Conversations With a Four-Year-Old

Now that he’s 4 1/3 years old, Toby desperately wants to act grown-up, but of course he’s still so little. He says such nutty, sweet things as he tries to navigate it all. (If only I could freeze him at this age! My nostalgia levels are sky high these days.) For example…

Me: “When Anton gets bigger, you can talk and read together.”
Toby: “When he gets bigger, we can be twins!

Me: “Sorry I was on my computer this morning. I had a work emergency.”
Toby: “Did the firemen come?”

Toby: “Mama, how old are you?”
Me: “Thirty five.”
Toby: “But that is so many years!!! How can you be that many years?!!”

He has always had an imaginary friend named Dun Dun, but now Toby also has an imaginary wife named Bo and two children—Matt, 6, and Janna, 2. They drive a silver minivan and live in Montclair, New Jersey. They go to dinner with their married friends, Brad and Mary, who have three kids: George, Stella and Paul. The whole thing is hilarious and totally bizarre, and I have no idea where it all came from. We spend a lot of time talking about his family. And he’s a really nice dad! Toby often prefers to push Matt and Janna in the swings than swing himself, so he’ll stand there talking to himself while pushing two empty swings. :)

“Can I sleep in my belly today?” (meaning taking a nap without a shirt)

Anton: “Doggee!”
Us: “Anton, that’s not a dog, that’s a llama.”
Toby: “Like North Carollama?”

He’s also trying to figure out how to make jokes. For example, the other day he came up to me at the playground and said, “Hi, Mama, I’m Dr. Person! Dr. Person…Is that funny?”

Toby: “Did I come to your wedding?”
Me: “No, you weren’t born yet. You were almost in my belly, but not quite.”
Toby: “So I wasn’t anymore?”

Me, at bedtime: “Would you like a story or a song?”
Toby: “No, Mama. Let’s just talk.”
Toby, I love you times a million. You’ll always be my baby.

What have your kids been talking about recently? What are they into? How old are they? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Conversations with Toby when he was two, three, three-and-a-half and almost four. Plus, dates with your child. (And I cannot wait until little Anton starts talking!!!)

(Top photo from our trip to England)

  1. Joanna, this post really made my day! My 3 and 3/4 old duaghter has not only imaginative friends but a whole house! of course this is pink. and whilst we leave in rural south of England (out in the sticks), her house funnily enough is in London :)
    she also drives a rainbow car with no roof and ocassionaly goes to work in the office where she drinks coffee and reads magazines. who gave her that idea? :)

    kids aside, I absolutely love the pattern of the sofa throw in the picture. I have been looking for ages for something simmilar. do you have any hints as to where it was sourced?

    Grazyna x

  2. Thanks for stimulating memories. Our son who is now a father always called hiccups, cupcakes and he referred to trucks driving around with only their cabs as trucks with no pants on. Our daughter thoughtfully one time after passing a sign reading Lots For Sale asked “What do they sell lots of?” Lots of cookies or kittens, perhaps?

  3. Yesterday my son said “You mama – me Tarzan” Couldn’t stop laughing! :)

  4. How sweet! I love his elaborate married life details. Viva la imagination. Mine are currently asking where do babies come from.

  5. this makes me laugh in the best way. please keep sharing :)

  6. My little cousin once told me our president’s name was “Rock YoMama”. Haha!

    He was also the “ring bar” in our wedding. :-)

  7. Toby in conversation is one of my favorite post of yours. I am so curious about his imaginably family now! How grown up 4 years old is! I don’t have kids but I very much appreciate how you share your story about family. I think that’s why your blog is so special. Wishing you and your family best of best wishes from Japan.

  8. OMG Toby is so cute and clever! I love these moments. Yesterday I was sitting on the front stoop with my 2 1/2 year old and he asked me what my favorite movie is. I said Nacho Libre and he said, “Okay, I’ll turn it on for you”, then proceeded to turn on a pretend TV. After a few minutes of silence he said, ” Are you liking the movie Mama?”

