Toby Meets Anton for the First Time

Thank you again for all the sweet notes about the new baby! I’d love to share a few photos of Toby meeting his brother for the first time…

The day after Anton was born, Alex brought an excited Toby to the hospital. A bunch of readers had recommended not holding the baby when the older child arrives; just put the baby in the bassinet and have your arms open to greet your older child. We did just that, and it worked well. Another reader tip was to give Toby presents from the baby. So Anton “gave” him a flap book, a lollipop and this peg game, which Toby loved and inexplicably pretended was a salad.

Here’s the first moment they met, when Toby asked to “pet him.” (I was a weepy mess behind the camera.)

Toby also liked playing on my hospital bed. After spending almost two days with just teeny still Anton, Toby was like a tornado! Also, the cutest thing: When he went home with his babysitter that evening, he turned to her and said, “Anton…I want to see him again sometime.”

When we got home, we hung out in our bedroom, just soaking up being a family of four.

Then Toby asked if he could hold him and was giddy, proud and tender. So far, the only indication of any anxiety on Toby’s part was at bedtime. He normally falls asleep easily, but for the first two nights we were home after the hospital he called out for us many times: “Put the covers on me,” “The pictures on the wall are bothering me,” “The curtain is a little bit scary,” “I need some water,” “My Band-Aid fell off…” We were happy to indulge:) Luckily, that seems to have passed, so hopefully everything will keep ticking along. As with all things parenthood, we will take things as they come!

Thank you again for all your sweet notes. xo

  1. Johanna says...

    I only just discovered this blog. I‘m in Germany, my name is Johanna and my eldest, now 3, is also called Anton. I had my second boy last week, little Balduin, and the post above is so much like what we experienced with Anton: Kissing and cuddles, wanting to hold Bal, playing in my hospital bed, and his comment after examining his new brother‘s tiny feet, nappy and fuzzy hair:“Can we take him home with us?“. We even have the same, completely legitimate, attention seeking strategy of wanting to stay up/downstairs like his brother and calling for drinks, more books, or making conversation rather than going to sleep. Thanks for sharing this, even though it‘s a while back…will keep browsing your blog!

  2. Mary says...

    Oh my gosh this post is adorable. So so sweet and it feels like a million years ago compared to where they are now. Such big kids!

    Random question – who makes the bassinet/Co-sleeper in the home photos? I’m looking for something exactly like that! Did you like it?

    Thank you so much!

    • Laura Hite says...

      Hi Mary, it looks like the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper. We got ours from Bed, Bath & Beyond (I think) – it’s available from lots of retailers. It was sweet to have the baby right next to the bed, but honestly we all slept better when using the Fisher Price Rock & Play! That combination of an incline, snug fit and constant rocking kept my little asleep for hours, while he would wake up a lot in the co-sleeper. It was nice having both options, though. Best of luck to you!

  3. Ida says...

    still waiting with excitement for that birthstory!!! :-)

  4. Congratulations for the cutest baby!!!

  5. So sweet! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  6. Massive congratulations!

    Hope you are all getting along well. Those pictures are precious.

    Congratulations again Xx

  7. Congrats!!! So weepy reading this post. Your family is so beautiful, thank you for sharing these lovely memories. On a separate note: our 34 month old is always asking for the covers over him, too! Like several times a night. Also, it’s reassuring that Toby is in diapers, as our smarty was not having any potty training at all. Sigh.

  8. Congratulations! I’ve been a lurker for quite a few months, but this post made me have to comment – the last photo especially is so precious!

  9. Oh, this photo is just darling! Congratulations x

  10. Beautiful — there is nothing more special than a sibling relationship forming! Congratulations again!

  11. This is so incredibly sweet. Congrats!

  12. How crazy beautiful these pics are. Oh my ovaries!

  13. Wonderfully sweet, happy days. Love that you all hung out in the bedroom on your first days home! Xx

  14. Such bliss. Congratulations for your beautiful addition to your sweet family.

  15. Nothing beats a beautiful family :) Congratulations! xx

  16. Lovely! Thanks so much for posting these. How wonderful that Anton has Toby as a big brother. Congratulations to all.

  17. These are the CUTEST pictures! Congratulations, glad you are soaking it up! =)

  18. Congratulations Joanna! Anton is beautiful and tiny and Toby looks adorable when he looks at him, i hope you are recovering well and everything is great with you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing moments like this with us readers i really appreciate it.
    Best of luck in everything Jo!

  19. So sweet. Thanks!

  20. Girl! I am just deliriously happy reading this. Siblings are the sweetest, you totally reminded me of my first days with my oldest and baby (only 16 months ago but it already so different). And it sounds like you all did so well as you begin the family of 4 adventure. Thank you for sharing the journey. The precious moments will continue. xoxo

  21. Congratulations Joanna! What a beautiful baby and family. I am very curious how you chose the name Anton, I have never heard it before, but I think its a fantastic and unique name. I love it with Toby!

