Do or Don’t: Wedding Veils

Would you wear a veil at your wedding? When we got married, I decided not to, but these beautiful veils might have changed my mind…

Long veils can wrap around you in the breeze…

Lace veils look ethereal and straight out of the French countryside…

Veils can feel bohemian…

Short veils are utterly charming…

And they make for pretty photos.

Would you wear one? Or did you? xoxo

P.S. Will you cry at your wedding, and how big can your wedding kiss be?

(Top photo by Dennis Pike. Long veil photos by Elizabeth Messina, Tim Tab, Anna Page and Karen Cunningham. Lace veil photos by Emilie Gerard, Diana Lupu, Robert Fairer, via Vogue; Butler Madden Weddings. Bohemian veil photos by Becky Holladay (x2), via OnceWed. Short veil photos by Ben Chrisman, Parker J. and Jose Villa, via OnceWed. Final photo by Tim Tab.)

  1. I wore one, it completed the “look” but it wasn’t a traditional veil it was a silk scarf draped over my head (not over my face) in kind of a bohemian bride way. I think when you choose your dress and make the veil decision you have to look at your look as a whole, some dresses are going to suit them, some are not.

    Here’s a picture

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  4. I will certainly wear a veil. I am really traditional and it is really a romantic part when the groom unveils me at the end of the ceremony for the kiss.

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  5. I love veils! They’re so pretty and look stunningly dramatic in photographs. I’m going to wear my Mum’s old veil for my wedding in April :)

  6. i didn’t think i would, and the woman from the dress shop suggested i try one just in case. my dress wasn’t big or poufy, so that was the one piece that made me feel like i was definitely a bride!

  7. I would prefer none or a short one, although long, dramatic ones look stunning in photos…maybe grab one and put it on just for the photo session? :P

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  8. I once heard that men have an emotional trigger to veils. That when their bride wears one they are that much more in tune with the moment and the significance of the day.

    I opted to wear one and my wedding and was really glad I did. My husband was so sweet and teary as I walked down the aisle having not seen me until that moment.

    I think it could be fun though to do a first look without a veil and then before you walk down the aisle put one on so that it is like he is seeing you for the first time all over again. I could definitely imagine that triggering some emotions. :)

  9. I did wear a veil at my wedding – but only on the back. My hairpiece that held the veil was originally part of my mother’s veil. At the time, I didn’t want a veil in front of my face, I was married in 1995 – and front veils were not as much en vogue. And yes, I cried at my wedding – I actually cried through my vows…I was just so moved to be marrying my sweetheart. My husband took his hankerchief and wiped my eyes in the middle of our vows – such a great moment. Thanks for the great theme today. Brings back special memories!

  10. On veils: I worked at a bridal store for a few years and it would always surprise me when ladies wearing “traditional wedding gowns” didn’t want to wear a veil. The first thing I remember playing dress up with is my mom’s old veil. That’s the #1 thing that I think of when I think of old time weddings. The wonderful elegant lace dresses and the petite caps or hats with a long flowing veil. Mantilla veil is not for me but I will have at least an elbow length and at least for the ceremony.

  11. I didn’t feel “bridal” until I tried on a veil.

  12. I went back and forth, but when I tried the right one on with my dress there was no question. It went down to just past my waste, matched my antique white dress and was trimmed with 1/2-inch antique whiet satin ribbon. I never wore it over my face but had it tucked under my up-do. My dress wasn’t traditional so it made me feel more like bride on that special day.

  13. There was never a question that I would wear a veil. It was Belgian lace, made in the thirties for my great aunt. My grandmother, mother and several aunts, cousins and in July, my sister-in-law wore it. During my ceremony, it blew out behind me — startling at the moment, but what lovely pictures! All the brides have photos on a wall at my mom’s. It’s such a wonderful family connection!

  14. I didn’t think I wanted a veil but I’m so glad I wore one. I love the tradition and beauty of them. I wore my sister’s veil which our best friend also wore in her wedding so that’s special for all 3 of us. And you’re right, they look so beautiful in photos.

  15. I think I will definitely wear a veil, they’re beautiful, and the moment when your dad walks you to the end of the isle, lifts the veil and kisses you to give you away… I think that’s something I wouldn’t want to do without. maybe I’m just old fashioned.

