Toby and Anton in Conversation

Toby and Anton in ConversationToby and Anton in Conversation

Five-year-old Toby has always been chatty, but now two-year-old Anton is giving him a run for his money. It’s so much fun to hear the wacky yet earnest things that come out of their mouths. Here are a few things they’ve busted out with recently…

Toby: “We need a house with a garage.”
Me: “Why?”
Toby: “Because maybe we would open it and there would be a tractor.”

Anton: “Talk somethin’ fireman.” (when he wanted a bedtime story about fire fighters)

Toby: “Mama! You got a delicious haircut!”

Toby: “Who are you going to dinner with?”
Alex: “That chick over there.” (pointing to me)
Toby: “Why are you calling Mommy a chicken?!”

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Toby: “A driver.”
Me: “A race car driver?”
Toby: “A minivan driver.”

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Anton: “A spider.”

Toby also still has his imaginary family (his wife, Bo, and two kids — Matt, 6, and Janna, 2), along with Brad and Mary, the couple friends they go to dinner with. They come almost everywhere with us, which means we’re often running late while Toby installs Janna’s pretend car seat in his pretend minivan.

Toby’s teacher: “Toby made my day today. He told me, ‘You look too young to be a grandma!’ ”

The boys in action:

What cute things your little ones saying or doing these days? I would love to hear…

P.S. Toby in conversation as a two-year-old and three-and-a-half-year-old and almost four-year-old. Plus, the day the boys first met!

  1. samara says...

    When my son was in preschool, one day his teacher was wearing purple eyeshadow. He told her that her eyelids were dirty…:)

  2. <3

    Sweeties :)

  3. Nikki says...

    Your boys are nearly 3 years apart then? We have an 18 month old and are thinking of trying for our second when she turns 2 – what are your thoughts (pros/cons) on having two children 3 years apart?!

  4. Imaginary couple friends?!?! Minivan driver?! “Talk something’ fireman”?! So completely adorable. xoxo

  5. Sarah says...

    My 2 year old son has started calling me Mummy Hamster out of absolutely nowhere. It must be something from a book at nursery but I completely love it.

  6. These are all hilarious, but Toby saying he wants to be “a minivan driver” is what really got me LOLing. He wants to be a family man!

  7. Abby says...

    This made my whole week :)

  8. Sally says...

    When my daughter was five and in kindergarten, I told she could be anything she wanted to be when she grew up. “You could be President.” “I don’t want to be the President, I want to be the Principal.”

  9. Kristy says...

    I babysit and sometimes we play a simple “this or that” game at bedtime. I ask things like do you prefer ” Chocolate or Vanilla” or “Swimming Pools or Beach”

    But the 3 year old would ask me things like do you prefer ” cats or flowers,” “table or windows” or “pillow or blankets” and it’s just so funny how she has interpreted the game and what two things she finds comparable and “normal” for a question.

    • Callie says...

      Loled at the “cats or flowers” comparison

  10. hi there

    Thought I’d share a couple of comments from my son who is now 9!!
    I have a little note book, which I would write down the funny things or words he would say:

    Harry – 3 yrs
    I’ve got a weepy eye mummy, but it’s not the common cold’! Have no idea where that came from
    Harry 9 yrs (last week)
    I’m upstairs having a facial as a treat from my friend. Boys (dad and Harry) are playing a skate board game together. I call out, ‘Guys I’m trying to have a relaxing spa experience up here’ Harry calls back, ‘Good luck with that one mum’!

  11. Alina says...

    I laughed out loud at minivan driver. Also laughed out loud reading that We Are Pregnant article. I definitely will be reading the Examined Life. You are killing it lately! (Yes this is 4 posts-worth of comments in one. :)

  12. Lindsay says...

    The other day my two year old said, “Mama, what doin?” I said I was trying on a dress. Then he said, “Mama pretty. Pretty like Frannie.” Frannie is his best friend, also two years old. I melted!

    • LINDSAY says...

      He’s also been saying, “Mama, no talk to me!” and then proceeds to do something he knows will get him in trouble. Haha so clever.

  13. Egle says...

    My 4 year old son yesterday announced: I really like mandarins, I just don’t like eating them..

  14. Lol at “talk somethin fireman” … Sounds like a lovely request, for the babies and for the ladies ;) (and some gents too)

  15. Isabelle says...

    My daughter is 3 and a half and says the most hilarious things. Right now she’s obsessed with pointing out people’s genitals. i.e. “that man has a penis”, “that woman has a vagina”. Thankfully she only speaks French in an English-speaking world so most people have no idea what she’s talking about!!