  22. I am so happy for your family! Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with everyone. Those pictures of Toby holding his brother, leaning down towards him, are absolutely precious. Congratulations!!!

  23. Congrats on beautiful Anton!! He is precious :)
    I am expecting my second in Oct so those photos of Toby holding Anton turned me into a preggo pile of mush! (yes I teared up…sniff sniff). And Toby looks like he could burst with big brother pride!
    Love seeing you all so happy.

  24. That picture of Toby lying on Daddy who at the same time is watching Anton is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! You guys make me want to have a baby now! :) Congratulations on the new addition to an already wonderful family. :)

  25. Congrats!! We welcomed our first on June 23rd, so I’m just catching up on a little blog reading and thrilled to see you just welcomed your second!

  26. Congratulations from Cape Town, South Africa. Wonderful pictures and boys rock!! Love the name too – it is a popular name in South Africa from Dutch origins. Much happiness

  27. They are absolutely the most precious things EVER! I so adore your blog and look forward to reading it every single day. You have the most beautiful family and most lovely, inspiring approach to life. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your lovely family!!

  28. Ah. This made me weepy. We will start trying for #2 soon and I had visions of my little hurricane meeting his little sibling. So sweet and beautiful. Enjoy that sweet family of four.

  29. Such sweetness! The joy and tenderness burgeoning in your heart is palpable, Joanna!

  30. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH… I teared up a little with that last photo!

    And, I mean, I don’t even know you personally… but just reading your blog, and seeing your pictures, and feeling such love for your family, it made me feel very happy for you.

    congrats on your beautiful family!

  31. BIG CONGRATS to you and your family! How exciting!

    By the way, I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now – and thought I’d delurk to congratulate you guys on your new handsome addition :)

  32. My sister ‘got me’ a brand new tricycle when she came home from the hospital. My own big girl bike!

  33. So happy for you! Congratulations!!

  34. How adorable…congratulations…it seemed so fast (I am sure not for you)…enjoy

  35. Just beautiful. I don’t have kids yet, but I am making a mental note of how to introduce your 1st child to the 2nd. I love the idea of welcoming the first child with open arms at the hospital. Congrats, Jo!

  36. These pictures are so, so sweet. Gosh. I’m melting all over the place! Congratulations, Joanna!

  37. Simply adorable! Thanks for sharing.

    Huge congratulations! And Anton – we’re looking forward to getting to know you via your Mum’s blog posts…

  38. Such beautiful pictures. Congratulations!

  39. What a sweet big brother! I love these pictures! Especially the ones where Alex is gazing at Anton while Toby monkey’s around on the bed.

    My dad took a photo of me holding my brother for the first time, back in 1991, and my face unmistakably communicates how ruined I think my life is.

  40. Love this post!
    In 3 months and a half i will be in a similar situation ; )

  41. Congrats! I’ve been reading your blog for ages, your kids look absolutely precious!

  42. Congratulations Joanna! I am genuinely happy about this news! best wishes for the 4 of you and a special horay for Toby, for being so sweet and funny and gentle. <3
    Welcome to life, Anton! xox from Brazil, Lais

  43. absolutely precious! What a beautiful family you have!

  44. Congratulations Joanna, Alex and Toby for this adorable little one! I love the name, very matching with your surnames. The photos melted my heart. I hope you’re enjoying your –brand new– family of four. x

  45. ahhh, reading this made me weepy. i cannot even imagine the emotions you are feeling. congrats on your precious family of four!


  46. Love these photos — so touching and sweet. Little ones are just so amazing.

    All the best and enjoy this special time! xx

  47. Congratulations Joanna, Alex and Toby for the new baby! He’s adorable. The last photo melted my heart (a bite more)!


  48. Awwwww i love all the photos!! Congratulations! And i love the name Anton!

  49. I am so glad everything went smoothly for you, the pictures look perfect and Toby looks really proud.. When my husband’s son came to the hospital to meet his new brother, (my first baby), he just kept pretending nothing special was going on. I just wanted the visit to be over. And the first days at home were terrible, he wouldn’t let his father spend any time with the baby. We used all the “right” advices, but it didn’t work at all. I believe age has everything to do with it, and a nine-year-old, nowadays, is pretty much a sulky teenager.

  50. You’re a wonderful mama. Congratulations on Anton’s arrival xoxo from Scotland

  51. Wonderful and beautiful! Congratulations!

  52. That last picture of Toby and Anton meeting foreheads is definitely one for a bedside frame. It is the sweetest! Congratulations to your whole family!

  53. That last photo says it all. Congratulations on your two sweet boys!

  54. The last picture is so sweet! Love it!
    Congratulations! You have a beautiful family.

  55. Your family of four is beautiful. The photo of Toby leaning into Anton’s face brought tears to my eyes — he is already playing the role of protective big brother. Congratulations!