  16. I had no desire to wear a veil – I think they are beautiful on the brides who do decide to, but I liked the Grey’s Anatomy quote “I don’t want mosquito netting hanging around my face”. Instead I wore a silk flower pinned in my hair and it felt much more me. I don’t like being the center of attentions, so we did aways with a few of the more traditional wedding things to feel a little more normal!

  17. I do think that veils can be gorgeous, but I didn’t end up wearing one on my wedding day. I didn’t want to have to mess around with putting it on before the ceremony, and then taking it off shortly after for the reception. It felt like an unnecessary cost, so I opted for a huge floral headpiece that I created myself to make a statement that could stay put for the ceremony and reception!

  18. I’m with you, Fawn! I would never wear one. It represents a history of women’s oppression. I can’t get past that no matter how beautiful they might look.

  19. I wore one!

    For a few reasons…

    1. It’s the only time in your life you’ll wear a “veil”. I thought that was kind of a cool experience.

    2. When I tried on my dress, I didn’t cry until I put on the veil… I felt like that was a sign.

    3. I think they make for gorgeous, ethereal photographs.

    4. They can really “formalize” your dress!

    5. You can always take it off. Which I did!

  20. I wore my mother’s dress, so naturally I wore the veil as well. She got married in 1965, so the little pillbox with the fingertip-length veil was perfect with the vintage dress. Both of my aunts had borrowed her veil for their weddings as well, so it was a wonderful family tradition.

  21. I’m going to be wearing one in 7 weeks! The dress is lovely, but once the veil goes on I feel that it completes the look and seals the deal. I’ll be removing it before lunch and dancing though.

  22. I didn’t wear a veil because I wanted a more casual, laid back feel to our wedding (which is extremely difficult to pull off because we had an extremely traditional ceremony in the Catholic Church). Veils are beautiful, just not for me.

  23. I wore a birdcage that I bought on etsy and it made my whole look! I loved it so much. I got married in the snow so also had a fur shrug for outdoor pictures, the combination was perfectly vintage

  24. Veils are very much reccommended in the shop but they wreak havoc with your hair.

    They do scream “I’m a bride!” though. Maybe that’s a good thing?

  25. When I was last trying on wedding dresses the consultant begged me to put on a traditional veil after I told her I was dead set on a birdcage veil. I about broke into a panic attack…it’s too bridal for me.

  26. Originally I wasn’t sure about a veil but when I started trying on dresses, someone was asking about it. They made a good point that it’s just a white dress, but the veil completes the look of a bride. It touched me in a way that I decided to get one. My wedding isn’t for another two months. I’m thinking of switching to a pretty hairpiece for the reception. =)

  27. Jo says...

    I was a traditionalist so I wore a veil, it was my ‘something borrowed’ one of my best friend’s veil.

  28. I wore a beautiful viel with a lace edge and I loved it as much as I loved my dress, if not more. I didn’t feel like a bride until I put a veil on. I could never have worn it over my face though! That would just feel weird! X

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  30. I’m definitely going to have a veil – I love the symbolism of the veiled, virginal bride being unveiled by her husband :-) AND I’m planning to knit mine. I have the yarn/thread already. (No, there is no prospective bridegroom anywhere in the picture yet….)

  31. I knew I wanted a veil, and thought I wanted the blusher too, but as I was putting it on right before the ceremony, I decided no on the blusher and just wore the veil. I loved it.

    And I did cry, but only as I was walking down the aisle! I had expected our friends to be playing the music, only to find that my husband was actually the one playing guitar and singing as I walked toward him, so I couldn’t contain the tears. Once I reached him I didn’t cry for the rest of the ceremony.

  32. I LOVED my veil, when the lady who worked at the bridal shop put it on my head it made me fall in love with the dress I ended up getting married in, and I wasn’t anticipating wearing a veil at all. It was lace, expensive, and beautiful. I kept it securely in my hair until my husband and I left the reception hall!

  33. I wore my mum’s veil that she wore to her wedding. My sister wore it to her wedding too and now my other sister is about to get married and she is going to wear it too!

  34. I love the long veils – they are beautiful and photography wonderfully! Whimsical but traditional.

  35. I did not for our wedding, May 2010. My mom bought me a headpiece and I plan on having the most jeweled part of the band turned in to a hair-comb or brooch to pass on to a daughter or niece someday. I have no regrets, I liked feeling like a modern bride!

  36. Photographing weddings for a living, I say go veil. It makes for some really glamorous pictures. I just did this outdoor ceremony where the light hit the veil in the most magical way. It really took my breath away and the pictures came out so pretty.

