My friend Megan and I were chatting the other day about how we loved our weddings, but there are little things we’d change if we had a do-over. Just for fun: What would you do differently if you got married again (to the same person, of course)? Here are some things I might switch up…

Skip the awkward family portraits (no one frames those anyway, right?) and instead join our friends for the cocktail hour!

Plan my speech! Alex and I had decided not to give toasts, but halfway through dinner, I felt so giddy and excited that I leapt up and grabbed the microphone. Thus ensued ten minutes of rambling and blubbering. Looking back, it would have been so much nicer if I had written a coherent toast ahead of time, and afterward I kept thinking of things I wished I had said. Alex, of course, somehow stood up and gave the most beautiful speech off the cuff! (Here’s a fill-in-the-blank toast and nine couples’ funny toasting moments).

Flowing locks are so romantic, like a loose braid or casual ponytail.

I loved my simple J.Crew dress, but I’d take another cue from their models and wear this amazing deep pink lipstick.


My shoes were uncomfortable and I ended up barefoot by the end of the night, so I’d switch it up with cool oxfords under a wedding dress, inspired by this pretty bride.


What a fun idea to serve a cheese wedding cake.

Of course, I’d keep a bunch of things the same, but it’s fun to think about what we’d tweak in hindsight!

What about you? What would you do differently if you got married again? Anything you regret? Another friend told me, “I wouldn’t get drunk for a start,” ha!

P.S. Wedding ideas: Old-fashioned veils, colorful shoes and big kisses? And did you cry at your wedding?