  9. Our youngest son (27) has come back home to live temporarily. I am so enjoying our daily conversations at the kitchen table! I am blessed to have this wonderful relationship with him. But it did not come without work. Allow your children to be themselves and respect them as such and they will always respect you back! It’s the icing on the cake of parenthood.

  10. This is so painfully sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  11. My 5 year old daughter asked me the other day if there was toilet paper when I was little. As if I am 87 years old! She also said ” isn’t it crazy that Grandma has no idea what a sugar bump is?” ( those little bumps you get on the tip of your tongue). Cracks me up.

  12. These are so cute!! My son at around 2/12 years old (he’s now 6!) noticed some wedding pictures on the wall of our bedroom and exclaimed, “Mama! You a princess!!” Heart, melted.

  13. Conversations with Toby are the best feature on your blog!

  14. I love these posts. My little boy is 3 1/2 and says the funniest things. I try to write a lot of them down. One recent gem includes: “”That was my butt. It’s saying thank you. Thank you for pooping.”

  15. I love this age too. My son is the same age as Toby and the things he say make me laugh daily. My favorite was when I was putting his little brother into overalls and he asked me, “Mom, are those his overveins?” Or when I tried to explain to him the word peace and he said, “like a piece of a puzzle?” Such a fun age!

  16. My 2 year old in the car recently said “mummy…. it very stressful” … Oh god he is mine!!

  17. Awww so adorable :’) My youngest brother is 11, which is a 7 year difference from me. I still remember when he was super super tiny and said so many funny and random things! Right now he’s entering his sassy stage, which is equally entertaining. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  18. My 7 month old doesn’t have many funny things to say yet, but I work with kindergartners who crack me up. Today I told a little girl that she should focus more on having fun rather than tattling on other kids and she said, “But I don’t know how!”

    The other day one asked me how old I was and I said really old and when he asked the number I said 13+14… his jaw dropped and he said, “WOAH!”

  19. So cute! We moved back to Tennessee this week after living in Boston for our all of our children’s lives (3.5 and 18m) and my oldest said “Meme, I like this tunnel that is attached to your house” (the garage)

  20. Age four is a wonderful age. You are right, if you could freeze age four and refer back forever it would be a gift. My “baby” is now an adult, but I still remember how wonderful age four was…….Your child has an amazing imagination, don’t let the world crush his wondrous creativity!

  21. I love that Toby is already a good husband/dad! Too cute!

    We don’t have kids yet, but when my twin nieces found out that Tom asked me to marry him they called me and go, “Aunt Joy, did Tom engage you? Now can we call him uncle Tom? I’m so glad he engaged you!”

  22. North Carollama made me laugh out loud in my office. So cute.

  23. My son is only 8.5 months old, so no talking yet really. But he has started to narrow down his association of “Mamamamama” to just me and not, like, the air/everything. It melts me every time he looks at me and says it!

    And I just adore that Toby made up his own little family – how precious!:)

  24. This melts my heart. I’ve always loved chatting with my little nieces and nephews and I’m so looking forward to getting to know the little quirks of my own children one day.

  25. Last night I had a long conversation with my 4.5 year old about creation which inevitably led to “How does God make babies?” After explaining it in the most general way possible my son responded: “So its like magic.” Those are the conversations you will always remember.

  26. Loling about the imaginary family, especially the swings part(so cute).
    Can’t wait to have my own adorable babies :)

  27. This was such a sweet post. My little nugget is 2 1/2 and he is such a silly nut! I too wish I could freeze him at this stage. I love your family and how sweet you all seem.

  28. My friend’s daughter turned 3 in august and is just starting to understand the concept of ‘rude’ and feelings being hurt. I asked her to come into the living room the other day and she said “NO, this living room is RUDE!”

  29. Gosh, they are just too darn cute at this age. My niece was always trying to pin down sarcasm…she would say something and then ask ‘was that sarcastic?’ … too funny.

