I’m probably too old to write about celebrity crushes, but I’m going for it anyway! My new crush is…

Nick Miller from The New Girl.

Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

If you haven’t seen the show, Jess and Nick are roommates who drive each other crazy but clearly secretly have feelings for each other. He’s cute, grumpy and hilarious. His scratchy voice kills me. And he’s really good at doing the smoldering eye thing when he gazes at Jess adoringly. But Jess and Nick’s kiss scenes have taken the show to a new level; you can cut their sexual tension with a knife. Honestly, they might have the best on-screen chemistry of any sitcom couple I’ve ever seen—do you agree?

A funny Q&A moment from Salon:
Q: [Nick] is the one who is closest friends with everybody in the house.
A: I think he and Jess are obviously very close and they have that weird thing. I think he and Winston have a very close thing because of their childhood. And him and Schmidt, deep down, have their own little weird will-they-won’t-they. I did an interview the other day for the Advocate, and the guy who was interviewing me goes, “So I have to ask about the will-they-won’t-they.” And I said, “Yeah, I think they did a great job with Nick and Jess.” And he goes, “No, I’m talking about Nick and Schmidt.” [Laughing.] I thought it was so funny. I hate the term, but I think it’s a pretty funny bromance.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Admit it, everyone has one!

P.S. My past celebrity crush (hint: he was a doctor)…

(Photos from Salon and The New Girl)