  16. Jo says...

    My 4 year old son has developed a Queen obsession – he likes to drum to ‘Another one bites the dust’ – I overheard him singing the other day, ‘another one finds a duster, gonna get atchoo, another one finds a duster’ – laughed so much!

  17. Molly says...

    Around last Christmas on our way back home from vacation we were at a pit stop when my son, who was 4 at the time said, “When I grow up I want to be the Pope… Or Santa.” This struck me as particularly funny seeing as we are not Catholic and I was also under the impression that my son didn’t even believe in Santa.

  18. Susan says...

    One of my professors in graduate school (Ansley Gilpin at the University of Alabama) studies imaginary friends in children and other fantastical beliefs. I think it would be so interesting if you did a post on something like this!

    • Cynthia says...

      Ooo, that would be great!

  19. I could watch that over and over, in my head I always imagine them as English (just coz my boys are, I suppose?) so whenever I hear their little American voices my heart melts!!

  20. Bek says...

    Bahaha too funny!

    Our eldest is three today! The other day my husband was making funny faces at her and she goes ‘no no no stop… It’s a bit scary AND boring’ hahaha! So truthful!

  21. Hannah Uren says...

    I love that Toby is still obsessed with mini vans <3

  22. Hanne says...

    Oh my goodness, lol!! They are funny! My soon to be 3 year old son is making us laugh a lot.

    My son, talking to grandma: “Grandma, I want to watch tv, can you do it? Are you an adult?”

    We were at a restaurant. He’s looking at the menu; “mamma, can you see.. they have fish balls here?” (A VERY everyday dinner in Norway, not something you would eat in restaurants)

    I was away for a conference and called home in the evening before his bedtime.
    Me: hello! How are you?
    Him: I just took a shower and dressed up a little!

    Winter is coming soon. He was looking at the mountains;
    “Soon the snow will pour down from the mountains!” Lol!

  23. Clara says...

    What do you want to be when you grow up? (I asked to my three years old son)
    Thomas´s answer: “A four years old boy”

  24. Jo says...

    I love when you post these snippets of your children’s lives, 1. Because they are so endearing and fun! 2. Because it reminds me to write down what my darlings do and say.

    What’s been cracking me up lately revolves around a rat encounter I had in our storage boxes kept outside; I was looking for a rolled up rug and as I pulled it out a napping rat fell out and I screamed and dropped the rug and almost fell over in front of my daughter (almost 3) and husband. Now every time my daughter walks near the storage boxes she yells out “Come out rats!” And her tone is not menacing, it’s just really assured and semi playful- I love it and really hope there is none left to obey her!

  25. It sounds like Toby might want you to move to the suburbs!

  26. Natalie T. says...

    I think these conversations are my favourite bits about your blog.
    But this comment: ‘You look too young to be a grandma!’ -> Cry laughing!
    Your boys are so precious. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Alex says...

    My 4 year old niece is obsessed with the Jackson family. Not just Michael, but the whole family. So much so that she insisted we name our newborn “Janet Jackson”. Ha!

  28. Rebecca says...

    Fun post! My two-year-old is really into naming things. His stuffed elephants are as follows: Big Elephant, Peacock, Flamingo, Mouse, and Curtain. And FYI for any moms whose kids are quiet – my son is super verbal now but was actually slow to talk…he pretty much kept quiet until he had complete sentences.

  29. Sarah V says...

    Is Dun Dun still around?! :)

  30. Sarah says...

    I love the crazy and unexpected things that come out of their mouths! Last week my four-year-old asserted she was going to be a witch for Halloween. When I asked if she was going to be a good witch or a bad witch, she immediately crumpled: “I don’t want to be a witch because then I’ll scare myself!” And then she said she’d like to be a carrot. Ha!

  31. Trish O says...

    I said this on Facebook, but it should be repeated here. Teens don’t say cute/funny things. They often say frustrating things. So, that. But they are still my littles.

  32. Ava Clements says...

    I hope that it’s my tractor that they are excited about! BIG CADO!

  33. Kimberly says...

    My 2 yr old LOVES playing soccer with his Dad. I tried to play with them tonight… my son tucked the ball under his arm and said in the most serious voice, “Mama, you go in the kitchen and cook food while we play.”

  34. My 4-year old niece says, “WHAT!?!” like a teenager. It cracks me up because it sounds like something me or my friends would say!