  30. These are hysterical! Reading them prompted me to get out the notebook where I used to write down all the funny things my son said when he was younger (he’s now 5 1/2, still says funny stuff, but the earlier stuff is definitely funnier). Some gems: son: ‘we need groceries.’
    dad: ‘groceries?’
    son: ‘yes, they are like food.’

    son: ‘I think I’m getting sick.’
    me: ‘why?’
    son: ‘because of all these bless yous!’

  31. The whole imaginary family thing. Priceless. I love his creativity. It’s neat that you are writing them down somewhere too. He will enjoy these nuggets when he is older.

  32. My son Leo is almost 8 months and I’m so excited for when he talks. I imagine him saying all sorts of things. Right now he has started dancing and by dancing I mean bobbing his head up and down when music plays. It is the cutest.

  33. I have a daughter who is now 14 months old and she only knows how to make funny sounds. Like Coo-coo-le-coo.. which is just bizarre since she doesn’t even know how to say mama yet! I would love for her to start talking soon and saying cute things like Toby does! That would just melt my heart :)


  34. These are so sweet. Esp. “so I wasn’t anymore?” So profound. Our 4 and 1/3 year old wants to “work” like mommy and daddy (we’re professors and write a lot on lap tops) on his computer (making movies on his leap pad) so that he can make money and get lots of toys. We’ll supposedly drop him off at the store and pick him up when he’s done. Guess we’ll start giving him an allowance soon for chores so he has an outlet for these desires. Also he often comes up with fictional things of what he did when he was younger: When we drove past a striking pink house, he said casually but seriously, “yes, I used to live in that house when I was young.” And more variations on the same…..

  35. Joanna, I love this. Also, I thought I would ask you a quick question since I know you ride bike with Toby a lot. What sort of seat do you have? Do you know if there is a lot of (real) variability in the safety of child bike seats? I know this is it’s own post/topic, but just mentioning the name of your seat would be super helpful! Thanks

  36. North Carollama. This NC girl LOVES that!

  37. I am dying over “North Carollama”. That’s so adorable!! I have a small sister (nearly 6) and oh my some of the things she comes out with just melt my heart. Recent example:
    “Alice, do you have a boyfriend?”
    “But why not? You’re so beautiful!”

    Bless kids, eh?!

  38. This is fantastic! So many of the comments are hilarious and then the comment about, “I wasn’t anymore”, is such a keen illustration of a small person trying to figure out these great issues that we all struggle with like life and death. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Oh, Toby. You are pretty great! I think we all love you.

    We’ve just recently moved to France, and my youngest is navigating how to engage with classmates despite the language barrier. It’s fascinating.

    Yesterday, she told me that her daily school snack of baguettes give her a lot of energy. Apparently, just a few slices and “I can race the boys *while* jump-roping and still beat them.”


  40. i breastfed my son til he was about 2,5 and he was kind of addicted to it. one day he prayed, well more like grateful, he said “dear god, thank you for the boobies you gave to mommy” LOL

  41. I love these posts! My almost 5 year old son says all kind of things that make me laugh out loud!

  42. My “baby” – almost 30 now and expecting her first child in March – sent this to me. Recommendation: keep a small tape recorder handy and when your child is playing and talking alone, sneak it in and place it near enough to pick up the pearls of wisdom. I TREASURE my tapes from my daughter’s early days.

    I’m also a nanny. One of my charges changed my vocabulary forever. Flamingo = farfingo; toilet = toilip; and the water in the bathtub goes down the “dream.” He also stumped us while playing a guessing game. We were to name a vegetable that starts with “Q.” Cucumber, of course!

    And once my own baby was grown up, the magic continued. The day that I left her at her new college for her freshman year, she fell apart and said that she just HAD to go home. I explained that this was her time to go forward with making her own life and learning to live without Mom and Dad around all the time. Through her tears, she said “But I like you both so much!” Music to my ears!

  43. Soooo sweet. Kids!

    Can I also just ask where you got that gorgeous black and white throw on your couch? Love it!

  44. This post made me smile and laugh, a lot! My son is almost 2 years old, and I love how his communication and comprehension is just blossoming right now. He could eat fruit until he bursts, and his favorite is blueberries, which comes out more like, “mah boobies, pease?”