  37. i don’t plan on getting a veil. It’s too fussy for my minimalist heart.

    But i will get a jeweled comb for my hair.

  38. Yes, oh yes! A woman’s wedding day is the only time she can wear a veil without looking strange. Why not take advantage of such a beautiful accessory! I wore one, and it didn’t come off until my dress did.

  39. Absolutely yes! When else in your life will you have the chance to wear something like that? For my own wedding, I did a cathedral length veil. And then I became a bit obsessed, and did some more research, and then created this blog post for other veil options:

  40. I’m wearing my great-great-great grandmother’s veil, which my mom also wore. The lace was made by nuns during the Civil War!

  41. DO. Wedding veils are elegant, classy, and timeless!

    – Chelsi from Blondie Diaries

  42. Ah!! I’m in the midst of this dilemna RIGHT NOW and I’m so lost on what to do!! I’m literally getting married on NYE and haven’t yet decided!

  43. Wore a long veil–I always wanted to since watching Sound of Music as a little girl:). Loved it!

  44. i had a veil, but i got super nervous about missing my cue to walk into the sanctuary & totally forgot to put it up.
    as it turns out, some of my favorite photos of the ceremony are seeing my face & the giant grin plastered on it as i walked down the aisle, so i don’t at all regret not putting it down!

  45. Love me a short an perky veil!

  46. They are lovely, but Bridge said it so well: I preferred to enter marriage with my “eyes wide open.” The tradition of the veil makes me really uncomfortable, so I did without.

  47. I think veils are pretty and classic. I wore a very simple elbow-length one for the ceremony and some of our pictures, and then took it off for the reception.

  48. I plan to wear a big feather fascinator for my wedding next June!! :D

  49. My mother-in-law made me! I thought it was a total waste of $80 since it was just there to be there and nothing special but oh well! It’s over :s

  50. NO veils, no!!! Especially not if it’s an outdoor event – nothing worse than a piece of fabric whipping all around and tugging at your head. Also, why would you want a piece of fabric covering/hiding your face?! It’s time to look around and take in all the wonderful details on that special day.

  51. My two sisters and I picked out a handmade lace veil while in Belgium as teens with our family. So far two of us have gotten married and worn it on that day and my oldest sister recently had a little girl and her newborn pictures were taken with her nestled in it! It is a wonderful tradition and is one of my favorite memories from my wedding day!

  52. i had a birdcage veil–i loved the extra ornament in my hair, and because the back of my dress was super dramatic (3-inch-high neck-ruffle!, and 1920’s-style back detailing), i didn’t want to cover it up with a veil.
    My favorite part was not having to mess with it at all during photos, the kiss, the ceremony… anything! (i did take it out for the reception)

    my inspiration was Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama

  53. I didn’t, but these do look gorgeous. My mother had a 20ft long veil for her wedding. Gorgeous.

  54. I’ve always been stuck in the middle with the age old debate over veil or tiara. While I wouldn’t wear a honking crown, I think a glittery headband/ sparkling comb can be just adorable with a light veil. One of my best girlfriends is going with a veil and she looks the epitome of bridal. :)

  55. I’m Jewish, and there’s a part of the pre-wedding ceremony when the groom veils the bride. It’s a tradition harking back to Jacob, who thought he was marrying Rachel but married Leah instead. So Jewish grooms “make sure” that they have the “right” bride by veiling her themselves.

  56. I tried one on in the bridal boutique and it was a big fat NO! I went with a fresh gardenia instead…more my style and fit my “look”.

    Although, I would say that these veils are absolutely beautiful! Maybe I should have tried on more than one ;)

  57. yes to veils of all kinds! It’s your wedding day – pull out all the stops to make it dreamy and magical and unforgettable. I wore a cathedral length veil and a blusher, which I pushed back once I reached my groom. I’d love to relive my wedding day. It was perfect.

  58. I wore my mother’s veil with blusher for my wedding. I loved being able to wear something of hers (even if it did have a small hole where she caught the veil on fire when blowing out the unity candle at her wedding haha). I had a very simple dress and so I thought the veil complimented things well. I was surprised at how warm that netting would feel over your face though!

  59. I had an open back dress, so wore a veil for the ceremony and took it off for the reception so the dress had more drama! :)

    Have to agree that it looks beautiful in pictures!