  35. Erica H. says...

    Omg! Love it! Here’s a recent one from my four-year-old daughter:

    Me: “How old is your baby doll, Georgia?”

    Georgia: “She’s a teenager. She likes to drink wine.”

    Me: “That’s against the law. You have to be twenty-one years old to drink wine.”

    Georgia: “I know. But I give it to her anyway.” 

    • june2 says...

      She is secretly French, apparantly, haha

  36. Marcy says...

    In conversation with my 3-year old nephew, Liam:
    Liam: “Have you been to a rodeo before?”
    Me: “Yes…”
    Liam:”Did you see an American flag?”

    Liam:”I ride bulls.”
    Me:”You do??”
    Liam:”Yep. I hold the rope in my hand and stay on, 8 seconds.”
    Me: “No. Way.”
    Liam: “Sometimes, my hat falls off.”

  37. jbhat says...

    Gosh they’re cute! Here’s one from our house: the other day my daughter was persuading me that we should stop by the donut shop, explaining that she NEEDED a donut, since her “sugar blood” was low.


  38. Jessica says...

    I love your post Joanna! My now four year old made some of her own words at two years old that she still uses – they are the funniest things! for example, Lasterday (combination of yesterday and last time), londer (lightning and thunder), and seat cart (anything from a car seat to the built in seat in a grocery cart). I can’t wait for my five month old to start speaking :)

  39. The other day I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday. When I was hanging up I said, “I love you so much!” And he said, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, TOO!!!” And I felt it all over my heart and my whole body.

    • Prudence Marule says...

      awww!! they pierce your soul! – when 4 year old nephew says good night to everyone in the room by name before he goes to bed, i really feel like I’m going to have a good night.

  40. Daniela says...

    This is fantastic!! I nanny two three-year-olds and they crack me up daily. My favorites lately were when the little guy wanted to play football and took his shirt off while proceeding to tell me completely honestly “You can’t take your shirt off because you have boobies. I don’t have boobies so I can take mine off.” And while the little girl was laying in the tub while it was draining I told her not to put her hair too close to the drain. She quickly sits up completely wide-eyed and asks me “Why? Will I go down there?”

  41. That is too cute!! I wish I could still perceive the world like them.

  42. Allison says...

    I am dying over Toby’s imaginary family! That is so neat. I need to hear more.

    • june2 says...

      Same! He is a born father! Sooo spectacular!

  43. Stephanie says...

    Our kiddos are roughly the same age – such a funny age for conversing. Recently they have been talking to each other when we go in the car together, yesterday we asked the youngest if he wanted to have any friends from his class for a play date and he answered he wanted his teacher to come. The eldest explained to him that his teacher couldn’t come and it had to be a student and then proceeded to help him decide on a student to invite over. ;) Also, the 2 year old has been saying “Boo! I scared me” hahahaha

  44. So cute! My Mom reminded me over the weekend I had a close,imaginary friend when I was little. :)
    Our daughter, who is 17 months, and is such a chatterbox decided instead of saying just “no” she says “no way!” It cracks is up every time.

    • Sorry about the typos!

  45. Double-dating already! Awe hopefully they continue to double date! I had an imaginary friend growing up but I only told my brother about it. I think it’s magical that you guys are open & loving to their imaginations!

    I love when Luna says “Family Hug!” When she wants to hug my husband & I at the same time. She says that her stuffed lovey has poochie when it’s really her who has stinky butt!


  46. Eileen says...

    Those convo bits are amazing. Thank you!

  47. Jona says...

    My almost 3yo has an imaginary friend named Boobida who’s apparently a tiny elephant. On a related note, my 5yo proudly proclaimed he can spell boob (b-o-o-b).

  48. It’s so nice to see kids being kids these days. Your children are adorable and goes to show what a great job you have done of raising them right.


  49. Janna says...

    As someone named Janna, I love hearing about Toby’s imaginary daughter- I rarely find other Jannas, so I’ll take an imaginary namesake.

  50. rebecca says...

    That is so sweet! My husband is 35, and a teacher and artist, but he still dreams of being a van driver. We hired a van to move furniture on the weekend and he was on Cloud 9!

  51. Michelle says...

    For the past month or so my 4 1/2 year old went from being a ‘daddy’s boy’ to wanting me to be with him for everything….to the point that he actually wants to exclude my husband from things like, say, dinner. When we were driving to school one day we were talking about this sudden change of events. When I asked him why he was being mean to daddy he said very matter-of-factly ‘Well mama, it’s just that I love you to the moon but I only love papa out to the street.’

    • Wow that is hilarious! Cracking up. Poor pops.

