Toby Making Conversation


Before I had a baby, I loved reading posts by mothers about the cute things their children would say. I daydreamed about the day when I’d hear cute things coming from my own child’s mouth. Well, now that Toby is almost three (!), he’s been talking up a storm and I love it so much. For example…

* He likes to start up conversations, but doesn’t always get it quite right. He’ll say, “Mama?” I’ll answer, “Yeah?” “Um…..remember Daddy?” “Yeah, totally! That guy from this morning? He was awesome.”

* The other day, I walked into the living room and asked what he was doing. He answered, “Just chillin’.” Another day, he answered, “Doing my thing.” Oh. Okay.

* When I sing songs and put him to bed, I’ll say, “Good night, sweetie,” right before I walk about the door. And recently, he’ll whisper, “Thank you so much.” The sweetness breaks my heart.

* When he had his first bad dream and woke up crying, I asked him what he was scared of, he said ominously, “The restaurant.” He wouldn’t elaborate.

* The other night, I was putting Toby to bed, and we were lying in the dark talking about the new baby. Toby told me that the baby could sleep in his room and that he would help feed it. And I said, “What would you feed the new baby? Milk maybe?” And he paused, thought about it seriously, and said, “Pain au chocolat maybe?”

Oh, Toby, you’re so awesome. P.S. Mamas, this might be a dumb question, but how can you love another baby as much as your first child?! My heart is already filled to the brim.


  1. e says...

    Hi Jo! Love this post, as all of your post. But I want to say the thing that no one else has said: do you worry about what your second child will think when he or she reads this one day? It could be really hurtful to be thought of as the one less loved. Just a thought.

  2. Toby is so cute!! I love kids :)
    I see kids at our dental practice and some of them just make my day! Even up to 10-11 year olds say some funny stuff…and then add the effect of Nitrous :)))

  3. I love this sweet post :) No kids for us newlyweds for the next 5 years I hope but reading things like this makes me so hopeful for a beautiful future in motherhood!

  4. My husbands grandmother, who has five children, always says…”love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.” Hope this is true because I have a 20 month old and just found out I’m preggers with twins!!

  5. So cute! Isn’t it funny how they pick up our phrases? Even when we don’t realize we say them.

  6. Pain au chocolat! Love it!

    We had our second little boy in August when our first was still just a (19-month old) baby himself. You love the second as much as your first. And having a second makes your love for your first grow even more. You love them as much, but you love them differently, because they are their own little people in a way you can’t even fathom until you have two.

  7. so sweet that he thanks you. :)

  8. I expected a little replica of my first, but he’s a completely different kid and I love him differently, but the same. There were three great bits of advice I got when I was pregnant with my second–1) give your first a little extra attention, she’ll miss being the only child, but the baby won’t, 2) make sure the older one feels like the baby is her baby, not just yours, and 3) don’t forget that your oldest is still a baby too.

  9. Oh my goodness! Your son sounds so amazing! Can’t wait until I have kids of my own someday! :)

  10. So sweet – can’t wait for my little guy to start having conversations with me! Thanks for the post.

  11. The amount you love watching the 2 children together will blow your mind.. I’m excited for you.

  12. holy hell this post was cute

  13. Hello Jo! Such a sweet post. I’m 27 years old and have four younger siblings, three of which are from my father’s second marriage. I vividly remember one day, when the youngest two (twins, a boy and a girl) were about to arrive, I suddenly felt very insecure and emotional and like I was losing my father to an extent, and hugged him tight and tearfully confessed by fears. He just held me tightly and said that with parenthood, the more you love, the more you are capable of loving. That was over three years ago, and I’m choking up remembering it. I wish your family all the best. :)

  14. Oh, you have so many comments already, Jo – so I don’t know if you will see this one. Actually, I am a second child. And it just so happens that my parents were in town today to see me. The first thing they did as we met, was hug me. Long hugs. I-missed-you-so-much hugs. You-will-always-be-my-child hugs.

