After holding my tongue for months, I’m really excited to announce that Alex and I are expecting our second child! We are completely over the moon. I’m three months along, so the baby should arrive around July 3rd. Toby has requested that we have a “glurl” and name her “Thomas,” after this friendly guy.

Pregnancy and new motherhood felt both wonderful and disorienting the first time around, so I’m curious how different it will feel the second time. Funnily enough, this pregnancy already feels much more real. With Toby, my pregnancy felt surreal and was hard to wrap my head around, but now we know more about what to expect. My friend Sari and I were talking about the experience of expecting a second child, and she said, “Because I knew what it felt like to love Jude, I was able to tap into this deep, true kind of love for Teddy from the very instant I knew I was pregnant with her.” I loved that.

How mindblowing to think we’re going to experience a newborn again along with all those sweet steps: growing a belly, finding out the gender, giving birth, choosing a name, cuddling a newborn, breastfeeding, doing tummy time, acting a little crazy, waking up early, swapping drool-y kisses, trying to figure out a good work-life balance, standing up, taking first steps, saying first words….

I can’t wait. :)

(Photo kindly taken by our friend Shannen Norman. Thank you again, Shannen!)