  45. Very Sweet!! One of my 7 year old twin boys said to me out of the blue the other day, ” Mum when I grow up I really want to be a movie actor just like Clint Eastwood!” He had never mentioned acting before so you just never know what is going on in their mind!

  46. Of the two of us, Jessica has two little boys, an almost five-year-old and a 14-month-old. This post is so cute! Love the idea of sharing the conversations, Jessica calls the funny phrases of her oldest Conner-isms. Kids really do say some of thing funniest but also the most profound things.

  47. Those were hilarious! I especially love the imaginary friends and family! So funny!

    I love writing down the stuff my kids say and finding it later only to be in stitches laughing again! :)

  48. So cute… this reminds me of my little toddler cousin trying to relax my aunt since she’s clearly stressed that the house is a mess and says “Don’t worry Mommy, the house is always clean in the morning” HAHA.

    Toddlers are adorable!

  49. This is so sweet. Toby will appreciate these write-ups so much when he’s older!

  50. This was such an adorable post. I couldn’t help smiling through the whole thing. Your son sounds adorable and I hope he’ll always remain that adorable and funny throughout his whole life (:

  51. North Carollama!! I’m dying of laughter!!

  52. It’s nice that you have your blog to keep track of familial vernacular. We still use ours to this day. For instance; my son said “all at the same once” when he meant all at the same time. And we still refer to toiletries as “toilet treats” because he got upset that he was missing out on something special when ever I asked my husband if he needed any! Keep talking to your kids and they will keep talking to you even when they are 30.

  53. North Carollama!!! I’m dying of laughter!!

  54. Ha ha ha ooohhh man… Fake family. That is rich. :)


    My daughter is 2.5yrs and is quickly turning into the little party animal I always knew she was. At my brothers wedding this past weekend she couldn’t wait to dance. Danced until she literally couldn’t dance any more. Then was insisting that I hold her and dance.

    Well, after a few songs I say, “liv, I don’t think you WANT to dance.”

    “Yes. Dance”

    “Well, me HOLDING you and dancing isn’t the same as YOU dancing. It doesn’t really count…”

    She picks her head up off my shoulder. Looks left. Looks right. Then… Slowly looks me directly in the eyes…

    “Mommy… DOWN.”

    Then precedes to rock out so hard I almost died of shock AND awe. That’s my girl…

  55. My daughter is just a few weeks older than Toby and these conversations sound just like her. She asks to just talk before bed and is trying to make jokes too. It’s the greatest age yet!

  56. so sweet! but montclair!!??

  57. Delicious–that Toby speak! Try the knock knock jokes. Our 5 and 1/2 year old is just getting them. But she’s been trying for about 2 years and they’ve been pure nonsense. Both my kids talk to their toys and make up stories, especially in the bath. I love hearing them process their days using these stories.
    The older one just got into wearing hats this weekend–today she told me, I have to get a hat, I always wear hats. And tonight at bedtime, my little (at 2 and 1/2) told me to close my eyes and hid a spoon behind my ear while saying Abba-din-an (abracadabra).
    When me and the older one came home from her ballet class, we were greeted by the gleeful little “I miss you two ALL the time”.
    Toddler language!!! Ahhhhh. A little piece of heaven.

  58. MB says...

    This made me teary. Having a baby has made me SO sentimental! Seeing 4 1/3 year old Toby sleeping like my 7 month old makes my heart ache.

  59. My husband had emergency surgery today (which went fine) and it was officially the longest day ever….and your post and all the comments was so what I needed. Sweet babes.

  60. Here’s a couple from my 2.5 yr old lately.

    When asked what grown-ups do: “drink coffees! go to grocery store!”

    Upon seeing a dog while out walking: “he going home eat dinner! he eating dog food. and dog water!”

    and “i wearing my boo-boo in the bath!”

    and when nursing my 2-week old: “mommy, he eating your neck!”

  61. My sweet little 2 year old son loves to play “catch ball” and at some point always says “catching ball is awesome!” His new phrase is “I’m momma’s baby” and I love it!!!