    • june2 says...

      omg, hahaha! poor daddy, indeed!

    • Oh geesh, I laughed out loud when I read this one.

    • Zoe says...

      I cannot stop laughing at this!!!!! Poor daddy! Only out to the street hahahaha

  52. So so sweet, Joanna!

    Have you heard of the book “The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend” by Dan Santat? It’s the winner of the 2015 Caldecott Medal and it a sweet story about how imaginary friends are born and paired with their match. Toby might dig it! ;) My four year old Nina loves it and the illustrations are beautiful, too!

  53. Branna says...

    My son is 2 and 1/2. He calls finger nails “finger tails” and I can’t bring myself to correct him because I love it too much!

    Also, when the weather is nice and the sun is shining I always comment on how beautiful it is outside. Now when it’s sunny out, if the blinds are closed he demands that we “Open the window so I can see the beautiful!” Sometimes if we’re running errands he’ll spin around outside before getting in the car shouting, “I’m in it! I’m in the beautiful!” It makes my heart feel like it could burst!

    • I’m in it. I’m in the beautiful… oh my goodness. The simpleness and the pure beauty of that, just so sweet and adorable!!! Joanna, this was such a cute post, so many great comments!

  54. Kathleen says...

    The other night we were chanting “Cubs win! Cubs win!” when the three year old chimed in with “pumpkin! pumpkin!” Saying it out loud, it’s actually very logical.

  55. Amy says...

    They are delicious. Thank you for sharing them with us. Also, thank you for introducing me to the podcast LIMETOWN. I am obsessed!!

  56. Amy P says...

    My daughter had a lot of gems around the 3.5yo mark – thankfully I wrote some down!

    “Can you guys [mom & baby brother] go make me some cookies while I lie here? ‘Cause I’m tired.”

    “Daddy, you’re too heavy so if you fall I can’t catch you, but I’ll be here with you.”

    “Mommy, come closer so you can hear all my questions!”

  57. Karen T. says...

    Oh my goodness, Anton speaks so well (especially for a two year old!) What a big boy already! (Both my guys were SUCH late talkers and neither could say their Rs.) Your boys are both adorable!

  58. Emma says...

    Just wait until they start spelling. I once gave my 1st grade class a bottle of something and they had to guess what it was (soy sauce) and many kids wrote some form of “diyt coac” (diet coke)!

    • Kirsten says...

      Haha, that’s great. My best friend teaches 2nd grade, and once gave them a math worksheet that involved writing down different numbers of pennies. She told me, “well, what do you think you get when you ask 2nd graders to spell pennies?” (Those worksheets didn’t go home to mom and dad if you know what I mean ?)

  59. Michele says...

    My son turned 3 last Thursday. The night before I said to him “Tomorrow you will be 3 years old!” and he said to me “If you say so…” I have no idea where he got that. Then yesterday we saw his cousins and one said “are we friends?” and my son said “No. We’re best friends.”

  60. Mairéad says...

    My 4.5 yr old was running a fever at the weekend and he said ‘Mummy I’m hot and cold at the same time… I think I’m multi-tasking.’

  61. Bethany says...

    I was laughing at my two year-old, and I said, “Oh Claire, you’re crazy!” She looked at me and, in her most serious voice, said, “I not crazy…I a peacock!”

    My three year-old son (Liam) also knows all the words to “Uptown Funk”, so that’s pretty entertaining to hear. :)

  62. Kelley says...

    My 3 yr old niece put her hand on my back the other day and said, “Aunt Kelley, are you wearing a bra?” in front of the whole dinner table.

  63. Your kids are so cute!!

    Once I was babysitting a little girl, and she kept telling me about these “mini coconuts” in her yard. She said they would be a great afternoon snack. I told her to show me the coconuts, and she led to me a big pile of deer poo.. Little kids have the wildest imaginations :)

    Meet Me in Midtown

  64. Elizabeth Brodsky says...

    so cute – thanks for sharing! your boys are adorable! my son (2.5yrs) woke at 4:45am the other day so we went downstairs. he immediately ran to the window and said “oh no, mama de light is weg (we live in the netherlands so he mixes dutch and english all the time) – he meant the sun is gone. I said its ok the sun is still sleeping – like we should be. Long sigh….mama wake the sun up. thankfully, for this short conversation the miserable hour didn’t bother me as much. :)

  65. Alexa says...

    My son asked me the other day if there was going to be a “handycane.” I asked him to explain and he said: “A storm with wind.” Me: “Ohhhh. No, no hurricanes today!”