    You’ll love your children differently; they are unique human beings, and you will have a unique relationship with each of them. Take it from the second child: I’ve never doubted my parents’ love. It will be okay =)

  15. he is so adorable. and i always remember my mom telling me that when my sister was little and she was pregnant with me she was afraid she wasn’t going to love me as much because she didn’t get how it could happen – how there would be room for more love – and then i was born and immediately her heart grew twice its size. i loved hearing that, and i can’t wait to have a second baby and watch my heart grow!

    caroline @thecopperavocado

  16. I wondered the same thing when I was pregnant with my second child. But like any mama will tell you, u love your second child as much as your first. It’s almost as if you grow a new heart for your second child. They are lovely!

  17. I wondered the same thing when I was pregnant with my second child. But like any mama will tell you, u love your second child as much as your first. It’s almost as if you grow a new heart for your second child. They are lovely!

  18. I am not a mama, but I love things kids say. My five year old nephew woke my sis up one morning and announced he was going to make her breakfast. After about ten minutes of banging around the kitchen he returned to her bedroom clutching a loaf of bread and frustrated, said, “I found the toast but I have no idea where we keep the French!”
    xoxo -e (

  19. Of course, pain au chocolat! What a cutie. Don’t worry, you’ll love the new baby just as much as Toby. I think the heart does grow with each child.

  20. In a film I watched recently, a daughter asks her mother: “How can a mother love every child she has?”. The Mom replied: “It’s like you grow another heart with each child”. Precious!

  21. Kids these days are so smart… My little brother is only 2 years old and one day he told me:

    “I’m taking Tasha (a toy from Backyardigans) to São Paulo”. I asked him why, since we live far away from São Paulo and nobody ever told him about it, he replied “because the food there is better”.

  22. oh my goodness jo!!! He sounds adorable. I got goosebumps reading those beautiful comments – especially the “thank you” !!. I cannot wait till I have a little guy (or girl!) that will make those beautiful comments!

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  24. congrats on the coming baby! i’m so behind on your blog… but as we’re expecting as well in 2 months (our first, a boy!), i’m looking forward to all the stories you’ll share with your second :) toby is the cutest. you and alex make the most beautiful babies, really! ps. your baby registry list was SO handy. thanks for sharing!

  25. You’ll be surprised Joanna! You’ll find there isn’t a space limit in your heart to fill with love!

  26. that kid is hilarious.

  27. This is adorable. My daughter is nearly two, and her babbling is getting easier to understand but sentences are still to come :) Can’t wait to hear some of these gems myself!

  28. The one about “the restaurant” made me laugh out loud! Love it!

  29. Oh JOanna, i know exactly how you feel. My second is due in July and i sometimes say little prayers that i will love the second as much as my first as he is the champion of the universe in my eyes.

  30. When I got preggers w my second and started to think about telling my first, I felt this horrible feeling like I was cheating on him. Truly I did. I felt like I was going to hurt him and like I was ruining something between us. And like so many mothers do, I wondered how I could love someone else as much as my first son. When the new baby came I fell madly in love with him and was ecstatic, and when my first came to visit in the hospital, he looked like an alien to me, like he had aged years in 24hrs and I felt like I was in the twilight zone. And I think it took a while to balance out. Now I tell Jackson (my first) that I love him more than anything else in the world, and I tell Dylan (#2) the same thing. And I do. I love them both more than anything and my relationship with each of them is different. Jackson is like my soul mate. Dylan is like a little love affair I am having (I don’t mean than in the infidelity way ;) It’s just different. But my god I love them both so much its crazy. :)

  31. Possibly the cutest thing I have ever read.

  32. My cousin’s precocious 2 year old is potty training. She ran up to her dad to say she had to pee. After a few unproductive minutes on the toilet her dad asked what was going on. She said, “its downloading.”

    Come on! Kids are the best.

    • Mo says...

      Lmbo! THAT is hilarious. One of those moments you wish you were recording.

  33. your 3 year old knows words i don’t!! pain au chocolate? smart kids ;)

  34. I was the second child… I always felt like my mom loved her more and I still feel that. And that ended up making me pull away and be more independent from her. They have a really close relationship that I will never get. So try your best to make the second born feel special just the same! I know it’s hard, I think about it now, all the exciting things you do for the first time with the first born, how can it be just as exciting….but try! makes me sad just writing this now and I’m in my late 20s! it really makes a huge difference!