  56. So happy for you on the arrival of your new son. My boy is around 6 months younger than Toby and our second baby is due in 2 months, so I am loving seeing how sweet Toby is with Anton. x

  57. There’s something magical about those hospital beds for the toddlers, isn’t there? Congratulations! Sweet baby #2! :)

  58. So precious! Congratulations. We have the same dwell studio sheets…. made it easy picturing my little Ollie holding his new brother or sister in our bed (some day, Ollie turns one next week) x

  59. Such beautiful pictures. I am expecting twins by September 4th and I have a little boy Evan who is now 15 months old. I can’t wait to see them all together for the first time (well, I’m quite happy to wait a few more weeks at least for the twins sake!)
    You have such a beautiful family x

  60. Such gorgeous pics and words – huge congrats to you all x

  61. Adorable! Congrats!! :)

  62. wow that last photo made my eyes water. just precious! congrats to you all

  63. So sweet – the pictures of Toby holding Anton! When I had my second, siblings weren’t allowed up in the room…this was 1978! But…one of my favorite pictures is my 3 year old granddaughter holding her newly born brother in the hospital bed – priceless!

  64. So adorable and wonderful, congratulations!X

  65. Massive congratulations to the new family of four! I was getting all teary looking at these beautiful photos and reading your words. I think your story has particular resonance as I remembered how proud-yet-nervous I felt as a 3-year-old meeting my own baby brother (also born on July 5th!) once upon a time!!! Still smiling….

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  67. These are the most beautiful pictures you have shared with us! I’m so glad that everything went fine. Toby is great!
    Have a lvoely weekedn, family of four! ;)

  68. Congratulations! These photos are so incredibly sweet. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

  69. Congratualtions on the arrival of your precious new baby :)

  70. SO happy for you!! How lucky is Toby to have a brother! xo Caroline

  71. Congratulations!! Anton is so sweet, your family is beautiful, and these pictures are perfect. Sending lots of love (and rest!) your way!

  72. i’ve been following your blog for several years ;)
    and would like to send my warmest congrats on the new addition to your fam! both toby and anton are soooo beautiful. xoxo, sc

  73. I’m always impressed by how thoughtful you are with your parenting. Toby and Anton are so lucky. Congratulations to you and Alex!

  74. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of your gorgeous family! Toby is such a lovely older brother!

  75. Everything about this post is sooo lovely! I’m just thrilled to hear all is going well :) As a mommy of an almost 1 year old sweet boy, sometimes I’ve started thinking about future possible siblings and how he will feel and your posts on the subject have been so interesting and comforting to read. Btw please do let us know how you are liking the cosleeper.

  76. Congrats Jo! Aw man these are awesome!

  77. what JOY. what delicious JOY.

    Anton is absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

  78. these pictures are just so wonderful!!! Congratulations on Anton’s arrival!!

  79. That’s so sweet! It looks like everyone is quite smitten over the little guy (who is majorly adorable, by the way!). I can’t wait to see Toby + Anton grow up together. They’re going to be best buds. :)

  80. So so beautiful! Love seeing you all, and Toby is just precious. Congrats again and savour the moments! Happy weekend too. ;)

  81. this is so sweet. i’m crying right now. the pic of alex & toby peering over at anton is too much, then toby holding onto alex… it’s so lovely it’s almost too much for me to take…

  82. Joanna,
    I’m so happy for you and your family! What a blessing to be born into the Goddard-Williams household. Both boys seem thoroughly loved (really beautiful to see). What a great tip to greet Toby as you did-also sweet how much you value your readers to follow their advice!


  83. congratulation! you have a beautiful family <3

  84. That is just beyond precious!!!

  85. jm says...

    The pictures are just adorable. Looking forward to more plus your birth story and Alex’s reaction to having two beautiful sons!!!!!

  86. Ooh congratulations! These pictures are just too sweet! Good luck ! xoxo

  87. so special – thanks for sharing these lovely moments!! I too have two boys, they simply adore each other!

  88. oh my goodness! what cuties you have :)

  89. So precious!

  90. jm says...

    oh, my gosh, this is the most beautiful post ever!

  91. So sweet! I love the photo of Toby on Alex’s back.

  92. wow, great meeting:)!
    How did you come up with your newborn’s name? As far as I remember Anton wasn’t on the list that you posted a while ago.

  93. Congratulations! They are both soo precious. :)

  94. This was so sweet… thank you for sharing :) x

  95. Oh my goodness! such sweetness in these photos! What a beautiful family – congratulations!!!

  96. A salad?!?! I wish I had the imagination of a 3yo most days. Kids are just so awesome.

  97. A salad?!?! I wish I had the imagination of a 3yo most days. Kids are just so awesome.

  98. So beautifully written. Congratulations to you and Alex and Toby. I wish you guys the brightest happiness as a family of four.

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  99. what a beautiful family! Toby is going to be a great big brother. congrats!

  100. I was wondering if Alex has some Russian blood? Both Alexei and Anton are Russian names, not common here at all, but classic and definitely ones I’m considering.

  101. Such a precious time for your little family. So lovely to see the evolution of you and Alex, to the addition of Toby and now Anton. Thank you for sharing!


  102. such precious smiles, moments pictures! congrats once again!