Joanna Goddard

My beloved boys — Anton, 10, and Toby, 13 – make me laugh 100 times a day. Here are a few things they’ve busted out with recently…

Toby, on a walk: “Oh my god, I see a naked guy!”
Anton: “Toby, that’s a mannequin.”
Toby: “I know, but it doesn’t have pants!”

Toby: “I’ll make you a deal. Every time someone tells me I have a cavity, I get to switch dentists. Because it’s annoying.”

Me, at Foot Locker: “Omg, the baby sneakers are SO CUTE.”
Anton: “Yeah, but I don’t get why people want their baby to look drippy. Like, is it that big of a flex?”

Toby, walking home from the grocery store: “I can’t believe basically every band started in the ’60s.”
Me: “That was a great decade for music, but tons of bands started after that.”
Toby: “Mom, I can’t think of a SINGLE band that started after the ’60s.”

Anton, wearing a baseball cap: “Okay, I’m ready for school.”
Me: “Are you wearing a hat so people don’t all ask about your new haircut?”
Anton: “Yeah, I’m doing a soft launch.”

Anton loves doing accents, especially those in Bad Sisters and Derry Girls.
Anton: “We should go on a weekend trip somewhere and pretend we’re Irish.”
Me: “Yeah, but what about Toby? He definitely would not agree to that.”
Anton: “He can just be our American cousin.”

Hair stylist: “How do you want your hair cut?”
Toby: “My mom wants it short.”
Hair stylist, laughing: “So, you just do whatever she wants?”
Toby, laughing: “Happy mom, happy life.”

What funny things have the kids in your life said recently? I’d love to hear…

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