  60. I did…A lacy one. It wouldn’t have felt like a wedding without it, to me.

  61. I didn’t wear one – it seemed too “costume” and it really just wasnt my style. And inexplicably, every time I tried one on I got the urge to sing “Maria” from The Sound of Music.

  62. Funny story… I did have a veil. A neat, short vintage one. I loved it. The morning of the wedding, as I was getting ready I noticed it was a bit wrinkled. So, I did what any idiot would do and I ironed it. Of course then I just burned it!! Burned my veil on the wedding day.

  63. from a wedding photographers POV: they do make for gorgeous pictures!

  64. wore one, but not one over my face and it was reasonably short, ended somewhere mid back to highlight the awesome detailing on my train…

  65. The symbolism is not for me… “the groom’s right to enter into conjugal relations with his bride” *blech*

  66. For me it’s a big DO. I have wanted a veil ever since I was little, long before I was even thinking about weddings.

  67. I wore a pink veil and wouldn’t go back and change a thing! I loved it.

  68. A friend of mine who works in the bridal fashion industry is gracious enough to make mine for my wedding next year. It’s going to have lace from both my mother’s and grandmother’s veils. I have not decided what style of veil we will create yet, but I am looking forward to having those pieces of history reborn in my new veil.

  69. I was veil-less…I didn’t actually think I looked good with the veil on. It probably needed a little extra height with my face shape–and I was definitely anti-tiara.

  70. I really like the ones like what Kate Moss used for her wedding. I think they are called cap bonnets. I absolutely love it!


  71. Nope. no veil for me! The lady at the dress place forced me to try one on and thought I’d change my mind. I did not. Although I loveee veils on other people, just not for me!

  72. I was very anti-veil, and had a breakdown at one of my dress fittings about how horrible and church-y it looked! Ultimately, I wore a 1-tier, elbow-length veil with no blusher (to appease my mom and grandma) and took it off after the ceremony/before the reception.

  73. I did a veil with a blusher when I walked down the aisle. We did our pictures before the wedding, so having a blusher on till we kissed seemed magical. I loved the symbolism of seeing me as his wife for the first time when he lifted the veil to kiss me. ( I never wore the blusher till the actual wedding)

  74. Yes! I actually have a cathedral length veil for my wedding in two weeks! For me, it’s the topper to being a “bride” I love the idea of a long piece of romantic tulle trailing behind. I can’t wait!

  75. Well I had a Indian, sparkly red dress for my wedding, and we traditionally cover our hair when we get married so I sort of had a “veil”.

    I think veils look sweet, especially if its a young bride. :)

  76. I have to agree, veils make for great photos! Why not have a veil for photo purposes :). The bride doesn’t even need to wear it for the ceremony if she doesn’t want to. That’s what is so nice about your wedding-it’s your day!

  77. The photos are gorgeous, but I still I’m a no veil type of girl.

  78. I had a fingertip length veil that felt very traditional and I was happy with it but after seeing these pictures I love, love, love the first lace veil you feature that wraps around her hair. I think its gorgeous!

  79. Nothing tops the feeling of wearing a beautiful long veil! I felt pretty in my dress alone, but with my veil on I felt like a princess.

    Not going to lie, I wear it around the house every once in a while…

  80. I adore veils! My mom bought me an antique middle eastern lace ‘shawl’ that had the most stunning hand-sewn silver thread throughout. The weather ended up being very cold (in July, in LA!) and so she threw it on my shoulders during the ceremony, over my other long veil. Even though it was the most delicate lace, it managed to keep me warm enough to stop shivering.

  81. I NEVER thought I would want to wear a veil … but at my second dress fitting, my grandmother asked me if I would try one on. So I tried on a alencon lace mantilla that matched the lace on my dress. Immediately she got teary-eyed, and I had to admit, it was absolutely beautiful. I ended up wearing one after all :) Here’s what it looked like:

  82. i went with a simple unadorned dress and long simple antique veil with brussels lace trim. it was perfect

  83. I was definitely a no veil girl. I just wore a sparkly headband instead!

  84. My husband saw me before we married… Lol… I get why women like them and they make for dramatic photos, but the meaning of the tradition kind of creeps me out. I wanted my husband and I to enter our marriage with our eyes wide open, knowing each other fully, and am so glad we chose to. I did get a small handmade jeweled hairpiece with a birdcage veil that went to the side of my face. It made our photos look classy and modern and made me feel beautiful.

