Very Happy Nine-Month News…

joanna-goddard-alex-williams-toby-cup-of-jo-nyc-belly-shotAfter holding my tongue for months, I’m really excited to announce that Alex and I are expecting our second child! We are completely over the moon. I’m three months along, so the baby should arrive around July 3rd. Toby has requested that we have a “glurl” and name her “Thomas,” after this friendly guy.

Pregnancy and new motherhood felt both wonderful and disorienting the first time around, so I’m curious how different it will feel the second time. Funnily enough, this pregnancy already feels much more real. With Toby, my pregnancy felt surreal and was hard to wrap my head around, but now we know more about what to expect. My friend Sari and I were talking about the experience of expecting a second child, and she said, “Because I knew what it felt like to love Jude, I was able to tap into this deep, true kind of love for Teddy from the very instant I knew I was pregnant with her.” I loved that.

How mindblowing to think we’re going to experience a newborn again along with all those sweet steps: growing a belly, finding out the gender, giving birth, choosing a name, cuddling a newborn, breastfeeding, doing tummy time, acting a little crazy, waking up early, swapping drool-y kisses, trying to figure out a good work-life balance, standing up, taking first steps, saying first words….

I can’t wait. :)

(Photo kindly taken by our friend Shannen Norman. Thank you again, Shannen!)

  1. Congratulations Joanna, Alex and Toby! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations, beautiful family!! I’m so happy for you!! Did you planned it?

  3. Congratulations! So happy for you!

  4. Congratulations! Lovely news and wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy. Look forward to hearing how it feels with the second :) We had our first on 26th July (she arrived 7weeks early!) and we’d love for her to have a sibling but feel exhausted (and overjoyed in equal measure) by the first experience so wondering if we would be game enough for number two! Hmm :) xx

  5. Congratulations! Wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy and look forward to hearing how it feels with the second :) xx

  6. What wonderful news! Congrats. Can’t wait to read more about your journey the second time around. : )

  7. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  8. What a truly Happy New Year you and your family are having! Congratulations! On the name: my Mother had a friend named Trevor and I always thought that was the coolest. She was also tall, slim and exuded simple sophisticated chic. I love boys names for girls or last names as first names. Whatever you are having have a happy healthy pregnancy and bundle of joy.

  9. Hello Joanna, I am extremely happy for you! Congratulations! I read your blog from time to time and never got the nerve to write a comment to one of your posts…..although now, as I saw this great news, I felt so excited that I couldn’t control it :)

  10. Cogratulations!!!
    I wish you the best!

  11. Greatest congratulations. Kids are the biggest wonder of life!

  12. Congrats!!

  13. Congrats! I’m due July 3rd too!

  14. Yay!!! Congratulations!! I’m due on July 18th so I’ll see us grow a belly! :D

  15. Congratulation! :D

  16. Congratulation! :D

  17. Congradulation ! So happy for you guys ! Enjoy your pregnancy, you’ll see it’s very different the second time around ! I personnaly felt less stressed and enjoyed it more !
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  18. Super congratulations. Having just done it, my experience said the pregnancy lasted longer but the first three months were shorter. Have so much fun. Love.

  19. Congratulations, Joanna! Beautiful news. You look amazing!

  20. What a beautiful (and growing) Family! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your happy news!

  21. congrats! i am also pregnant with my second due in mid may. i like that insight your friend sari had. very nice sentiment. all the best with your pregnancy.

  22. This news makes me shine :) Although I’m far, far away in Europe (small country called Bulgaria), I loved to read every single post in your blog and somehow I feel you very close :) My first child is going to turn 1 year next week and I’m already thinking of a new baby if it may happen this year :)
    Wish you beautiful and calm pregnancy!

  23. M says...

    Knew it :)

  24. CONGRATS!! So happy for you! Toby’s gonna be a big brother!

  25. Joanna, I am giggling to myself at how genuinely pleased I am for you. We have never met, but you certainly figure in many of my days and I am so happy for you and Alex. Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy little baby. Shannon

  26. congrats! excited to follow your journey with baby #2!

  27. that is amazing.. congratulations.. Toby is going to make a great big bro!

  28. Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! Congratulations — looks like 2013 will be a great one for your growing family!

  29. Congratulations! Very exciting!

  30. Congratulations!