  66. Sweet kiddos!

    No amusing conversations yet with my little guy (he’s 16 months), but lately he’s taken to walking backwards around the house while “beeping.” I think he’s imitating the construction equipment he’s become interested in, but I’m not sure. Just a lot of “Eeee eeee eeee eeee (bounce off a chair, change direction) eeee eeee.”

  67. Eliza says...

    I had an imaginary family when I was little too!! Apparently, they were Scandinavian based upon their names. ;-) Love the creativity! Neither of my boys have had imaginary friends to date, but I have kept a running list on my blog of all of their “isms.” :-)

  68. My son used to love his “fruffy pirrow” (fluffy pillow) and mused at the moon being nocturnal. There are so many adorable moments. Enjoy each day with your little ones because time goes fast. It’s wonderful to watch them grow. My son is now 12, and we have great conversations about the world and life, and it all started by paying attention and listening to that small, beautiful person. :-)

  69. Zywie says...

    From my 4.5 yo boy:
    “Who will tow the tow truck if the tow truck gets stuck?”

    “For Halloween, I want to be a monkey that talks like a tiger and works in a fire station”

    looking at my new outfit:
    Him: “Hey that looks cool”
    Me: do you like it?
    Him: No

    Prepping him to meet an old friend:
    Me: you might not remember, but N was in your class in the baby school
    Him: is he still a baby?

    We let him watch videos only on Friday. On any day:
    Him: is it Friday today?
    Me: no, it’s Monday
    Him: but I want it to be Friday. Like really really really really (repeat 20 times) want it to be Friday. So can u say it’s Friday?

    • Prudence Marule says...

      lol, i feel his pain on this Monday morning! – cant we just say its Friday and call it a day!

  70. Lauren says...

    Our 2.5yo has always been extremely vocal for her age – and we don’t know where she picks half of this stuff up! Last night I got called out for trying to sneakily videotape her pretending to be Cinderella (while she was mopping and singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale”) – she immediately looked up at me and yelled “Gus-gus! Mice don’t have phones! Put that down!”

    She is also very fascinated by the human anatomy right now (we aren’t very modest and often take turns showering with her before bed since it’s quicker than bath and she loves it). Wellllll she loves having long discussions about how funny penises are and she can’t wait to have pubic hair…

    At least it makes for funny stories that will mortify them when they’re teens ;)

  71. Clare says...

    This morning (Dad’s away – “it’s just us three, kids, like the three musketeers- all for one, and one for all” – daughter – “who’s the awful one?”

  72. What a lovely post! My son has high-functioning autism and because of this, was a late talker. He couldn’t really string a sentence together until he was 4 or 5, even later before he could hold a 2-way conversation. He’s now nearly 9 and I have a whole load of blog posts entitled “Things He Says”. The good and the bad:

    • Prudence Marule says...

      from your posts, he sounds like a really sweet kid who’s just trying to find his way.. the MJ comment had made me burst with laughter! your doing a great job! :)

  73. I died at the “minivan driver” story. so so cute.

  74. Tania Carrier says...

    I love all of your posts, but Toby in conversations is my all time favorite! And now Anton too!

  75. Amy says...

    My 3 year old daughter will come into a room and say “Do I feel good mom??” with her hands on her hips. She’s actually asking if she looks good in the dress she chose that day. haha. She also said “Mom, you smell like pork”.

  76. Zoe says...

    I’m not a momma yet, but when I babysat three young boys in college (ages ago), we were making a racket one night while getting ready for bed. I think the oldest boy and I were singing something, and the middle boy kept yelling at us to be quiet, which made us sing louder. The youngest, then three, ran in and exclaimed, “You guys, it’s okay! I have a girlfriend.” Totally out of the blue.

  77. Sally says...

    Love it. It’s so amazing when kiddos begin to get a harness on language (and it also opens my eyes as to how completely bizarre and difficult the English language is!). This interaction happened between my husband and 3-year-old daughter this weekend, while they were playing pirates:
    Kiddo: “Let’s sail the seas! And the virgins!”
    Husband: “Wait – what did you say?”
    Kiddo: “Let’s sail the seas! And the virgins!”
    Husband: “Sadie, do you mean ‘the virgin seas’?”
    Kiddo: “Nope.”

    Endlessly entertaining.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahahaha i love this.