  85. I did, I had a very simple silk dress so decided on a cathedral floor length fine veil to give a bit of drama. It was still plain and very simple though. I loved it and still have it. I love the lacy ones now so pretty!

  86. I had an unusual wedding style (17th century Scottish) and decided a veil didn’t fit, but my compromise was to have a mantel attached to my dress made of tulle. It was nice for the ceremony and easy to remove for the reception.

    I used the same mantel over my head for bridal portraits and it really did make me look more “bridal” If I had another wedding opportunity, I’d go more 50’s with a shorter circle skirt dress and a birdcage – so SO cute.

  87. I wore a veil and a blusher. It was one of my favorite parts. I love the idea of my dad lifting my veil so my hubby could see my face. A moment I will always cherish.

  88. I would and did. :)

    My mother made my veil and it’s still one of my favorite things.

    I also wore a tiara (figured if not then, when?) – a small one.

    If I was going to do it again I’d go more modern, but I loved my traditional gown, veil, *and* tiara.

  89. I’m planning on wearing a birdcage or fascinator. My dress is very 1950’s retro, so I think it fits perfectly.

  90. I’d love to wear the long, flowing, simple veil like that in the 3rd photo. Looks very elegant. I also like the last. ;)Really nice!

  91. YES to veils, 100 times yes!

    I wore a cathedral length veil for my wedding with a fingertip length blusher (though I did not put the blusher over my face when I walked down the aisle), and I absolutely loved it. It made me feel like the most beautiful bride, and it’s GORGEOUS in pictures.

  92. When I started looking at bridal attire, people at the stores would ask if I’d thought about a veil. My answer was “Not really, I could go either way.” At the fourth store I visited, I tried on the dress I’d eventually choose, along with a simple veil and a headband-y headpiece. I knew that was exactly how I wanted to look on the day. I’d suggest brides try them on and see how they feel–you never know what will strike you.

  93. I say yes, do a veil– not a dramatic 80’s veil but a simple one if it suits you, they’re so classic, so bridal

  94. Yes, I plan to wear a veil.

    When I was little I used to wear my full slip (that was lacy on the top half) and carry a coloring book for my bouquet…and, I probably wore a veil in there, too (I know I did lots of times as a child).


  95. I doubt I would….definitely wouldn’t want anything in front of my face, and I’m rather untraditional so I don’t think I would just for that. But based on other comments, that might change after I try one on!

  96. I LOVED my veil – maybe even more than my dress, which was a simple silk. It had silk lace along the edge, and the minute I put it on i went from girl-wearing-white-dress to BRIDE, which felt really special. It’s really too bad I will never have another occasion to wear it :)

  97. ohhh yes ma’am, just to have photos like the ones above :) honestly, i’d probably even go for a simpler dress and have a long, lace veil. so sweet and lovely.

  98. Oh my, the dress in the second photo with the lace back takes my breath away! Beautiful!

  99. I don’t really like the idea of a veil…they seem old fashioned in a really bad way. But they look so beautiful!!!

  100. I totally modeled my veil after one of the photos above! (…it’s the one of the french girl with the veil knotted old-school at the nape of her neck.) I really loved my veil because I made it myself with the help of a good friend. My dress was a pretty minimalist J.Crew one, so the veil allowed me to add a really personal touch.

    It looked like this:

  101. I wore a veil, and it was a meaningful decision in many ways. The symbolism of a veil was important to me, as was the moment when my dad would lift the veil and kiss me before giving me away. A wonderful–and unexpected–added meaning: my sister borrowed my veil for her wedding (her “something borrowed”)–so now it is “our veil.” and that is such a cool thing we share!

  102. I will definitely wear a veil on my wedding day. I just like the tradition behind it. My favorite kind are the cathedral and chapel-length veils. They are so stunning and add a little extra umph to any dress, especially when beautifully embroidered.

  103. Cannot explain it one bit… I did not want to wear one, but it was one of those traditions I couldn’t miss. I kept picturing walking down the isle with my dad and just needed to wear one.

  104. I want a vintage veil, not too long though.

  105. I wore a veil with a blusher and would not have had it any other way. My favorite pictures are of my Dad removing my blusher, kissing my cheek and giving me away. I was a very traditional bride. It’s not for everyone and you have to do what you feel comfortable doing. BUT, like some commentors have atested to, you might want to try one on just for kicks. When I was picking out dresses and they put the veil on, I started crying. It just completes everything. And the pictures are simply stunning. I loved my veil so much that I actually wore it all the way through the reception. I mean, when do you EVER get to wear it again!?