  62. North Carollama! I love love love that!

    My sweet boy is only 4.5 months. Right now he thinks beard tickles, making fun of how the dog woofs, and Mama hiccups are HILARIOUS. We let him play “in his belly” (as your boy would say) yesterday, and he was happy as a clam.

  63. Isabel at 4yrs, “Mama, I’m going to stay with you for ever and ever and never even leave…..except to buy candy.”

  64. I work with little ones and recently one came to tell me a joke:

    Why is six afraid of seven?


    Someone misunderstood that one a little :)

  65. Jo-
    Those are hilarious!!
    I definitely think someone needs to write a book of these.

  66. Love this!
    Well, my own babies are heading back to their first days at school….college…next weekend. And the worrying never seems to end. My oldest just had her first, and I hope last, car accident (no one seriously injured except for airbag burns and bruises) at least the other party said they were not until it came time to file an insurance claim…..the saga continues. But they will never not be your babies! My hands shake every time I think what could have happened.

    My funny recollection when my oldest was maybe 3 yrs. old: I hold up my pointer finger and ask, “how many is this?” She pipes up, “ONE!”. I hold up a second finger (middle finger), and ask,” what does this make?” She says. “a BUNNY!”

    While the worry never ends, neither does the love and the pride you have watching every accomplishment!

  67. He has got the sweetest personality. I bet he will be an amazing dad when he’s so many years!

  68. We’re going to eat buildings for dinner tonight “
    Buildings? They probably wouldn’t taste very good
    ” No they will taste good because we’ll put chocolate on them”

    ” Thank you for the baseball bat Mommy. Can I give you a hug about it? “

    Also when my little one was 3 he asked if we could go see the Obamas. ( Llamas ).

  69. I love that you have said for years that you want to freeze Toby! Whenever I have ask my mom what her favorite age was, she always says whatever age we are now. This was even when she had 4 teenage girls in the house :)

  70. Such sweet memories you’re making! My 4 year old has started saying grace for us before dinner. She takes it very seriously and cracked us up the other day when she prayed, “Dear Lord, thank you for blessing us so much with many blessings. And please give Father a happy birthday. And bless this food we are about to eat. Amen.” She has never ever referred to her dad as “father” and it was all we could do to not laugh! So cute :)

    My son is 3 and has started to come up with some great lines of his own. One in particular that stood out was also at dinner. I served something that the rest of us thought was yummy, but when Jack took a bite he pushed away his plate and said, simply, “That’s misgusting.”

  71. N says...

    I love these posts! What an imagination. I particularly love the imaginary family. Oh, Toby! Heart Melt. Natalie

  72. I’m 25 now, but when my mom told me she was 35 and I was 4, I said “yikes! That’s too many!” … They still tell the story.

  73. Jo says...

    We are British and my son asked me the other day why Doctor Who was afraid of the ‘Garlics’…(it’s Daleks), but I had a vision of massive garlic cloves charging about creating havoc with a time lord.
    Recently he also asked whether there were ‘girl-eating sharks’. Took me a few moments to realise that he thought sharks only ate men!
    Then, this weekend, he marched up to me with his best friend (a girl) and said. “Mummy, show Isla your boobies.” I got quite a shock and asked why. “So she knows what she’s gonna get!” I was speechless…
    Love to all your family, especially Toby :-)

    • JMB says...

      that kid is gonna be great!

  74. These quotes are PRECIOUS and have to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever read!!! Such amazing one-liners. It sounds like your little firstborn has your knack for words. :) I see a future writer/communicator growing up!

  75. That’s so cute! I’m from Montclair, New Jersey!

  76. Oh my god, I laughed so much at North Carollama, thats the most hilarious and cutest comment EVER! Also funny about the imaginary family – my sisters name is Janna and I had actually no idea it is a known name in the States (Im European) Toby is so adorable!

  77. I love these posts! So fun to hear about his personality shining through. I’ve never really given thought to a child figuring out how to make a joke—what a sweet moment.

    And the bit about him pushing the two empty swings—I bet your heart just bursts!