  35. I chuckled at the “doing my thing” and “restaurants” comment by Toby. Melt my heart! I love toddler conversations! I love it when my son says “I love you” or “I like you” for no reason and then cups my face in his hands and gives me a huge kiss! As for loving another child as much as you love Toby, I am in the same boat b/c I love my son to pieces and am expecting another in July. People say we will have MORE than enough love for our second child. The love will be different and you’ll always have a special connection to Toby, but you will LOVE that you’ve never loved before.

  36. such a sweet kid, jo.. good job guys :)

  37. So cute! thanks for sharing this. :)

  38. So cute! thanks for sharing this. :)

  39. Ohh…. the “Thank you so much” just slayed me.

    I had the same feeling – how could I love a 2nd child when my heart is so full already? And it’s this miraculous thing – the second you see your baby #2, your heart grow so big you feel it might pop out of your chest. And that’s how it works.

    Blessings, Jo, and thanks!

  40. Too cute. I love the “remember Daddy”? It’s incredible how they develop the skill of conversation almost more so than just language itself.

  41. That is soo soo sweet. My son has just turned 4 and it is moments like these that I want to safeguard and cherish forever (like randomly saying “I love you mommy”). We are hoping to try for baby number 2 sometime next year and I always worry that I may not love him/her as much as I love my first cause as you mentioned your heart is already full to the brim and then some more. Thank you for sharing and will be looking forward to your accounts on relationship with baby #2 for inspiration

  42. Oh my goodness, he is so funny! “Thank you so much” is my favorite. Pain au chocolat?? HAHA! How do they think of these things?

    I often wondered how I would love my second baby since I love my first so incredibly much and I haven’t read through all the comments so I may be different in telling you this, (or maybe someone has mentioned it) but I had to learn to love my second. With my first it came so naturally and just hit me like a bus but with my second, I had to get to know her and accept that she was a part of our family since I don’t do well with change. That immense love did come, but it came differently than the first. Just thought I’d share that since it’s not something that’s widely discussed.

  43. On loving another baby…I have the same worries (baby #2 due in 4 weeks), but I remember what my dad would always tell me when I was little (he was quoting from Big Bird on Sesame Street): “Love isn’t like birdseed. There is ALWAYS enough to go around…”

  44. thank you so much for sharing!
    you had me in stitches with “um…remember daddy?” and it only got better from there.
    so cute and so hilarious!

  45. I wouldn’t know from my own experience, but my mum always told me how scared she was of not being able to love her new child as much as me. Turned out, it wasn’t a big deal once my little sister was born :) I guess equal distribution of love comes naturally :)

  46. LOVE. I laughed out loud at every one of these. What a beautiful wise boy! As to the question about baby #2, you’ll be a few months ahead of me on this one, so please tell me. I’m so excited about the new baby, but still can’t help feeling I’m cheating on my firstborn!

  47. Your heart just gets bigger. it’s pretty amazing.

  48. Your heart just gets bigger. it’s pretty amazing.

  49. I’ve been reading for a long time, but this one broke my comment fast. Oh. my. goodness. “Pain au chocolate!” Too cute! Thank you for sharing sweet glimpses.

  50. I love hearing sweet things like this — they are oh so clever and don’t even know how much they tickle our souls. On Sunday at our annual Easter wiffle ball game, I asked my newly-3 year old brother if he wanted to sit with me and he quickly replied, “No I just want to win!”

  51. My 2 1/2 year old son told me yesterday as I was changing his diaper “My poopie turned into strawberries”. This is such a cute stage.

    Anyway, I wondered the same thing about having a second one. My daughter is now 4 months old and it seems like my love for each of them is almost independent of each other. I actually feel like I bonded with my daughter easier since she had less health issues in the beginning as my son. But now, I love them both more than I thought it was possible to love someone whose butt you wipe on a regular basis :p

  52. Oh my God!! This is beyond adorable.. I’m not sure about being a mom and everytime I read your posts about motherhood and Toby, it makes me want my own baby, like in this second! You’re a very sweet mom and really hope that if I ever become one, be at least a little like you!