  106. I’m getting married in November and am so excited to wear my veil! We met with a milliner and she re-worked my mom’s cathedral-length veil with a Juliet-style lace cap from the 1970s into a fingertip veil and headpiece! We had enough leftover to create a custom garter and christening cap for our children! So exciting!

  107. I’m going to say no, but I wouldn’t rule out one of the short ones. They look so neat and not at all ‘floofy’ like some of the long ones.

  108. I am getting married next September and have never even considered wearing a veil, something about hiding my face doesn’t sit well with me, but it’s every bride’s choice- as long as you feel beautiful :)

  109. I had a veil and I don’t regret it at all. I see a lot of brides now wear a veil at the ceremony and take it off for the reception. To each their own!

  110. These are beautiful even though I’m not planning to wear a veil. I love the old fashion little netting one.

  111. I am going to wear my Mum’s veil which amazingly 32 years later looks brand new.

    When I was dress shopping you could tell when i liked a dress because I asked to try a veil :-)

    I also quite like the idea of hiding behind it as I walk up the aisle.


  112. I did a fingertip length one and loved it, but when my husband dipped me when we kissed and it fell off! And given that our ceremony was about four minutes long, it didn’t get much use! But the pictures with my veil on turned out great! @Dancing Branflake…it does make you feel like a princess! When else in your life do you get to wear a veil!!?!

    Sarah {}

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  114. I did not wear a veil it just did not go with the style of my dress.

  115. I chose not to wear a veil. I think they’re gorgeous but it didn’t really feel like me, and it’s just not a tradition I felt connected to. We were married outside, so I might have felt different if I had had a church wedding.

  116. I did not wear a veil… and my hairdresser said to me on the morning of my wedding, “Why wouldn’t you wear a veil? This is your wedding, not the senior prom!”. Rude! And for the record, I wasn’t wearing a tiara…

  117. KJ says...

    I did wear one, and really loved it. I removed it for the reception, but love how it looks in many of the photos!

  118. I loved the idea of a veil and found a perfect veil when I was getting married. What I didn’t expect was how it folded over my face during the vows in the ceremony. I remember thinking, “Do I look at him with my right eye, or my left??? stop! Focus! Concentrate!”

    In retrospect, it was a lovely, lacy tulle…and I wish I could wear it again and again!

  119. I didn’t wear a veil but I also didn’t feel it went with the dress I chose. I love when I see a gorgeous lace dress with a vintage looking veil though!

    (And, I didn’t cry at my wedding – I thought I might but I didn’t.)

  120. I love the idea of a veil and covering your hair. If you have a church wedding I suppose it would be appropriate. But they are hard to pull off for sure. I love the couple with the microphone. She looks traditional yet modern.

  121. I used to work at a bridal salon and the veil was a sure fire tear jerker!! It was funny and awesome. I like veils…such a pretty accent and can be a perfect highlight to the dress. I wore mine all night!!

  122. I had a chapel-length veil with pearls on it that I wore under my bun. I’m so glad I chose to wear it. It really made me feel like a “bride” (as opposed to just wearing a fancy dress).

  123. I decided not to do a veil because my removable train was so long. Not wearing a veil didn’t take away from feeling like a bride or a princess. Some girls think the veil makes a bride… but it’s so much more than that.

    Check out some of my wedding pics :)

  124. I was sure that I wouldn’t ever wear one until I was shopping for dresses and decided to try this super long veil on that was edged with lace. I fell in love! Unfortunately, that particular one cost as much as my dress.. but I am getting married in May of next year and will be wearing a long veil (not over my face) and for the reception I am going to wear a bird cage. :) Love them both!!

  125. I wore a floor length mantilla veil – just for these reasons. It looked so pretty in photos and it added a little something to my very simple dress.

  126. I’d always thought no,partly because I hate things over my face but then my dress seemed really incomplete. My mother and I made a little teardrop cap and the veil came from that. It looked great and was never in my way =)

  127. I had the veil – blusher and all, and I’m so glad I did! Just very sweet and traditional. – Rachel

  128. i’m in love with the long cathedral veils…that’s what i did

  129. I did a birdcage :) I think veils are classy & traditional.
    Eat Cake

  130. I’d say no veil. I think the focus should be on the dress.

  131. I was an absolute no. Until I tried one on and felt like a princess. Then I wanted the longest veil in the shop!