm area you are getting married in but I think the first dress is perfect! A little bit of lace, a little bit sexy…perfection!

  18. Angela H says...

    She looks gorgeous in all of them, but if she wants something modern and sexy with a country-house wedding in mind, I actually think the second dress was the best! Odette by Louvienne. Even the name of the dress is gorgeous. I love the fact that she is trying to mesh two different styles (modern and country) together. I just feel like she would look absolutely stunning in that dress with natural scenery. Plus, it’s comfy! That’s always a plus – you want to feel comfortable and confident on your big day :)

  19. Lyn says...

    Lace one- 1st pic looks like you were really into. Love the back detail.

    2nd choice would be spaghetti strap- beautiful on but you didn’t look quite as comfy in it as the first.

    Good luck and congrats

  20. I agree with your Mom. The Anna Campbell. Hands down. The sleeves are just divine.

  21. Myfanwy says...

    I love #1, 2 and 6 :)