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  2. Yes, she definitely looks effortlessly gorgeous. I love it. They also look SO happy :)

  3. I really love the ponytail! Your friends do look amazing too, so natural and happy.

    Thanks for sharing these pics!

  4. I, like Erica, had a very relaxed wedding in Santorini just two months ago. It was our wedding dream come true!

  5. thanks everyone for the super sweet comments!!!

    my sandals are christian dior. i bought them over two years ago for our wedding.

  6. Gorgeous wedding – so easy-breezy and beautiful (is that the Cover Girl slogan!?).

    Anyway, I love your blog, such a beautiful collection of photographs :-)

    I’m shooting my first wedding in a few weeks, if you could give me any tips at all I’d be so grateful!



  7. i think the groom is adorable… and i love the socks with that suit. and the tie, and shirt… the shoes, however, i just can’t get behind. lol.

    but a breath of fresh air, definitely.

  8. this is gorgeous, congrats to your friends i totally want a relaxed wedding their so beautiful,much love.x

  9. oh cool I thought I recognised the beach!

  10. Very adorable! And I love her shoes!!

  11. And how chic are her gladiator flats? Might have to steal that idea. ;)

  12. Everything here makes me smile.
    Count me in on the masses who’d love to know who made those sweet sandals. I’m in a wedding soon, one that will take place on a slightly sloped yard and there’s no way my klutzy self could manage in heels.

    ElisabethSpace Jewelry

  13. I’ve always loved Erica’s wedding. By the way– Welcome, back Joanna!!

  14. Wow! I love everything about the bride’s look- her dress is beautiful! Thanks for posting : )

  15. Love a ponytail, regardless of the occassion – beautiful bride!!!!

  16. She looks beautiful!


  17. wow she looks amazing! I think only a few people (including her!) can pull it off though! And I adore her dress – so relaxed and beachy yet romantic and special at the same time! xx

  18. oh it’s so lovely!! i’m definitely being drawn to the relaxed ones too lately. wish i could do it all over again!

  19. what a beautiful wedding it must have been – your friend looks absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Jo, we must know WHERE are Erica’s gorgeous glitzy sandals from? What a stunner!

  21. ponytails are the best!

  22. So sweet…and warms my heart. My hubby and I eloped in Jamaica (six months into planning a large wedding). I was on the sand in my bar feet though… :)

  23. love the sandals.

  24. soooo sweet! makes me wish i could married all the time! :)

  25. i bet her wedding was perfect for her…they look so happy!

    considering my curls were a mess by the end of my night, a ponytail might have been a good idea!

  26. Now that’s what I call simple, classy chic

  27. swoon…
    gorgeous all around.

  28. the ponytail: for girls with more important things on their minds besides their hair :)

  29. I’ve always wanted a calm wedding. So perfect!

  30. Really? Elegant? I think this is a “miss”. Her dress is beautiful, and I like her sandals, but her hair just looks . . . bad

  31. I love weddings.. I really do. Beautiful couple!!!!


    p.s. Your little prince Toby is just so precious!!! (You never get tired of hearing it, yes?) Alex looks so relaxed and happy….

  32. Ahhh…just what I have in mind for my wedding someday! Low key with an organic feel, they look so happy:)

  33. Perfection!

  34. I’m all for a laid back feel for a wedding! She looks beautiful, and he looks charming as well.

    Congrats to the couple :)


  35. you hardly ever see brides with ponytails but she definitely pulls it off!

    strumblings = samandlivi.blogspot.com

  36. I love EVERYTHING about this from her hair, to her dress, to their marriage in Jamaica. I love that they got hitched in Jamaica. I want a destination wedding and I want to get married on the beach.

  37. She does look so happy, as does he. I too love casual weddings.
    Love rather than makeup oozing from the pores, shoulders tight with joy, rather than stress and smiles for the family and groom, rather than for the cameras.

  38. She look so happy! I love her sandals, they seem nice and comfortable, but still dressy enough at the same time! P.s. the groom looks pretty stoked too!

  39. I LOVE this.

  40. Erica was mu wedding inspiration. So relaxed and gorgeous!

  41. Love a good ponytail. This is such a breezy and laid back look.

  42. So beautiful – I really like how it’s both polished, but completely relaxed. Also – such a great moment that the photographer caught in that second photo, so impromptu and full of joy!

  43. so casual, relaxed and happy looking

  44. Anonymous says...

    Lovely! They both look so relaxed.

  45. She does look so cute and happy! I love her sandals, they seem nice and comfortable, but still dressy enough at the same time! P.s. the groom looks pretty stoked too!

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  47. Anonymous says...


  48. Anonymous says...

    I love it when people look like themselves at weddings – not over stylized up-dos and way more make-up than they can handle. Just a prettier version of themselves. Relaxed weddings are the best! This bride looks so happy!

  49. I’m with you on the low-key weddings. She looks gorgeous and fresh and perfectly herself – which in itself is refreshing! :)

  50. Vert pretty.

  51. i love her ponytail <3 so relaxed so effortlessly stylish & appropriate. lovely dress & gold sandals too :)

  52. Joanna, do you have problems with blogger too? I get the comments from my readers on my email account but they don’t show up on the blog….How about you?
    Kisses and I would be very grateful if you would let me know

  53. so lovely and relaxed.

  54. Anonymous says...

    Like her shoes. Anyone know where they are from?!

  55. Relaxed weddings are the best!!! I really like this ponytail idea…and she looks adorable in that dress:)
    I love destination weddings:)
    Happy Tuesday,Joanna

  56. Why do the relaxed and low-key weddings always turn out to be the best weddings? They look so in love– ponytail and all!

  57. Low key, elegant and so much love. Thanks for sharing.


  58. LOVE her relaxed ponytail and beautifully simple gold shoes. So pretty!

  59. what a beauty. i always love a carefree bride and miss erika is just that. the romantic ‘do, stellar gold sandals and breezy gown…love!

    sylvie of silver lining

  60. aww she looks so pretty & relaxed. I love her sandals!! What a happy wedding!!

  61. I love the first picture, it looks like the J. Crew wedding line.

  62. I much prefer the low key weddings too. Love the simplicity of the brides dress.

  63. Mmm, so pretty. If I ever get married it’ll be SUPER low key — they always look like the most fun <3

  64. I too love a low key wedding! The ponytail looks lovely on her. Don’t you want to look back at your wedding photos and recognize yourself?

    Thanks for sharing!


  65. maggie says...

    yes adorable!

  66. It does look great.. very realistic and natural.