  78. I have two boys as well-5 & 9. Just started Kindy for the second & last time! Scary & fun, all at once.

    We are trying to lessen the computer/xbox/netflix time but this is resulting in frustration with our 5 yo calling us ‘his minions who don’t listen to his rules’!


  79. When my nephew Owen was 4 his Mom would occasionally let him drink a Sprite and every time after the first sip his eyes would get big and he would shout “Ooooh SPICY!” He thought the feel of carbonation was what spicy meant. I loved it!

  80. Hi Joanna,
    I have to tell you that these posts about your boys warm my heart.
    We have been trying to conceive for 4 years now. It brings a warmth to my soul and hope that one day I will be sharing these types of stories with my readers.
    I love your blog.
    Thanks Joanna.
    Big hugs and sweet kisses to you and your boys.

  81. This was the perfect antidote to reading a sad article in today’s paper. Thanks for being so awesome, Toby!

  82. Okay, Joanna, here are some of my gems:

    Me: This is so much fun making costumes together.
    Diego (age 5): Yes, I really love it, too. It is sad to think that eventually these days will come to an end.
    Me: What? Why will they come to an end?
    Diego: (looking at me pointedly) Death, eventually. Yours.

    Some other favorites from the past:

    Ruben (age 3): “Do mermaids have a bum?”

    And then when he was 4: (murmuring wistfully while COMPLETELY fast asleep): “Judy Garland was SUCH a great actor.”

    Here’s one from Julio when he was 4:

    “What’s the difference between a crocodile, Mama?”

    And another by Julio age 4, while we were leaving Bed Bath & Beyond: “Don’t ever, EVER take me there again until we are both dead.”

    I also once asked a four year old where she got her cute dress, and she answered, “Old Maybe.” (I still call it that when I shop there!)

    My boys are 5, 7 and 10, and they all still say hilarious and interesting things. I love, love, love the Toby quotes!

  83. When my daughter, Rachel, was Toby’s age, her favorite movie was Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” She knew all the songs and wanted to watch it daily. It took me awhile to realize that she thought Mowgli was a girl because of his hair! A girl who runs around in a loin cloth! Lol Anyway, she used to strip down to her underpants to watch the movie and sing and dance like Mowgli. Soon, her shorthand for this activity became, “I’m going to be Mowgli now!”, meaning that the clothes were coming off and the movie was coming on!

  84. How do bugs kiss? Why do you think zebras can bite? Do princess raccoons exist? – a few of the questions I get. Is there google for preschoolers?

  85. Stop. His family is the funniest and cutest thing in the world. That’s going to be the best story when he’s older.

  86. North Carollama….hahahahahahaha!

  87. Oh gosh, how crazy adorable. I totally needed this right now, a good pure hearted laugh. He is SO stinkin’ adoooorable. Can’t wait until mine say stuff like that. I have a 3mo and a 2yo. :) Mind you their sentences will probably be all mixed up cause they’re learning 3 languages at once. Guess we’ll see!

  88. Grace (who turned 4 in May) told me she wanted a Colorado for lunch the other day. She meant avocado. :)

  89. George (Harrison), and Paul and Stella (McCartney)? Toby sounds like a Beatles fan to me! For some reason that jumped out at me and I had to share. So funny the things kids pick up on.

  90. Gosh Joanna you must just be a melted puddle around him sometimes. He is adorable! And hilarious. x

  91. I LOVE this – so sweeet and funny, it made me laugh out loud! For a long time my daughter Beatrice (now 8) had an imaginary friend called Dilly who was a French pelican. And now she writes stories about characters with slightly leftfield names: Crunchen, his brother Seppis and Chickford Moor, a scientist who is famous for discovering that elephants have trunks!

  92. Oh my goodnesss…the ‘Can I sleep in my belly’ is too cute!

    My daughter is 3 1/3 (I think her and Toby are 34 days apart in age) and her name is Dorian. She has two imanginary dragons whose names are Pink & Blue…and she also LOVES to push them on our backyard swings. And since we are expecting baby #2 in January we discuss babies quite a bit. Just last night she told me she was a mama too and when I asked her the name of her kiddos she simply replied, ‘Silly mama. It’s Pink and Blue! Duuuh…!’