  78. I love that you have these documented for eternity!! So cute!

    When my daughter was five we saw her Cardiologist with his family as we walked into a restaurant. When he introduced his wife Wren put her hands on her hips and screamed, like a scorned woman ” YOU HAVE A WIFE??????!!!” For days afterwards she kept mumbling ” I can’t believe he has a wife!”. At her next appointment she asked “SO, ….. do you still have that wife ( said with disgust)?!
    Now it is the first thing she says when he walks into the exam room and we all laugh! She’s 12 now, but it’s still funny.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, that is so, so funny.

    • CharlotteK says...

      I think this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. I love it.

    • Prudence Marule says...

      i was wiping tears away!! – this has the funniest!! ah young love..

    • Sarah D. says...

      This totally made my day! Hahah!

    • This made my day. So, so good.

  79. erica says...

    He has imaginary going out to dinner couple friends? that’s hysterical. and creative.

  80. My little ones are 4 and 2 years old and their conversations together are one of the highlights of parenting for me. When they get into arguments, the 2 year old will often ask “we still sisters??” at the end. And then follow up with “we still best friends?”. It sounds so sweet with her baby voice. Always puts a smile on my face.

    • Anna says...

      Oh, Audrey, that’s so so sweet. x

  81. ryan burgess says...

    Oh this melts my heart! I have a 2 month old boy and can’t wait for these conversational gems! :)

  82. Kate says...

    While helping my niece get dressed one morning, our kitty (Blanche) ran into the room. My niece asked me in the most serious voice “Does Blanche wear her fur everyday or does she take it off sometimes?”

    • Awww I love that! :)

  83. Oh, I love the things that come out of their mouths! A few from my three year old:

    Kid: “Bees throw up to make honey!”
    Me: “That’s right!”
    K: “But what made me throw up today?”
    M: “You probably got some germs in your tummy”
    K: “No, I think the bees made me do it.”

    K: “My finger hurts.”
    M: “What happened?”
    K: “I chewed it.”

    After an unusually long commute home: “Did they move our house?”

    While trying to color on white paper with a white crayon: “The white needs a battery.”

    “Oranges are supposed to be wet, that’s why they’re made out of juice.”

    I have a million more, but I’ll spare you the quotes about boogers ;)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “did they move our house?” so, so cute!!

    • Laura C says...

      “Did they move our house” is the best one so far, Meltown!

  84. SnigJ says...

    Minivan driver :D
    My 3yo sitting on the toilet waiting to pee.
    Son(in singsong voice): Cmon susu! Susu, cmon! (Susu=Pee in Hindi)
    He finally starts to pee.
    Son(looking down): There you are!

  85. Angela says...

    My son is 21 months and has new words every day, but my current favorite is when he asks for “appletoss!” (applesauce)

  86. Susan says...

    My 20 month old went outside on the first recent chilly day and said, not hot. I’m sure he’ll learn cold soon enough :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so cute!!! when anton was a little younger, and he was cold, he would say, “i’m so spicy!” he knew that was a not-great sensation :)

  87. Of course sweet Toby would dream of a minivan. He’s always been the most darling old soul!

  88. Jane says...

    My two year old Townes is also obsessed with spiders. We have a garden spider that hangs out by our kitchen window, and he loves to check on her multiple times a day. He even wants to be a spider for Halloween!

    Also, he loves chasing our cat around our house yelling “Get back here!” The other day he was terrorizing her, and we heard him say “get back here f**kin cat!” ?? Wonder where he got that from…

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      omg same here! the other day anton said, in his squeaky baby voice, “oh, damn it!” OOPS!

  89. My 4 year niece too has an imaginary family which keeps growing. She has 5 kids who go with her every where, so much so that we have to make space for them in the car, at the restaurant etc. It’s pretty hilarious. I can’t believe Toby has one too :) I thought maybe this was just girl thing!! What great imagination!

  90. Brandy says...

    Me: giving an example about how much harder my life was when I was a kid
    My 9yo son: but mom, that was in the 1900s!
    Me: haha! true, but it was the late 1900s…

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  91. This is so cute! although i dont have children i have lots of neices and nephews and they are just the most fascinating people. whenever they are visiting all i do is have the most fun conversations with them!

  92. Sofia says...

    This is my favorite series on the blog!

    • Katy says...

      Me too!

  93. Amanda says...

    My 19 month old son is learning sign language at daycare and has recently learned to sign “more.” He does the sign and says “Muurrrr, murrrr” (rhymes with purr). It’s super cute.

  94. Oh my so cute! I love the chicken one! These little conversations are the reasons why I can’t wait to have kids one day! They are so precious!

    Melanie | Toots & Dilll