Bravo, Toby!

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Goddard-Williams household. After months of clutching the coffee table and wobbling around on tippy toe, Toby STOOD all by himself for the very first time!!! Look at the balance! The posture! The nonchalance! Huge congratulations, my little one, from your very proud mama.

(You’ve come a long way, baby.)

  1. Anonymous says...

    recently found your lovely blog & have been going through the archives…my lo is approaching the same milestone right now, and i just wanted to join the chorus on complimenting those adorable shoes – where’d you find them?

    thanks for all the ideas & inspiration – so glad to have stumbled upon them!

  2. My oldest was 13 months before he took a single step {and his first steps were all backwards! I was so concerned about that until her FINALLY began walking forward.} My baby, however, took her first steps at 8 months! I felt like I didn’t get a “baby” because she was always so eager to catcher her brother she pushed everything forward. Taught me to Enjoy those milestones no matter when they’re reached!

  3. Anonymous says...

    What a cutie!

  4. Anonymous says...

    Cute little shoes on that standing boy!

  5. Congrats! How exciting, he is adorable.

  6. M says...

    What a cute photo! He’s growing up to be such a cute little guy!

  7. Congrats Toby!!! We’re a couple of months away from this milestone ourselves – seams surreal. Go Toby go!!!