    This is such a fun time in age. To just watch their imagination soar!!

    Cheers to your little man.

  93. We tell our kids that before they were in our bellies, they were in “God’s pocket” – could be easily amended to a star’s pocket or something else if you are not religious! They love thinking that they lived in God’s pocket until they started growing in mommy’s belly!

  94. Oh my! He’s already 4 1/3 years old! I remember I started following your blog when you were pregnant! Oh, boy, time flies!

    He’s really, really cute and he’ll be a great storyteller, the imaginary family is pretty detailed! And it’s really great that you guys encourage his creativity! Kids should not have their imagination blocked, ever!

  95. posse, that is HILARIOUS. toby has definitely asked many questions about penises and “bajinas.” too funny.

  96. I love it. Especially the thing about trying to make a joke and then asking whether he succeeded. And North Carollama? Wow.

    I just go to thinking, I’m 24 years old and I have been reading your blog ever since before Toby was born. I was still a teenager then. It’s unbelievable how I’ve been able to follow your life from around the world. I look forward to reading about your boys becoming teenagers and going to college etc. Unbelievable.

  97. I don’t have kids, but I love talking to my 3 1/2 year old nephew. I started to teach him the planets last year and now he knows them all, including Pluto.

    Me: I want to live by the beach and see the ocean every day.
    Nephew: I want to live in Mars.
    Me: Oh. Why Mars?
    Nephew: because there’s a robot there taking pictures. (Like, duh)

    I love talking to that kid.

  98. My little dude is 2 months this week and my husband always talks to him and tells him how much he can’t wait until he can talk. My hubby is like a big kid anyway so I can’t wait to hear the convos between the 2 of them! Children make our days brighter! Love to you and your sweet family. xoxo

  99. My two year old just learned that boys have penises and girls have vaginas. He is now obsessed with the word vagina. He says it clear as day, at the top of his lungs, and almost always when we’re out in public.

  100. My daughter also had a creative mind and many imaginary friends and family members when she was a child. She is now a Designer with over 25 thousand followers on Pinterest. YAY for creative children!

  101. I babysat a little girl named Glenn for about 2 years when I was finishing up my undergrad degree. When she was 4, she would talk about marrying Josh (my then boyfriend and now husband). She told me that she and Josh were going to get married and move to Chicago where they were going to live in an apartment. She also told me I could come visit if I wanted to, but I wasn’t allowed to marry Josh. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen her and her family, but I still laugh every time I think about it!

  102. So cute! I have the very same nostalgia feelings lately. I suppose it goes with the age? I’m also 35 and my oldest is nearly 6. He has so much to say now. I love it! Sometimes better than what he says is the look in his eyes as he says it.
    And I also love mama-son dates. My son shares a deep love of sushi, just as I do. So we recently went for a sushi lunch the weekend before school started. So special!

  103. Beaux, 5: Mommie it’s spicy out here! (Meaning, it’s hot!)
    Babies! Their words are so precious! I wish I had a family videographer to follow her and her baby brother around and capture every moment.

  104. I had imaginary children though now that I think about it I must not have considered it important to have a husband.

    Their names were Michael and Jane, because I watch Mary Poppins so much. I was very protective of them. It makes me smile to know I’m not the only child who had imaginary kiddies.

  105. Too, too funny! Is he trying to tell you guys something with his fantasy suburban life? Tell his subconscious to get with the program and become a New Yorker :)

  106. hahaha, kit, you are awesome. i will start taking notes on his family, it is such a trip.

  107. Oh my goodness! I adore that he has an imaginary wife and children! I am dying to hear more. I like that his imaginary son is older than him. How does Dun Dun fit into this? Can we pretty pretty please get a post just about the imaginary family and the double dates? Please?

  108. My little one will be 4 in December. The other day I told him we were going to have lots of friends over for dinner and he said “But oh no! We have to buy lots of beer!” Lol.

    He is also really into what I wear,and loves when I wear dresses. He says “Mama, I like your dress. Are you a princess?”

    He also can’t tell what is a nap or what is sleeping overnight. So he always asks how my nap was in the morning. He also has little concept of time so he might say “Yesterday was Christmas!” or “mommy, a long ago we went to Disney world, right?” lol

  109. I love reading posts about your boys. Toby seems so sweet and those are some silly things he says. Love it!

  110. Brilliant! Whenever I’m taking my time to respond to my three year old ( usually weighing up the answer to an awkward question or debating if saying no will cause a meltdown!) he says “come on mummy, use your words”. Has me in stitches!

  111. omg jill i just laughed out loud. that totally makes sense! very literal. and laura, your little man should go into sales. :)

  112. This was so adorable, I lol’ed ! And the above about treats, so true and….hilarious.
    Mommy treats would be the above too when I have little ones. I was very imaginative as a kid so I can only imagine what the offspring will come up with.
    More of these please!

  113. This makes me so happy! Reading all of these is just as delicious as looking at pictures of puppies doing cute things. The other day, my 3 year old niece called up to tell my husband that she really wants to go see Bruce Springsteen because she saw a concert on tv with a lot of people. I have been laughing about it ever since.

  114. oh what sweet conversations – and so funny!
    my 3 year son old a few months back was asking me to name the parts of his body. Of course it was his privates he was most interested in discussing so when he pointed to the front i said “that is your penis” and when he pointed to his bum he said “and this is my poopness”…at first i had no idea how he came up with that then i realized how, for a 3 year old, this made perfect sense – hysterical!

  115. “Mama, I think I need to watch TV tomorrow because if I don’t my boo-boos [points to knees] will start bleeding again and then I’ll need glasses.” – Damian, 4 3/4, Brooklyn

  116. So I think I am about to have a baby and the part where he asks “So I wasn’t anymore?” just made me tear up!

    I can’t tell if it’s all the hormones and excitement but knowing me, I’d tear up any regular day anyway.

  117. OMG! That’s just too cute! My favourite was ‘no mummy, lets just talk’. Precious moments

  118. sabrina, that is hilarious. toby was mad at alex the other day when they had to leave the playground, and he said, “daddy, if you say that again you won’t get any treats! no coffee, no beer!”

  119. hahaha jess, that is awesome. and mia, LOL about the two babies!!

  120. Ha! That is so cute and funny. I’ve got a 20 month old daughter and one on the way. She knows there is a baby in my tummy and tries to feed it raisins through my belly button. I’m glad to know I’ve got a few more years of cuteness and hilarious comments coming my way. Little people are the funniest. We are Americans living in New Zealand so we spend a lot of time at the beach. That never gets old.

    Thanks for your blog Jo! Appreciate what you do.

  121. I love these too. He is such a little character. I love that age and all of the literal thinking.

    … and we’re going to North Carollama this October!

  122. These may be my favourite of your posts – and the photos that go with them are so adorable. My son is 2.5 and just really starting to converse with us – I love it!

  123. It’s so cute the things they say!
    My 3 year old just started preschool. He’s the kind of kid who needs his downtime when he comes home (just like mommy!) and likes when everyone just leaves him alone. I of course, have a million questions for him about school. He gets so fed up he tells me,
    “MOM! Stop that behavior!”
    It cracks me up every time!

  124. we had a number of pregnant friends this summer, which prompted my 2.5 year old to ask me, “mama, what’s in your bra? two babies?” he’s also really into ordering his own meals in restaurants and asking, “where you bought it from?” whenever he notices anything new. he’s pretty hilarious these days.

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  126. I just laughed out loud at the North Carollama comment. Living with toddlers can be so hilarious! The other night, my two year old finished clearing his little plate and fork from the table and comes up to me and asks “Mommy can I help more?” When I told him he was all done and could go play, he climbs into a chair and collapses his little body into it and says
    “Whew, now I can relax.”

  127. I love “Can I sleep in my belly?”!! That’s so sweet!

  128. I love these posts! The imaginary family is so cute and detailed!